4 DIY Woodworking Methods for Hobbyists

Last updated on December 17, 2023

Want to learn about some cost-effective woodworking methods? Then check our selection of methods to fuel your woodworking hobby.

At some point in our life, we will be retired from work and rather inactive. In order to stay productive, many people pick up a hobby to stay busy even after retirement. You will stay productive and have greater avenues to express your ideas through woodworking. 

Artwork, decorative tools, gifts, furniture—everything wood-related can be achieved by you! To do so, you just need to learn some woodworking methods suitable for hobbyists. Fortunately for you, we have compiled woodworking methods that are relatively inexpensive yet useful and engaging.

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Which Wood to Use


Buying your materials for woodworking can get very expensive. In order to begin your woodworking hobby, you should select cheaper woods such as pine, which is a very popular softwood. It is perfect for honing your skills before moving on to expensive hardwoods. For painted works, plywood, MDF, and Baltic Birch are solid choices for the job. 

You should also be aware of the wood’s properties and how it will react in different weather conditions. The elements can cause wood to twist, shrink, warp, or otherwise deform in some way.

You will need experience or someone else’s help to determine the perfect wood for your woodworking projects. An experienced person will be able to determine the quality and properties of the wood on sight.  

You can go to woodworkingtoolkit.com to get some ideas about DIY woodworking projects. 

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There are a lot of different woodturning projects you can do like making bowls, boxes, components for furniture, salt and pepper grinders, Christmas ornaments, and jewelry. For that, you need to invest in a wood lathe. You will also need to purchase some chisels and train yourself to learn how to use them properly. 

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Whittling and Carving

wood carving

If you want to have a quiet woodworking hobby then whittling and carving will be ideal for you. It takes some skill but mostly requires time and patience. Some may love this hobby as they can do more things by hand and only minimal tools and space are required. 

Another great thing about this hobby is its portability as you can work anywhere. You will be required to learn some methods of whittling like the type of cut you want to make and sharpening tools. Of course, the carving is not always limited to whittling as there are many ways to carve wood.      

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wooden ornament

With the scroll saw you can create items like Christmas ornaments. A scroll saw is actually a glorified jigsaw that can do a lot more work than a jigsaw. It is mounted with a fixed base so you can reliably cut intricate patterns into the wood. It takes some time to do the work but the outcome is surely worth it. 

You can add small blades through the drilled holes so you do not need to cut from the outside edges of the wood that’s being worked. Most people use it for decorative projects and some functional crafts like making bowls and baskets.    

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wood burning

Wood-burning is a lot of fun. You can create amazing artwork on wood or personalize it with words or different artistic accents. This amazing technique inspires artists to utilize wood-burning to create beautiful wood artwork of different shades. You can purchase some simple wood-burning tools or more expensive ones with different abilities that regulate temperature as well. 

To do this work, you need to start it in a well-ventilated area. Working outdoors when there’s a breeze is ideal. If you want to work inside then use a fan and position it to blow fumes and smoke away from you. 

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Easy Projects

diy wooden box

Woodworking projects are the ones that need minimal tools, basic skill level, and some extra time. You can do many projects like cutting boards, signs, picture frames, birdhouses, planter boxes, and many more. These projects are very simple as they only need a little sawing, screwing, gluing, and a little hammering. Here are some other ideas of easy projects you can do in your garage or backyard.  

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Build a Backyard Lounger

Your garden area or backyard is a great place to relax; for that, you need to get a comfortable chair to sit peacefully. But who needs to buy one when you can build one yourself with a circular saw, screwdrivers, and cordless drills? You can save big by building this and also the design will be rustic and super comfortable. 

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Build a Wood Wagon

The most treasured children’s gifts are handmade wooden toys. A sharp-looking wood wagon will be perfect for children to keep toys in or sit on them. It will be well-loved by children in this digital age. You don’t need any batteries or apps to control it and it is nearly unbreakable. Your kids will love to enjoy playing around with their wood wagon and pulling around their toys, books, siblings, or pets. 

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Build a Workbench

A workbench is a great companion for crafting other wood projects. The workbench has to be sturdy and robust in order to completely finish other wood projects perfectly. Learning how to make a workbench can make you excited to pursue even more wood projects.

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Build a Box

Every woodworker of all skills has to know how to make a box. Handcrafted boxes are just more beautiful and enduring than the boxes from shops. You can create a wooden box with spline joints, box joints, and rabbet joints. 

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