20 Creative Bathroom Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Last updated on March 26, 2024

Because it’s trendy and functional, this article explores distinct ways to use chalkboard paint in your bathroom designs to improve style and organization.

I proudly present my uniquely designed article on 20 Creative Bathroom Chalkboard Paint Ideas, hoping to inspire you and hoping you’ll have as much fun exploring them as I did creating them.

Chalkboard paint is a fantastic way to add a unique, functional touch to your bathroom. It’s not only a stylish and versatile choice but also a fun and interactive element that can serve multiple purposes, from jotting down reminders to letting your creativity run wild with doodles and messages.

Whether you’re planning to cover a full wall, a small section, or even the inside of a cabinet door, this article will guide you through innovative ideas and practical tips to integrate chalkboard paint into your bathroom decor.

Stay tuned for the complete details on how to make the best out of this design trend.

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Black Chalkboard Wall for a Dramatic Contrast

black chalkboard wall for a dramatic contrast

Think bold. A layer of black chalkboard paint can be a game changer, turning an ordinary bathroom wall into a feature that packs a punch. Let’s explore the advantages and creative possibilities.

1. Dynamic Backdrop: It offers a dramatic contrast against white or metallic fixtures. The simplicity of black and white makes the room feel both retro and modern.

2. Personal Touch: Whether it’s your to-do list, doodles, or an inspirational quote, the wall can hold your thoughts artistically.

3. Versatility: From vintage to modern, rustic to minimalist, it complements multiple decor styles.

4. Easy Maintenance: Cleaning is straightforward – a simple erase or wipe-down does the job. Plus, minor scuffs and stains don’t show.

5. Temporary Decor: It’s alterable depending on your mood or season – no commitment to one pattern or design.

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Accent Chalkboard Wall in a Neutral Bathroom

accent chalkboard wall in a neutral bathroom

Balancing the presence of a chalkboard wall in a neutral bathroom can instantly uplift its style quotient. With the latter’s calm creams, whites, or beiges, an accent chalkboard wall provides a striking contrast. It enhances creative opportunities and promotes functional usage. You can transform it into an engaging space for writing reminders, beauty hacks, or motivational quotes.

Adding a feature like this offers several advantages. Firstly, it keeps privacy intact. Secondly, it’s an interesting way to personalize and add character to your bathroom. Styling the chalkboard accent wall with understated, silver-toned fittings ensures the attention stays on the chalkboard wall.

The simple process to achieve this starts with choosing one wall, preferably opposite the mirror. Adopt a smooth application of chalkboard paint to avoid any unevenness. Once dry, don’t forget to prime the surface by lightly rubbing a chalk side-ways, wiping it off, then letting it set for a couple of days. This way the ‘first-written’ mark won’t be a permanent scar.

Remember, an accent wall is not about overwhelming the space, it’s about adding charm and functionality. So, keep the rest of the decor minimal and let your chalkboard wall shine.

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Chalkboard Paint On the Bathroom Ceiling for Creative Quotes

chalkboard paint on the bathroom ceiling for creative quotes

Utilizing the often overlooked surface of the ceiling can add an unexpectedly inspiring touch to your bathroom. Here’s a brief rundown on how to achieve this:

  • Selection of quotes: Choose words that motivate you, whether they are famous quotes, song lyrics, or personal mantras. Ensure they are short and easy to read.
  • Stencil usage: Use stencils for your quotes to ensure clean, clear, and consistent lettering.
  • Colored chalk: Use white chalk for a classic look or colored chalk to match your bathroom decor.
  • Updating the quotes: Make it a routine to change the quote weekly or monthly. This not only keeps the concept fresh but also gives you a therapeutic, creative outlet.

Remember, the goal here is to customize a space that not only meets your functional needs but also uplifts your spirit, starting your day on a positive note. Long soaks in the bathtub will never be the same with your favorite quote inspiring you from above.

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Chalkboard Bathtub Exterior for an Artistic Touch

chalkboard bathtub exterior for an artistic touch

There’s no denying that statement pieces breathe new life into any room, and the bathroom should be no exception. Having a bathtub painted with chalkboard paint ups the ante in terms of interior design ingenuity. With this uncommon technique, you can scribble bath-time quotes, draw patterns, or even jot down reminders before a hasty, early morning soak.

