Behr vs Dunn Edwards: A Comparative Review – Which Paint Brand Suits Your Needs Best?

Last updated on March 28, 2024

Picking between Behr and Dunn Edwards becomes easier because this article unpacks the differences with in-depth comparisons and analysis that simplifies the decision-making process for you.

Key takeaways:

  • Behr and Dunn Edwards both offer high-quality and durable paints.
  • Behr has a wide range of colors, including the annual Color of the Year.
  • Both brands offer a variety of sheen levels for different surfaces.
  • Both Behr and Dunn Edwards offer low-VOC and zero-VOC options.
  • Dunn Edwards paints are mainly found in the Southwestern United States, while Behr is available at The Home Depot and online.
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The Original List Only Contains 10 Items and None of Them Seem Excessive, Redundant, Not Helpful, or Fluff. Please Ensure the List Is As Follows

the original list only contains 10 items and none of them seem excessive redundant not helpful or fluff. please ensure the list is as follows

When considering a paint brand for your next project, pay attention to the following factors to ensure you’re making the best choice for your needs:

  • Quality and Durability: This refers to how well the paint will stand up to wear and tear over time, including its resistance to chipping and fading.
  • Color Selection: A wide range of colors allows for more creativity and the ability to find the perfect shade for your space.
  • Sheen Levels: Different sheens, from flat to high-gloss, affect the final appearance and maintenance level of the painted surface.
  • VOC Emissions: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can impact indoor air quality, so consider low or zero-VOC options for a healthier environment.
  • Application: The ease with which paint applies to a surface, how it spreads, and the tools required for application are key to a successful paint job.
  • Coverage: Evaluate how well the paint covers existing paint or primer to determine the number of coats needed.
  • Clean Up: Water-based paints typically offer easier clean-up with soap and water as opposed to oil-based paints that may require harsher chemicals.
  • Availability: Your choice might be influenced by how easily you can purchase the paint, whether it’s available in local stores or online.
  • Warranty: A good warranty can provide peace of mind, guaranteeing the longevity and performance of the paint.
  • Price: Finally, weigh the cost against the aforementioned factors to determine if the paint offers good value for your budget.
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Quality and Durability

quality and durability

Quality and durability are the cornerstones of any good paint choice. Behr boasts a robust lineup known for its long-lasting finishes, withstanding daily wear and tear exceptionally well.

Moreover, Behr’s products often include primer, enhancing their durability.

On the other hand, Dunn-Edwards offers reliable performance with a strong emphasis on maintaining the paint’s finish over time even in harsh climate conditions.

Both brands provide products with rigorous testing for quality assurance, ensuring that your selected paint will not only look good upon application but will also stand the test of time.

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Color Selection

color selection

Navigating through color palettes can be as thrilling as it is overwhelming, but it’s a crucial step in transforming a space. Behr offers a wide spectrum of hues, including the annual Behr Color of the Year, actively influencing trends in home decor. Their online tools and in-store displays are designed to simplify your selection process.

On the other hand, Dunn-Edwards provides a curated assortment of shades informed by cultural trends and the natural environment, priding itself on the precision of its Perfect Palette® system. Their color consultants are a resource for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, ensuring you find the ideal match for your project’s aesthetic. With both brands, sampling colors in your environment is always recommended to see how they interact with the light and elements within your space.

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Sheen Levels

sheen levels

Understanding sheen is crucial for selecting the right paint for your space. Here’s a quick guide: Sheens range from flat/matte, offering a non-reflective finish that hides surface imperfections, to high-gloss, providing a shiny, durable surface. Behr’s lineup includes flat through high-gloss, while Dunn-Edwards offers a similarly broad spectrum, ensuring options for various interior and exterior applications.

Think about the room’s function: high traffic areas or rooms exposed to moisture, like kitchens and bathrooms, benefit from higher sheen levels for easier cleaning and moisture resistance. Bedrooms and ceilings, however, often call for lower sheen to downplay surface flaws and create a softer aesthetic.

Both brands offer robust selections, but Dunn-Edwards boasts a slightly wider range within the mid-sheen range, providing nuanced options for designers seeking a specific look. Always test sheens in your space with samples, as lighting can significantly affect the final appearance.

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VOC Emissions

When considering the environmental impact of paint, the volume of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is crucial. These chemicals, often found in paint, can affect indoor air quality and cause health problems.

Behr paints offer low-VOC and zero-VOC options, according to today’s environmentally conscious standards. Similarly, Dunn-Edwards has been a pioneer in eco-friendly paints, with an extensive line of low-VOC products and a commitment to green manufacturing processes.

It’s essential to check the specific product lines for their VOC ratings, as these can vary even within a single brand. Opting for paints with lower VOC emissions can contribute to a healthier home environment and is especially significant for spaces with limited ventilation.

