15 Small Bathroom Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Last updated on April 3, 2024

Maximize your small bathroom space with these innovative and stylish design solutions.

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Install a Corner Sink to Save Space

install a corner sink to save space

Positioning a sink in the corner takes advantage of underutilized space, often neglected in small bathroom designs. Its angular placement allows for better traffic flow and accessibility in tight areas.

Corner sinks can be stylish and functional, effectively opening up the room by clearing the central floor space.

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Use a Sliding Door to Minimize Floor Space Intrusion

use a sliding door to minimize floor space intrusion

A sliding door operates without the clearance needed for a traditional door, conserving valuable square footage. Its sleek design streamlines traffic flow and enhances the bathroom’s visual aesthetic.

By embracing this functional feature, the room remains uncluttered and accessible.

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Opt for a Pedestal Tub to Create More Floor Room

opt for a pedestal tub to create more floor room

A pedestal tub introduces elegance without the bulk, offering visual spaciousness. Its compact footprint maximizes maneuverability around the bathing area. Floating above the floor, it allows for a continuous flooring aesthetic, enhancing the perception of space.

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Choose Light Colors to Make the Space Feel Larger

choose light colors to make the space feel larger

Light hues reflect more light, effectively giving the illusion of a more expansive room.

Subtle shades like off-white, pastels, and creams keep the space airy and open.

Strategic use of color in linens and accessories can add depth without overwhelming the small area.

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Hang Multiple Levels of Towel Bars

hang multiple levels of towel bars

Maximizing vertical space is key in a cramped bathroom; by stacking towel bars, one above another, you can accommodate more towels in the same wall footprint. This approach not only increases storage efficiency but also turns an otherwise utilitarian feature into a visually appealing element.

By utilizing the often overlooked space above waist height, these tiered racks can make a small bathroom more organized and functional.

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Mount a Trough Sink for a Streamlined Look

mount a trough sink for a streamlined look

A trough sink’s narrow profile fits well in tight spaces, contributing to an uncluttered, minimalistic aesthetic.

Its elongated basin allows for shared access, making it practical for multiple users in a small bathroom.

The wall-mounted design of a trough sink frees up valuable floor space, enhancing the overall functionality of the area.

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Integrate a Shelf Above the Bathroom Door for Added Storage

integrate a shelf above the bathroom door for added storage

Maximizing vertical space is often overlooked in small bathrooms. The area above the door offers prime real estate for storing seldom-used items or seasonal bathroom decor. Shelves in this out-of-the-way spot keep clutter off countertops and out of sight, enhancing a sense of spaciousness.

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Utilize a Narrow Washbasin for a Compact Design

utilize a narrow washbasin for a compact design

A narrow washbasin can streamline the bathroom’s aesthetics while conserving valuable space. Its slim profile allows for more maneuvering room in tight quarters.

By prioritizing basin width over depth, functionality remains intact without compromising on style or utility.

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Install Bright LED Recessed Lighting to Open Up the Space

install bright led recessed lighting to open up the space

Bright LED recessed lighting disperses light evenly throughout a small bathroom, reducing shadows and corners that visually enclose the space.

The clean design of recessed lights adds a modern touch without the clutter of hanging fixtures.

This lighting technique enhances the sense of openness, causing the bathroom to appear larger and more inviting.

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Apply a Large Horizontal Stripe Pattern to Elongate the Room

apply a large horizontal stripe pattern to elongate the room

Horizontal stripes on the walls draw the eye sideways, visually stretching a cramped bathroom. This optical illusion subtly broadens the room’s dimensions, making it appear wider than it is.

Strategic color contrast can emphasize this effect without overwhelming the space.

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Mount a Retractable Mirror for Adjustable Viewing Angles

mount a retractable mirror for adjustable viewing angles

A retractable mirror can be pulled out for use and tucked away after, keeping your small bathroom clutter-free. This type of mirror allows you to adjust the viewing angle, making it perfect for spaces where a traditional mirror’s position is compromised. With its versatility, it also contributes to a sleeker, more modern aesthetic in compact bathroom designs.

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Add a Potted Plant As a Touch of Greenery and Freshness

add a potted plant as a touch of greenery and freshness

Incorporating a small potted plant introduces a natural element, elevating the room’s aesthetic and promoting a serene atmosphere. The presence of greenery can also improve air quality, which is especially beneficial in a bathroom’s enclosed space.

Strategic placement on open shelving or a windowsill maximizes space while adding a vibrant splash of life.

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Use a Ladder Shelf for Linens and Decorative Items

use a ladder shelf for linens and decorative items

Ladder shelves capitalize on vertical space, offering storage without compromising square footage. They allow for both functional organization of towels and an aesthetic display of decor.

This shelving alternative keeps essentials at hand and contributes to an open, airy feel.

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Replace Hinged Shower Door With a Roll-In Barrier-Free Entrance

replace hinged shower door with a roll in barrier free entrance

A roll-in, barrier-free shower entrance eliminates the need for space-consuming door swings and enhances accessibility. This open concept not only makes the bathroom appear larger but also streamlines cleaning with its sleek design. It’s an efficient use of space in small bathrooms, contributing to a minimalist and modern aesthetic.

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Choose Multi-Functional Furniture Like a Storage Stool or Cabinet

choose multi functional furniture like a storage stool or cabinet

Maximize functionality in tight quarters with a stool that doubles as a hidden compartment for toiletries. A slim bathroom cabinet can serve as both a display for accents and a discreet storage solution. Opting for these dual-purpose fixtures streamlines the space, allowing for a clutter-free environment.

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