For the process, you’ll need quality chalkboard paint, painter’s tape, and a steady hand.

  • Begin by cleaning the tub thoroughly.
  • Use painter’s tape to cover areas around the bathtub you wish to keep untouched.
  • Apply a primer coat first to help the chalkboard paint adhere better.
  • Once the primer has dried, apply the chalkboard paint carefully, ensuring that it’s evenly distributed.
  • Let the paint dry for at least 24 hours before chalking your way to creativity. It’s as simple as that!

Remember, a design like this is not just aesthetically pleasing but adds an interactive element to your bathing routine, transforming your bathing space into something far from mundane.

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Chalk Drawers for Labeling Purpose

chalk drawers for labeling purpose

A quick and convenient way to keep your bathroom items organized is by utilizing your drawers and cabinets. Painting each individual drawer front with chalkboard paint allows you to clearly label what’s inside. You can write directly on the drawer with chalk, which can be easily wiped off and relabeled as your storage needs change. Opt for white or vibrant-colored chalks for a contrast and easy readability.

Pro tip: Before using the chalk, cure your painted drawers by rubbing a piece of white chalk all over the entire surface, then wiping it off with a damp cloth. Once dry, your drawers are ready to be labeled. Remember to always test a small area first if you’re concerned about the chalk showing up.

Factors to consider:

  • Use painters tape around the edges of the drawer to ensure a clean finish.
  • Apply several coats of the chalkboard paint for best results.
  • Allow ample time for the paint to dry between each coat.
  • Consider the regular exposure to moisture, choose a chalkboard paint compatible for bathroom use.
  • Chalkboard paint is available in various colors, not just black. Choose one that compliments your bathroom’s color scheme.

Remember, an orderly space not only looks great but it boosts productivity and saves time. This is an easy DIY project that takes minimal effort but makes a big impact on your storage solutions.

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Chalkboard Painted Vanity for a Vintage Look

chalkboard painted vanity for a vintage look

First, select a vanity that suits the vintage aesthetic you’re dreaming of — it could be a second-hand find or an existing piece in your home. Prepare it for transformation by removing knobs or drawer pulls.

Next, you’ll need to thoroughly sand your chosen vanity to ensure the chalkboard paint properly adheres. After sanding, hoover up any dust using a brush attachment to ensure a smooth finish.

Apply your chalkboard paint in long, steady strokes. You may need multiple coats to achieve full coverage, especially over light-colored or stained wood. Each brand of chalkboard paint may have specific instructions, so read the label before starting the process.

Once fully dry, replace or update the knobs or drawer pulls to complement your vintage style. Brass or copper can impart a timeless touch, while glass or ceramic knobs can heighten the overall antique feel.

Finally, consider sealing your paint with a wax or sealant to ensure the chalkboard surface lasts and withstands bathroom humidity. Now your chalkboard painted vanity is ready to be decorated with chalk designs that capture the essence of your vintage style.

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DIY Chalkboard Framed Mirror

diy chalkboard framed mirror

Starting with a simple, unadorned mirror, the addition of a chalkboard frame can bring personality and an element of fun, perfect for a bathroom setting.

Follow these steps to craft your unique piece:

  • 1. Select a mirror with a flat, wide frame: The wider the frame, the larger canvas you have for your chalk designs.
  • 2. Apply Primer: Begin by applying a primer to the mirror’s frame to create a smooth, paint-ready surface.
  • 3. Apply Chalkboard Paint: Once the primer has dried, apply the chalkboard paint. Two coats should be sufficient for a solid, vibrant look. Ensure ample drying time between coats.
  • 4. Prepare Chalkboard Surface: After the paint has dried, condition the chalkboard surface by running a chalk’s side all over it, then wipe it off.
  • 5. Let the Creativity Flow: Now ready for use, bring your mirror to life with your chalk drawings or messages. For a more sophisticated look, you can also frame your chalkboard painted area with decorative trim or wood to add depth and style.

In this way, the DIY chalkboard framed mirror becomes not only a functional piece in your bathroom but also a canvas for inspiration, notes, and personal style.

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Painting the Inside of Bathroom Cabinets With Chalkboard Paint

painting the inside of bathroom cabinets with chalkboard paint

Delving deeper, using chalkboard paint on the interiors of your bathroom cabinets can add both style and functionality. This ingenious idea allows you to keep track of what’s stored where, making your morning routine a breeze.

