How Often Should You Have HVAC Maintenance? [Solved]

Last updated on July 1, 2024

In short, the HVAC system should undergo service maintenance once every season changes (spring and fall). Here’s everything you need to know.

The answer to this question is not a simple one. The frequency of your HVAC maintenance will depend on the type of system you have, how old it is, and how often you use it. Regular HVAC maintenance can help prevent costly repairs and extend the life span of your system.

You will find that it is important to determine the overall efficiency of the HVAC system by analyzing wear and tear in the blower bearing, the exterior of the unit, and louvers. There are many factors to measure efficiencies, such as how often a person enters and exits the premises, room size, furniture type within a space, and other variables.

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How Often Should You Service HVAC System?


If a person changes the seasons between heating and AC, then they should get the heating system serviced in spring and the AC in the fall.

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What Do HVAC System Technicians Service?

Every air conditioner has its own characteristics, so it’s important to use a qualified and experienced technician. To prepare for the inspection, we recommend that you make certain to set up a yearly schedule. This article will explore why that’s important and how to stay on track with those visits.

Recently, a heating and cooling technician and I had been struggling on which steps to take in order to fix my problem right.

Lots of houses have an unspoken relationship with their HVAC system. Even if you never think about it, the heating and cooling unit goes through a lot. Things break or get dirty enough on their own that it is crucial to contact an experienced HVAC repairs tech annually to check the system’s general health and repair any problems that may have developed. Dirty coils can be judged by how much dust and debris are in the air passing through them.

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Tracking Yearly HVAC Service

According to Jack Harrison Air, a good way to make sure your HVAC unit is serviced yearly is to set up a recurring appointment on your calendar. You can also keep a log by the unit, which includes each upcoming service date.

Almost all individuals don’t have their units maintained monthly by an air conditioning company. They think of this as an unnecessary expense, and they are the ones who typically experience more frequent repairs or purchase new systems after they fail. This article will go over eight straightforward, no-cost steps that a person with a unit could lower their monthly bill.

I have the heating and air conditioning systems for my house serviced every year. This is a measure to prevent both of these necessary systems from failing during maintenance season, particularly while mine are used the most. However, if I am running short on a budget for this year’s service, I can save down on it by contracting the service out to be done at the end of winter instead of just at the beginning of spring or summer.

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Clean or Replace the Air Filter

At a minimum, verify when the air filter was last inspected using the date stamp or last printed date located in the upper left-hand position on the first page of each filter. A clean air filter is necessary to protect your Honda and maximize fuel efficiency.

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Clean the Indoor Coil

A clean, functioning indoor coil can contribute to your air conditioning efficiency and energy usage. Cleaning the coil regularly can help prevent the phenomena of “sweat collection” in the coils, which becomes an icky and unsightly problem to deal with. By following a few simple steps, you can avoid this by remembering to leave plenty of time between major dustings for it all to settle (this is similar to sweeping).

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Clean the Outdoor Coil

One important fact that affects the life expectancy of the air conditioner is how clean they can stay and the disposition of its outdoor unit. The cleaner those parts, the better efficiency and lifespan it will have.

The Clean Outdoor Coil is very essential for achieving efficiency and a long-lasting device.

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Clean the Condensate Pump

Clean the condensate pump. This device is easily overlooked and will eventually lead to the device failing.

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Overall Visual Inspection

Loose copper lines rubbed against each other, so the technician separated them.

Turn off power before servicing electrical devices!

If you insist on just tightening connections without checking for arcing first and following safety rules in general then you might want to remind people not to do that.

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Service Plans

When you purchase a service plan, you may also receive discounts on repairs and replacement equipment. You may also receive priority status for scheduling, increase warranty duration and get discounts on purchases of new equipment.

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Efficiency Loss

HVAC Service is an annual necessity. Whether it be this year or next year, regular HVAC services should be kept up to ensure your utility costs are not raised because of your air conditioner or heater becoming less efficient. An HVAC service can help prevent your system from decreasing in efficiency over the duration of a single year.

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Service Periods

Every fall, it is recommended that your heater get inspected by a professional and in the spring. Or if you have your coolant inspected or serviced this past spring, have it checked early. If you did not get your heater and ducts examined this season, do it soon. Damages or defects can be repaired primarily if they are spotted as soon as possible.

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