6 Unique Diamond Substitutes for Engagement Rings

Last updated on October 5, 2023

A study in 2015 revealed that a whopping 83% of brides prefer diamond as the center stone for their engagement ring. We are now in 2022, and surveys show that 82.3% of brides choose a diamond for their engagement ring center stone. So, diamonds are still a girl’s best friend and continue to be a girl’s dream.

It is not surprising, considering diamonds are no longer rare and are affordable if you don’t care about cut and clarity. They also go with all kinds of wedding bands. However, the popularity of Diamonds also makes them one of the most common stones. The pressure is on the groom to pick a ring that stands out. You can either go for a better cut, higher clarity, and more caratage, which would result in a more expensive ring.

Or, you can choose to take the offbeat path and look at the unique but equally —or in some cases, more— attractive alternatives to diamond. Recently, colored and ethical substitutes for diamonds are fast gaining popularity. You’ll grab attention because of the vibrant hues and eye-catching shapes of the colored gemstones. It adds a dash of flair to the betrothal ring settings.

If you’re wondering which gemstones are the most popular alternatives to diamonds, fret not; you’re in the right place. Here are some best alternatives to diamonds that will make your spouse stand out from the crowd.

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Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz and the most popular purple gem in the world. The gemstone is believed to have healing properties and tends to cure the self-destructive and addictive tendencies of the wearer. It further helps the cause that the gemstone looks stunning in its pale lilac to deep reddish-purple hues.

Most Amethyst stones come with great clarity and are available in a wide range of cuts as well as caratage. Interested buyers can choose from deep purple and delicate lavender to even pink hues. The deep ruby-purple variant is the most expensive one, but the lavender tone with diamond inlay looks amazing.

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garnet ring

Garnets are often mistaken for Ruby because of their deep red color. However, what’s interesting about Garnet is that it also comes in green. But if you are looking for a long-lasting engagement ring, red Garnets are the hardest. Garnet is known to symbolize life, love, and victory. They can be a meaningful and beautiful alternative to diamonds.

This colored gemstone belongs to the silicate minerals group along with quartz and mica. If you are shopping for Garnet, look for sellers who have the stone sourced from Madagascar, China, and Kenya. You can read the frequently asked questions about garnets to know more about this durable, affordable, yet gorgeous diamond substitute. 

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sapphire ring

There’s a reason why celebrities like Princess Diana opted for Sapphire as the center stone of their engagement rings. While the mention of Sapphire might invoke images of a stunning violet-blue gemstone, it comes in all colors except red. That makes Sapphire one of the most versatile choices for engagement or wedding rings. 

Since ancient days, the blue variant has represented honesty, loyalty, purity, and trust. On the other hand, the yellow Sapphire symbolizes happiness, power, and divine grace. Therefore, it’s no surprise that these stones are one of the most popular options for engagement rings today.

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aquamarine ring

Aquamarine is a semi-precious stone that features a gorgeous light blue hue, true to its name. These beautiful stones belong to the same family as Emeralds, the beryl mineral family. The March birthstone is also Colorado’s official rock and is mostly mined in Asia, Brazil, and Africa.

As mentioned before, Aquamarines are gaining popularity because of their lovely blue color and blue tone. The gemstone appears organic in any ring setting and has great clarity. However, they are not known for their sparkle.

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morganite ring

Morganite is an orange or pink variety of Beryl, a mineral class that also includes aquamarine and emeralds. Reports suggest that after Sapphire, Morganite is the second most popular gemstone used as a center stone in engagement rings these days. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is that the pink-orange hue goes very well with the rose gold ring mounts, which have also gained popularity.

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ruby ring

The word Ruby means ‘Ratnaraj’ in Sanskrit, which means the king of all gems. One look at the blood-red gemstone, and you’ll understand why it’s called so. Moreover, many old cultures believed that the gemstone held the power of life because of its likeliness of blood color. Ruby has become a popular choice because of the belief that it represents health, wealth, wisdom, and romantic success.

Now that you’re aware of your choices pick one that suits your sensibilities and features the best. You can even pick your birthstone as the center stone of your engagement ring. 

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