Here’s how it works:

  • Optimal Organization: Can’t remember where you stored the mouthwash or hair gel? With chalk-marked cabinets, easily write down the contents of each shelf, drawer or cubicle.
  • Inventory Tracking: Scribble down notes when a particular item, like a toothpaste or soap, is running low and requires a refill.
  • Cleaning Schedule: Keep your bathroom spick and span by jotting down cleaning schedules or reminders inside the cabinet door.
  • Playful Notes: Add an element of fun by leaving cheerful messages or doodles for a peppy start to the day.

Remember to use chalk that contrasts well with your chosen paint color, to ensure readability. It’s time to say goodbye to rummaging through the cabinets every morning!

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Shower Wall Turned Into Chalk Drawing Space

shower wall turned into chalk drawing space

Choosing a shower wall as your canvas taps into the delightful, childlike joy of doodling on steamy windows. With the application of chalkboard paint, your shower wall can house a perpetual stream of creativity. Here’s how it works:

1. Waterproof Chalk: To ensure your art doesn’t wash off with every shower, choose waterproof chalk. These specially designed writing utensils survive the typical humidity of bathrooms.

2. Fun for Kids: Imagine how much your children will love coloring on the shower walls. This can even act as a teaching tool, writing alphabet letters or numbers to help in their learning process.

3. Personalization: Write your favorite quotes, reminders, or inspiring thoughts each day for a personalized pick-me-up.

4. Easy to Clean: The chalk can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth, allowing a fresh new canvas for creativity every time.

By turning a shower wall into a chalk drawing space, you’re instilling an element of surprise, creativity, and personal expression into your everyday routine.

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Chalkboard Paint On Bathroom Door for Reminders or Messages

chalkboard paint on bathroom door for reminders or messages

Turn your bathroom door into a canvas for reminders, grocery lists, or charming messages. Chalkboard paint allows for this transformation, serving both form and function. Here are a few engaging ideas to consider:

1. Daily Reminders: A perfect spot for jotting down tasks for the day or week. Never forget your hair appointment or your child’s soccer practice again!

2. Shop Lists: Convenient for noting down things that run out in the bathroom – be it soap, toilet paper, or toothpaste.

3. Personalized Messages: Leave uplifting notes for family members or roommates. Start the day on a positive note!

4. Children’s Art: Let your little ones channel their creativity on the lower half of the door while maintaining an adult space on top.

5. Doodle Space: Release your artistic prowess with impromptu sketches that lend personality to your space.

Remember, use a regular chalk and not a permanent marker to keep your whole bathroom door as a dynamic and changing canvas. A damp cloth will easily erase the chalk when you’re ready for a fresh start.

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Chalkboard Paint Above the Sink for Makeup/hair Style Notes

chalkboard paint above the sink for makeuphair style notes

Positioning a chalk-drawn canvas above the sink creates a unique, handy spot for jotting down beauty tips, makeup routines, or inspirational hair style ideas. It adds a personal touch to your morning rituals without sacrificing aesthetics. Functionality meets creativity in this versatile idea.

  • Display doodles of trendy hairstyles you want to try.
  • Write insightful beauty quotes to start the day right.
  • Quickly note down product recommendations casually mentioned in conversations or media.
  • Leave gentle skin-care reminders for those nights when you’re too tired to remember.

The bathroom, in general, is a space where you nurture and care for yourself. Infusing personal elements like these transforms this routine hub into a more engaging, personalized space.

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Use Chalkboard Paint for Bathroom Floor Design

use chalkboard paint for bathroom floor design

Firstly, ensure your floor is smooth, clean, and dry. Any imperfections might show through the paint, so consider a quick sanding session if necessary. Apply a primer to your floor to enhance the durability of your chalkboard paint. After the primer dries, carefully apply a thin coat of the paint. This process may need repetition until satisfied with its coverage, always allowing sufficient drying time between coats.

One consideration to keep in mind; although this fun design concept is impacted by high-traffic and moisture, applying a waterproof sealant over the top can help maintain the longevity of its look. For an added creative touch, stencils can be used to create charming patterns or motifs with chalk.

Remember, not all chalkboard paint colors have to be black. Choose a hue that sings in harmony with your overall bathroom decor. Suddenly, you’ve got a built-in canvas at your feet, whether for script messages, hopscotch game or simply a stylish mat-like design. Here’s your chance to tailor your own floor with a whimsical or elegant touch, whenever you choose. How liberating is that!

