The Most Sought-after Home Improvements for Buyers

Last updated on June 2, 2024

One of the more striking impacts of lockdown restrictions for many of us was the surge in desire to renovate our homes.

Whether it was extending, demolishing, or simply redecorating, the extended time at home drove Brits to spend a total of £110 billion during the pandemic on home improvements.

If you’ve been firmly bitten by the doer-upper bug, a home improvement loan could help you create the abode of your dreams.

We’ve used Rated People’s 2022 Trends Report to see how we will look to improve our homes in the future to give you some inspiration.

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Multifunction Is a Must

multifunctional room

All the signs point to working from home being here to stay for many of us as companies up and down the country – and indeed across the world – seeing that flexible working patterns don’t mean a drop in performance.

That means you may well need a designated spot to perform your daily tasks. No more table in the corner of the bedroom, no more working on the kitchen island, and no more curling up in bed with the laptop (well, maybe when it’s really cold outside!)

A designated working space not only helps you concentrate on work, but it helps you relax and unwind afterward, too; having your work set up in an area for leisure could affect your mood.

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Maximizing Space

Extending areas or combining smaller spaces into larger ones remain a high priority for many of us. 

Areas like kitchens, living rooms and playrooms are a great focus here as many of us want to get the absolute most out of our footprint on the land.

Of course, these are generally bigger jobs and trades are in high demand across the country at the moment, so you may have to think a little more long-term with this one.

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Going Green

Of course, a huge focus for all of us at the moment is protecting and rescuing ourselves from the climate crisis

With extreme weather events becoming the norm across the planet, it is now abundantly clear that we need to take action – and many homeowners have sought to make just these kinds of changes.

Rated People say that requests for energy-efficient jobs have exploded, with increases in interest in roof insulation (420%), electric car charging points (>400%) and heat pumps (312%) showing how homeowners are looking to do their bit to reverse climate change.

With roofing being a crucial aspect of a home’s energy efficiency and protection against extreme weather, investing in sustainable roofing solutions can contribute significantly to reducing your carbon footprint while enhancing your property’s resilience to environmental challenges.

If you’re considering incorporating energy-efficient upgrades into your home, it’s important to search for roofing contractor with expertise in sustainable roofing materials and installation. They can provide guidance on the best options for your specific needs and ensure that the roofing project aligns with your environmental goals.

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Remarkably, Rated People’s report claims that 60% of homeowners plan on making changes to their house in 2022 in order to match a trend on either TikTok or Instagram.

Textured walls, ‘cottagecore’ and ‘grandmillenial’ have all set tongues wagging online and attracted much more than just likes and shares.

Are you matching an online trend in your home? Let us know in the comment section!

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