15 Taper Back Design Ideas: A Detailed Guide

Last updated on March 8, 2024

Dive into the compelling world of taper back design ideas because it effortlessly elevates the charm and personality of your living spaces.

I’ve designed these ideas myself, so some of them might be a bit exaggerated for effect. Enjoy!

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Taper Fade With a Graphic Line Design

taper fade with a graphic line design

Incorporate boldness and precision into your style with a taper fade that integrates a sharp graphic line. This modern twist adds an edgy contrast to the classic taper, making a sleek statement. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a haircut that melds artistry with a clean, graduated silhouette.

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High Taper Fade Encapsulated Design

high taper fade encapsulated design

The encapsulated design adds a modern twist to the classic high taper fade by featuring a distinct shape or symbol edged into the shorter section of hair. This detailing provides a visual focus point and showcases precision styling.

It frames the fade, creating a unique and clean aesthetic that stands out in both casual and formal settings.

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Wavy Taper Fade With Linear Design

wavy taper fade with linear design

Capture a sense of movement by blending waves into a taper fade, with clean, straight lines above the ear to accentuate the flow. This striking contrast marries the freeform waves with the precision of a linear edge. Ideal for those seeking a modern twist on classic fades, it offers a dynamic, sculptural appearance that stands out.

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Taper Fade With Diagonal Design

taper fade with diagonal design

Embrace a dynamic edge by incorporating a sleek diagonal line into your taper fade, slicing through the sides with precision. This bold contrast elevates the traditional fade, offering a modern twist that stands out in any crowd.

It’s a refined choice for those seeking to merge classic barbering with contemporary style flair.

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Two-Tone Color Blocking With Taper Fade

two tone color blocking with taper fade

Inject bold contrast into your style through strategic color placement on a tapered cut.

Enhance the sharp lines of a fade with dark roots transitioning to a lighter hue, creating a striking visual effect.

This technique adds depth and dimension, showcasing the clean lines of the taper while making a contemporary fashion statement.

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Curly Undercut With Taper Design

curly undercut with taper design

A curly undercut with taper design combines the volume and texture of natural curls on top with gradually shortened sides for a sharp contrast. This cut enhances the curls’ prominence while offering a clean, modern edge to the overall hairstyle. It strikes a balance between playful and polished, ideal for those seeking a dynamic hair statement.

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Taper Fade With Zigzag Design

taper fade with zigzag design

Inject a dynamic twist into your hairstyle with the inclusion of zigzag patterns along the taper fade, creating a striking visual contrast.

This design is an excellent choice for those looking to blend edgy artistry with the clean lines of a classic taper.

Vibrancy meets precision, ensuring your haircut stands out as a modern expression of personal style.

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Taper Fade With Geometric Pattern Design

taper fade with geometric pattern design

Embrace the precision of angles and shapes with a geometric pattern that transforms the classic taper fade into a piece of art.

The contrasting lengths between the fade and the distinct patterns draw attention to the clean lines and symmetry.

Ideal for those seeking a bold, modern twist on traditional short hairstyles.

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High and Tight Taper Fade With Line Design

high and tight taper fade with line design

The high and tight taper fade with line design offers a striking contrast through precision-cut lines that accentuate the neatness of the fade. This style combines military-inspired sharpness with modern edge, creating a look that is both clean-cut and bold.

Strategically placed lines can enhance the face shape, adding a customized touch to this classic haircut.

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Dapper Deep Side Part With Taper Fade Design

dapper deep side part with taper fade design

Embrace the blend of classic and modern with a sharp side part, enhancing the contrast between lengths.

The taper fade adds a clean, contemporary edge to this timeless style, offering a polished look suitable for both professional settings and casual encounters.

This design grants the versatility to those seeking both a refined appearance and the ease of low maintenance.

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Lined Taper Fade With Classic Combover

lined taper fade with classic combover

The Lined Taper Fade adds crisp, clean edges to the timeless combover, offering a modern twist on a classic look.

Strategic lines are shaved to enhance the structure and flow of the hair, creating a sophisticated silhouette.

This style pairs the elegance of a well-groomed top with the edginess of contemporary fades for a versatile, office-to-evening aesthetic.

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Elaborate Taper Fade With Echelon Design

elaborate taper fade with echelon design

The Echelon design incorporates layered levels within the taper fade to create a sense of graduated elegance. Sharp, precise lines carve through the hair, adding depth and a contemporary twist to the classic fade.

This style suits those seeking an artistic yet subtle statement in their haircut.

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Hair Tattooing Within Taper Fade Designs

hair tattooing within taper fade designs

Hair tattooing infuses artistic flair into a classic taper fade, offering a unique canvas for intricate designs. It transforms a regular haircut into a personalized statement piece by etching patterns, such as stars, logos, or abstract shapes, into the shorter sections.

This technique allows for a high level of customization, making each style a distinct expression of individuality.

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Taper Fade Blended With Classic Pompadour

taper fade blended with classic pompadour

This hairstyle combines the sharp edginess of a taper fade with the voluminous sophistication of a classic pompadour.

The contrast between the short, fading sides and the tall, slicked-back top creates a striking, modern twist on vintage style.

Ideal for those seeking a blend of retro charm and contemporary chic, it’s a cut that makes a bold statement.

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Low Taper Fade With Inverted Triangle Design

low taper fade with inverted triangle design

The Low Taper Fade with Inverted Triangle Design blends a subtle fade at the nape with a distinct, straight-lined triangle shape at the back. This sharp geometric pattern acts as a focal point, offering a modern twist on classic taper styles. It pairs well with various hair lengths and textures, creating a sleek, contemporary look.

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