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Chalkboard Paint for Kids’ Bathroom Walls for Endless Fun

chalkboard paint for kids bathroom walls for endless fun

Kids thrive on creativity, and a chalkboard painted wall in their bathroom promotes exactly that. It transforms an ordinary space into an interactive, imaginative playground.

1. Structured Learning: Apply a coat on the upper half of the walls. Write multiplication tables or vocabulary words to make bath time double as learning time.

2. Expression Through Art: Let your child’s imagination run wild. They can scribble, draw, and express themselves through various chalk colors.

3. Personal Hygiene Reminders: Sketch step-by-step hand-washing instructions or teeth brushing timelines, making hygiene practices fun.

4. New Drawings Every Bath Time: Kids can wipe the wall clean and start anew every day, providing a never-ending canvas.

5. Immersed in Creativity: Being surrounded by their own artistic creations enhances creative thinking and self-expression.

Remember, using non-toxic paint and dustless chalk is essential for kids’ safety.

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Mint Chalkboard Wall for a Fresh Look

mint chalkboard wall for a fresh look

To achieve this look, start with a clean and well-prepared wall. Apply your mint chalkboard paint evenly, ensuring to let each layer dry before applying the next. Two to three coats are usually enough to provide an opaque finish. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for curing times before writing or drawing on your new chalkboard wall.

Having a mint-colored backdrop does more than offer a space for jotting notes or doodling. The color breathes a sense of freshness and vitality into your bathroom, instantly energizing the room. It is recommended to use contrasting chalk colors such as white or yellow for better visibility against the mint background.

Ranging from daily affirmations to doodles, the mint chalkboard wall serves as a quirky yet stylish canvas. Bonus: It effortlessly disguises any accidental chalk smudges, keeping your bathroom look consistently fresh.

Maintenance is straightforward, just a wipe with a damp cloth can clean your wall, and you’re ready for your next artistic endeavor or daily memo. Just imagine the endless possibilities this fresh touch can bring to your bathroom decor.

And let’s not forget, the pastel mint hue meshes well with a variety of color themes, making it a flexible choice whether you’re looking to renovate your existing bathroom or furnish a new one.

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Grey Chalkboard Wall for a Modern, Industrial Vibe

grey chalkboard wall for a modern industrial vibe

Opting to use grey chalkboard paint opens up a refreshing contrast to traditional black. It’s the perfect choice when targeting a chic, minimalist look akin to modern industrial interiors. Just like the standard black, it’s writable and easily adaptable to your creative exploration.

1. Can blend seamlessly with a broader range of color palettes.

2. Adds softness to the overall aesthetic without compromising the visual interest.

3. Acts as a unique statement piece that can effortlessly enhance the room’s character.

4. Excellent for chalk drawings, grocery lists, or jotting down quick messages.

5. Presents an opportunity to create a balance between functional design and personal expression.

6. Ideal for rooms dominated by metal fixtures and fittings.

7. Helps to subtly divide the bathroom space visually.

Remember, the beauty of chalkboard paint lies in its versatility. Whether it’s used to note down thoughts or schedule your day, or purely for aesthetic reasons, a grey chalkboard wall can bring a modern, industrial vibe right into your bathroom.

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use chalkboard paint as a backdrop for a gallery wall

By opting for chalkboard paint as your gallery wall’s background, you introduce an interactive, ever-changing base that complements the variety of your art pieces. Here’s how to maximize this innovative approach:

1. Versatile Background: Your chalkboard wall is a canvas. Draw or write on it to fit your current art collection, change it as often as you please.

2. Visual Depth: Using this dark, matte surface makes your art pieces pop, really drawing the eye to your favorite works.

3. Personal Touch: Chalk doodles or handwritten quotes add a personal touch to your collection. Experiment with hand-lettered titles for your artwork.

4. Easy Updates: With a swipe of a damp cloth, you can refresh your backdrop, allowing for a variety of looks throughout the seasons.

5. Creative Borders: Outlining your displayed art pieces with chalk creates a unique, dynamic look that is easy to adjust and update.

Remember, the key is to let your creativity flow and have fun creating a display that reflects your personal style and taste!

