15 Curbless Shower with Bench Ideas for Your Bathroom Renovation

Last updated on May 18, 2024

Submerge in the ease and sophistication of curbless showers with benches, tapping into their ergonomic design and sleek aesthetic, because they are the future of bathroom remodelling.

I’ve designed these ideas myself, so some of them might be a bit exaggerated for effect. Enjoy!

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Integrate a Built-in Shampoo and Soap Niche

integrate a built in shampoo and soap niche

A built-in shampoo and soap niche provides convenient access to your bathing essentials without cluttering your shower space. Strategically positioned at arm’s level, the recessed compartment enhances the shower’s clean lines and functionality. The niche complements the bench by ensuring a streamlined design that improves safety and comfort.

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Pair a Curbless Shower With Heated Floors

pair a curbless shower with heated floors

Heated floors offer a luxurious touch to the seamless transition of a curbless shower, ensuring comfort underfoot in cooler months.

The warmth from the flooring complements the open feel of the shower space, enhancing the overall showering experience.

This combination is not only elegant but also practical, preventing the chill that typically accompanies tile floors post-shower.

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Opt for a Roll-In Curbless Shower With Bench

opt for a roll in curbless shower with bench

A roll-in curbless shower provides barrier-free entry, enhancing accessibility for everyone, including those with mobility aids. Integrating a bench within this design offers a secure place to sit, making it ideal for a multi-generational household.

This shower style also streamlines the bathroom floor, giving a spacious and continuous aesthetic.

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Go Minimalist With White Grout and Tile

go minimalist with white grout and tile

Embrace the simplicity of clean lines and a serene atmosphere by choosing white tiles paired with matching grout for a seamless look.

The monochromatic palette enhances the feeling of space, making the shower appear larger and brighter.

A minimalist design ensures that the focus is on the functional elegance of the bench, eliminating visual clutter.

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Use Pebble Flooring for a Natural Feel

use pebble flooring for a natural feel

Enhance the sensory experience of your curbless shower with the organic texture of pebble flooring underfoot. This tactile surface not only provides a secure, slip-resistant foundation but also evokes the serene ambiance of a natural streambed.

Complementing the bench area with these smooth, rounded stones creates a unified, spa-like aesthetic.

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Try an Oceanic Theme With Blue Glass Tiles

try an oceanic theme with blue glass tiles

Enhance the sensory appeal of your curbless shower by incorporating deep blue glass tiles that evoke the serenity of the ocean.

This design choice creates a tranquil, spa-like environment that feels like an underwater retreat.

The reflective quality of the glass tiles also helps to brighten the space and give the illusion of greater depth.

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Use a Linear Drain for a Sleek Look

use a linear drain for a sleek look

A linear drain enhances the shower’s contemporary aesthetic, providing an almost invisible drainage solution. It allows for the use of larger tiles, creating a smoother shower floor with fewer grout lines.

The sleek design of the linear drain complements the seamless transition of a curbless shower, promoting a clean and uncluttered space.

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Install a Dual Showerhead System

install a dual showerhead system

Incorporating a dual showerhead system enhances the functionality of a curbless shower, allowing for a flexible bathing experience. One showerhead can be fixed, delivering a steady, rain-like stream, while the handheld counterpart offers mobility to rinse off while seated.

This setup is ideal for an all-inclusive design that accommodates a variety of users and preferences.

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Go Luxurious With Marble Walls and Floor

go luxurious with marble walls and floor

Marble’s veining and reflective surface add opulence to a curbless shower space, enhancing its visual appeal.

The seamless transition between the walls and floor creates a spacious, continuous look that exudes luxury.

The natural elegance of marble provides a stunning backdrop for a bench, elevating the shower to a high-end spa-like retreat.

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Combine a Rustic Theme With a Curbless Shower

combine a rustic theme with a curbless shower

Incorporate natural stone tiles and a wood-inspired ceramic or porcelain bench to echo the charm of the outdoors within your shower space.

Select fixtures with a bronze or copper finish to enhance the warm, earthy tones typical of a rustic aesthetic.

Hang a reclaimed wood shelf to serve as functional decor, reinforcing the rustic vibe while offering convenient storage.

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Install Ambient Lighting for an Invigorating Shower Experience

install ambient lighting for an invigorating shower experience

Ambient lighting transforms the shower space into a serene haven, offering a gentle glow that can elevate the mood.

Strategically placed LED lights can create a soothing environment, ideal for unwinding at the end of the day.

The play of light and shadow on the bench and walls can enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of the curbless shower design.

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Try a Frameless Glass Shower Panel

try a frameless glass shower panel

A frameless glass panel offers an unobstructed view, enhancing the openness of a curbless shower design. This sleek barrier maintains the visual flow from the shower to the rest of the bathroom, making the space appear larger.

The bench within remains visible, serving as both a functional seat and a stylish element.

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Combine a Curbless Shower With a Freestanding Tub

combine a curbless shower with a freestanding tub

Strategically place a sleek freestanding tub adjacent to your curbless shower for an open, airy feel. This design choice maximizes floor space, creating a continuous flow that visually expands the bathroom.

The juxtaposition of the tub’s curves with the shower’s clean lines introduces an element of sophisticated contrast.

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Add a Floating Bench Seat for a Modern Touch

add a floating bench seat for a modern touch

Incorporating a floating bench in a curbless shower affords a sleek, contemporary look. The design maximizes space by eliminating bulky supports, giving the illusion of more room.

Its clean lines and elevated appearance contribute to an uncluttered, sophisticated bathroom aesthetic.

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Opt for a Rain Showerhead for a Spa-Like Experience

opt for a rain showerhead for a spa like experience

A rain showerhead complements the seamless design of a curbless shower, mimicking the gentle fall of rain for a tranquil and immersive experience.

Positioned above the bench, it allows for an indulgent, seated showering session, enveloping you in warm, cascading water.

This feature transforms an ordinary bathroom into a personal retreat, where relaxation and rejuvenation are at the heart of your daily routine.

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