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When it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to painting, the ease with which paint goes on the walls is crucial. Behr paints are known for their smooth application, often requiring fewer coats to achieve a consistent finish. The thickness of Behr paint can be a boon for covering imperfections on the surface but might require a bit more effort in spreading evenly.

On the flip side, Dunn-Edwards offers a slightly thinner consistency, which can make it easier to work with, especially for those less experienced with DIY painting projects. This can translate to quicker, more straightforward application, although it might necessitate an additional coat for optimal coverage.

In any painting project, remember the importance of initial wall preparation and the use of quality brushes or rollers, which can significantly affect the final result, regardless of the paint brand you choose.

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When comparing Behr and Dunn-Edwards paints, it’s important to consider how much area a single can cover. Paints with better coverage can save you time and money by reducing the number of coats you need to apply.

Behr is known for its high-quality pigmentation, often achieving the desired opacity with fewer coats. On the other hand, Dunn-Edwards also provides excellent coverage, though some users report needing an additional coat for certain colors or when painting over darker shades.

Factors like the surface being painted and the color used can influence the coverage, so it’s worth checking independent reviews or technical data sheets for the specific paint you’re considering.

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Clean Up

When it comes to post-painting cleanup, water-based paints from both Behr and Dunn-Edwards offer ease of use; simply rinse brushes and other tools with soap and water.

Oil-based options, which may provide a smoother finish and better sealing properties, necessitate the use of solvents like mineral spirits for cleaning.

Whichever brand you opt for, adhering to environmentally safe disposal methods for leftover paint and cleaning fluids is crucial.

Proper clean-up extends the life of your painting tools and ensures a safer environment.

Always check the label for specific cleaning instructions to maintain the quality of your tools for future projects.

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When considering a paint brand, it’s important to think about where you can actually purchase the product. Behr is exclusive to The Home Depot, making it readily accessible for many shoppers. Home Depot stores are widespread and Behr’s presence online means that even if you’re not near a physical store, you can order your paint with ease.

On the other hand, Dunn-Edwards paints are found mainly in the Southwestern United States, through a network of company-owned stores. They have a smaller footprint compared to Behr, but they do offer shipping services for those who are outside their direct reach.

Bear in mind, availability can impact your project timeline and convenience, so factor in your location and urgency when deciding between these two options.

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When selecting a paint brand, consider the provided warranty, as it offers a glimpse into the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. Typically, warranties cover paint defects and failure to perform as specified, such as issues with chipping, peeling, or excessive color fade when properly applied.

Behr offers a limited lifetime warranty, asserting product replacement or refund for the original purchaser if the paint fails to perform as promised.

Dunn-Edwards provides a limited paint warranty, backing their products for a varied term depending on the specific line of paint. It is essential to read the details, as coverage for labor costs is not generally included in paint warranties.

Always review the warranty terms to understand the extent of protection and the remedies available should the product not meet expectations. Ensure to retain the original purchase receipts as proof for any potential claim.

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When delving into paint costs, it’s essential to consider the long-term investment against the initial price tag. Behr generally offers a more budget-friendly option, often found at major home improvement stores, and can be a wise choice for those looking to economize on projects without sacrificing quality. Dunn Edwards, typically priced higher, positions itself in the premium segment, reflecting its specialized formulations and often professional-grade attributes.

What’s vital here is weighing the expense with the scope and demands of your project. A larger upfront expenditure might lead to fewer coats and longer-lasting finishes, potentially saving money and time in the long run. Always keep an eye out for sales and contractor discounts, as both brands offer periodic promotions which can significantly reduce your overall cost.

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Is Dunn-Edwards good quality paint?

Yes, Dunn-Edwards is a high-quality paint renowned for its performance, even in the harshest climates.

What paint is better than Behr?

Sherwin-Williams paint is better than Behr due to its superior durability, including its resistance to wear, strain, scratching, chipping, and scuffing.

Is Behr paint high quality?

Yes, Behr paint is high quality, as it was ranked first among Exterior Paints for a J.D. Power award in 2023.

What brand of paint do professionals use?

Professionals frequently use premium brands like Benjamin Moore Aura®, Sherwin Williams ProClassic® Interior Acrylic Latex Enamel, and Behr Premium Plus Ultra® Interior/Exterior Paint & Primer in One for their painting jobs.

How does the coverage of Dunn-Edwards compare to Behr paint?

Dunn-Edwards generally provides more coverage per gallon compared to Behr paint.

Does Behr paint have a wider variety of colors than Dunn-Edwards?

Yes, Behr paint offers a larger variety of colors than Dunn-Edwards.

Is the durability of Dunn-Edwards paint superior to Behr’s?

While both Dunn-Edwards and Behr offer high-quality paints, studies suggest that Behr’s paint tends to have a slightly higher durability.

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