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Chalked Bathroom’s Countertop for a Unique Look

chalked bathrooms countertop for a unique look

Opting for chalkboard paint on a bathroom countertop can instantly uplift the aesthetic appeal while sticking to a daring, unique design. The matte finish pairs perfectly with any décor style, making your countertop a centerpiece. While black is typically the chosen shade, don’t hesitate to try navy, forest green, or deep burgundy for an understated elegance.

It’s not just about aesthetics, though. Chalk on your countertop allows you to write reminders, label storage jars, or list necessary toiletries to purchase on your next shopping trip.

Maintenance is thankfully straightforward. A simple wipe-down with a damp cloth will clean the chalk; re-chalking is as easy as writing again. The finish can withstand reasonable wear and tear but take care to avoid placing hot items directly on the surface. For those fearing a dull look, satin-finish polyurethane coating will provide a sheen while protecting the chalkboard surface.

Remember, when it comes to chalkboard paint, creativity is your best tool. Enjoy the process and your own unique-looking bathroom space.

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Chalkboard Wall With Inspirational Morning Quotes

chalkboard wall with inspirational morning quotes

Starting your day with an encouraging message can set the tone for positivity and success. Transform one of your bathroom walls into a space for these motivational words. Use chalk or liquid chalk markers for writing: their array of colors will add pop to the room.

  • Versatile Space: Change your quote daily or weekly. Revolve them around your current life theme or goals.
  • Tailored Mood: Pick quotes according to your current state of mind. Need courage or tranquility? Choose your words accordingly.
  • Family Use: Let different family members write their favorite quotes. It’s a lovely way to learn more about each other.
  • Positive Behavior Pattern: Over time, this practice can contribute to a habit of positive thinking.

Don’t limit yourself to traditional sayings. Write your own thoughts, lines from favorite songs, or motivational lines from books or movies. Enjoy the creativity!

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DIY Chalkboard Radiator Cover

diy chalkboard radiator cover

Taking on the task of transforming an old, drab radiator into a functional and attractive feature in your bathroom is easier than you might think.

1. Choose your Chalkboard Paint: Opt for heat-resistant chalkboard paint, ensuring not only longevity but also safety.

2. Prep the Surface: Before you dive into painting, ensure your radiator is clean and dust-free, maximising paint adhesion for a long-lasting finish.

3. Apply Primer: A heat-resistant primer aids in maintaining durability and can help your chalkboard paint adhere better.

4. Paint Away: Once your primer is dry, apply your chosen chalkboard paint. Allow adequate drying time between coats, ensuring a smooth and even finish.

5. Enjoy Your Creation: When completely dry, your radiator is now a chalk-worthy surface. Use chalk or chalk markers to jot down reminders, messages, or hand-drawn decor.

Always remember, patience is key when painting. Allowing ample time for each coating to fully dry can ensure a smooth and durable finish ready for your creativity. You’ll not only add practical value but a personal touch to your bathroom space. Get inventive and let your chalk do the talking!

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Full Chalkboard Paint Bathroom for a Complete Artistic Freedom

full chalkboard paint bathroom for a complete artistic freedom

Diving into the realm of complete artistic freedom, applying chalkboard paint over the entirety of your bathroom can be an exhilarating, bold statement. This opens up a canvas of infinite size for your doodles, notes or drawings, allowing a consistent transformation of your space.

1. Freedom to Customise: Your bathroom becomes a head-to-toe canvas for any whimsical art or functional notes you wish to add. Irrespective of your artistic skills, simple doodles or intricate drawings, everything can find a place here.

2. Practical Use: Keep track of toiletries that need replacing, jot down shower thoughts, or maintain a hygiene routine all right on your walls.

3. Continuous Transformation: As your mood and tastes change over time, you can just clean the slate and start afresh, without needing to remodel your bathroom.

4. Theme It: With your entire bathroom as the canvas, you can decide on themes. For example, a marine theme could have seashells and fish doodles all over.

5. Children’s Paradise: If you have children, an all-chalk bathroom can play a part in potty training, bath-time routines, or just plain fun drawing sessions.

Remember, using standard chalk is just as effective as fancy chalk markers and easier to clean. Select a good quality chalkboard paint that can withstand the moisture in a bathroom environment and remember to condition your chalkboard surfaces by rubbing the side of a chalk all over the surface before the first use.

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