Who I am?

My name is Dan and I’m an avid DIYer who always is up to something (just ask my wife!). I’ve done my fair share of home projects to turn a house into a real home for my family. I also love making websites so this blog combines the two passions.

Why Style Baggage?

A friend of mine (who is also into this website biz) has told me about the domain that’s available and that the previous owner has put it on auction. As someone who likes a deal, I’ve jumped on it. The site had also some old content from a previous owner so I’ve kept it for reference. It’s amazing how much of the same passion for style we share!

So StyleBaggage.com is about going through life and packing style as your baggage. It’s a fun idea to ponder 🙂

What Do I Blog About?

So I write about a few things – DIY projects, Gift ideas, recipes, and general Lifestyle. These are my passions I like to do them in style. Then talk about it all day and twice on Sundays (again, ask my wife about it :)). I hope that you’ll find it interesting and useful too!

How Can You Contact Me?

If you want to contact me about anything related to this blog, or just to say hi, use this email: [email protected]. I’m a friendly guy, so don’t be shy and say hi!

Thanks for reading this and have a great day! 🙂