What Can Go Wrong During a Roof Replacement?

Last updated on May 17, 2024

Despite having many benefits, a roof replacement may not go as expected. While some issues can be beyond our control, others aren’t. For instance, something could go wrong during a roof replacement due to incorrect installation. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that you only choose the experts.

However, despite choosing a great roofing company, it is not guaranteed that all will go well. That’s why you should understand some mishaps that often occur during such a project. Such knowledge prepares you well for the necessary solutions. In other instances, it can help you prevent the problem altogether. So, what can go wrong during a roof replacement? Read on to find out!

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Roof Replacement Crew Can Trap Your Car

Roof Replacement Crew Can Trap Your Car

The ideal roofing company such as Homebuddy.com, usually has the necessary equipment during a roof replacement project. The materials and crew are also transported using vehicles. Therefore, there is a high chance of these vehicles and machines making it hard to leave your home by car.

Moving your car away from your driveway or out of the garage is crucial. Besides unnecessary delays and inconveniencing you, the crew must pause work to move their vehicles and machines, dragging the project further. Since that can go wrong during a roof replacement, avoid it at all costs.

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Damaged Flower Gardens

It is no secret that some flowers are quite expensive. Nurturing a flower garden also takes a lot of time and effort. Despite your efforts, all that can go wrong during a roof replacement. You will probably be sad about it despite the brand-new roof. Therefore, ensure you protect your yard from such an aftermath.

You can use temporary structures or tarps to protect your flower beds. If you have potted flowers, move them somewhere safe to avoid damage. Sometimes, there isn’t much you can do about your rose bushes. You can always discuss it with the roofing company so the workers can spare as many flowers as possible. The crew will undoubtedly share ideas on safeguarding your prized yet defenceless flowers.

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Dirty Swimming Pool

Dirty Swimming Pool

During a roof replacement, dirt and debris often fall off, with a high chance of landing in your swimming pool. In the process, this debris may damage its surface, incurring additional costs to fix that. Sometimes, the surface remains intact, but the dirt damages your motor and clogs the filter. So, think twice before you believe anything can go wrong during a roof replacement.

That’s’ where a pool cover comes in. It might take much time and effort to install, but its prevention makes it all worth it. If you don’t have a pool cover, all is not lost. Most roofing companies have solutions; all you need to do is ask.

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Property Damages

Again, property damages often arise during a roof replacement. Whereas a good roofing company can increase the chances of such occurrences, it is never guaranteed. That’s why you should also ensure that your contractor is insured and licensed. Consequently, if something happens, you won’t have to fix the problem on your bill.

Pay attention to the contract you sign with the roofers, especially regarding who is responsible for property damages during the working period. If you can move some things out of your home, the better. For instance, move the play equipment, planters, décor, and furniture out of the house if possible.

Remind the workers to be careful, too, to avoid property damage. Some are quite expensive, and it would be sad to worry about fixing or replacing them once the roof placement is over.

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Uncomfortable Pets

Some pets aren’t comfortable as soon as strangers invade their spaces. Can you imagine the discomfort a roof replacement project can bring them then? It means strange noises once in a while. Vehicles will keep coming and going as they deliver the crew, equipment, and materials. The wall will also shake occasionally, thus leading to a mess that’s uncomfortable for your furry friend. 

It would be best to take your pets away from home during work. Depending on what works best for you, you can choose an animal day-care or a friend’s house. Alternatively, keep them in the basement where distractions and noises are minimal. Your pet won’t experience fear, anxiety, or discomfort if it is comfortable.

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Harsh Weather Conditions

Remember, the role of the roof is to protect your home from harsh weather conditions such as snow and heavy downpour. Since roof replacement means removing that protection, even though temporary, that’s enough time for trouble to erupt. For instance, it could start raining before the roofing is over.

The rainwater can damage your property, including the walls, roof support structures, furniture, and clothes. That’s why you should pay attention to weather forecasts during roof replacement. If it comes suddenly, the roofing company should have tarps steady by to cover all the necessary areas.

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Tripping Breakers

Breakers will trip as soon as the electricity load becomes too much. Unfortunately, that’s common during roof replacement since the equipment workers must remove the relatively powerful old roof. If you can’t avoid it, at least be able to fix it as soon as it happens.

You can prevent it by providing the roofing company with several outlets. That reduces the chances of overloading one. However, if that’s impossible, fix it as soon as it happens. You need to know where the breaker box is to facilitate it.

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Angry Neighbours

When you think all is well with your project, something else can go wrong during a roof replacement. Your neighbours may not be comfortable with the noise. Unfortunately, that’s not avoidable, and your only option is to beg your neighbours to be understanding. Inform them in advance before the project begins. You may have to appease some with cookies or other gifts.

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The Takeaway

What can go wrong during a roof replacement? Most of the time, most homeowners assume that the only problem is hiring the wrong roofing company. Whereas the right contractor is good for the job, some things are beyond their control. Fortunately, it is easy to prevent these mishaps. You can complete roof replacement without any hiccups with the right protective measures.

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