Top 20 Bathroom Shelf Ideas for Your Home

Last updated on April 7, 2024

Discover 20 innovative bathroom shelf ideas to maximize storage and transform your space into a well-organized sanctuary for relaxation.

Welcome to my latest blog post where I’m going to share with you some amazing bathroom shelf ideas that will transform your boring bathroom into a stylish and organized space. Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to decorating, but with the right shelving ideas, you can turn this functional space into a beautiful oasis.

Whether you have a small or large bathroom, there is always room for a little creativity and organization. So, get ready to be inspired by these 20 incredible bathroom shelf ideas that will help you make the most of your space while adding some serious style!

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Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves Bathroom

Floating shelves are a popular choice for bathroom storage as they provide a sleek and modern look. These shelves are mounted directly onto the wall, giving the illusion that they are floating without any visible brackets or supports.

They come in various sizes and materials such as wood, glass, or metal to match any bathroom decor style. Floating shelves can be used to store towels, toiletries, plants or decorative items while keeping them within easy reach.

To create an eye-catching display on your floating shelf consider arranging items in groups of three with varying heights and textures for added interest.

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Over-toilet Ladder

Over-toilet Ladder Bathroom

This type of shelf unit can be easily placed over the toilet and provides ample room for storing towels, toiletries, and other essentials. The ladder design adds a touch of rustic charm to any bathroom decor while also being functional.

You can choose from different materials such as wood or metal depending on your preference and style. An over-toilet ladder is easy to install without requiring any drilling or complicated assembly instructions making it perfect for renters or anyone looking for a quick DIY project that will make their bathroom more organized and stylish at the same time!

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Corner Shelves

Floating Shelves bathroom

They can be installed in unused corners and provide a stylish solution for storing toiletries, towels, and other essentials. There are many different types of corner shelves available on the market today, from simple floating shelves to more elaborate designs with multiple tiers or built-in cabinets.

One popular option is a triangular-shaped shelf that fits snugly into the corner of your bathroom. These can be made from wood or metal and come in various sizes to fit any space.

Another option is an L-shaped shelf that wraps around two walls for even more storage capacity.

When choosing corner shelves for your bathroom, consider both form and function. Look for materials that will complement your existing decor while also providing durability against moisture damage over time.

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Recessed Shelves

Space-saving Organizers Teen Bathroom

These shelves are built into the wall, creating a seamless and streamlined look that is both functional and stylish. Recessed shelves can be installed in the shower area for storing shampoo bottles, soap bars, and other toiletries or above the toilet for holding towels, extra rolls of toilet paper, and decorative items.

One of the biggest advantages of recessed shelving is that it doesn’t protrude from the wall like traditional shelving units do. This means you won’t accidentally bump into them while moving around your bathroom or have to worry about knocking things off them when cleaning.

Another benefit of recessed shelving is that they can be customized to fit your specific needs. You can choose how many shelves you want based on what you need to store and their size according to available space.

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Shower Caddy

Shower Caddy Bathroom

There are many different types of shower caddies available, from simple plastic baskets that hang over the showerhead to more elaborate designs that attach directly to the wall. Look for one with adjustable shelves or compartments so you can customize it to fit your specific needs.

Some even come with hooks for hanging washcloths or loofahs, making them a versatile addition to any bathroom. Plus, they’re easy to install and remove if you need extra space in the shower for larger items like shampoo bottles or body wash containers.

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Towel Bar With Shelf

Towel Bar With Shelf Bathroom

It’s perfect for small bathrooms where you need to maximize every inch of available space. The shelf can hold extra towels, washcloths, or even decorative items like candles and plants.

You can find towel bars with shelves in various styles and materials such as wood, metal or glass. Some models come equipped with hooks underneath the shelf for added convenience.

Installing a towel bar with a shelf is relatively easy; all you need are some basic tools like screws and anchors. You can mount it above the toilet or next to the sink depending on your preference.

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Windowsill Storage

Windowsill Storage Bathroo

However, they can be an excellent spot to store small items such as toiletries and plants. To make the most of this area, consider adding a few simple shelves or repurposing old wooden crates to create a rustic display.

You could also use decorative jars or vases to hold cotton balls and swabs while adding some visual interest to your windowsill decor. With just a little creativity, you can turn your windowsill into both functional and stylish storage for all of your bathroom essentials!

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Industrial Pipe Shelves

bathroom Industrial chic

These shelves are made from metal pipes and fittings, which give them a sturdy and industrial look. They can be customized in various sizes, shapes, and finishes to match the style of your bathroom.

To create these shelves, you will need some basic plumbing skills or hire someone who does. You’ll also need pipes of different lengths for the vertical supports as well as elbow joints for corners or T-joints for intersecting sections.

Once assembled, these shelves can hold towels, toiletries or decorative items such as plants or candles. The open design allows easy access while adding visual interest to any wall space in your bathroom.

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Under-sink Organizer

Under-sink Organizer Bathroom

An under-sink organizer can help you maximize the space and keep everything in its place. There are various types of organizers available, such as pull-out drawers or baskets that slide out from the cabinet.

You could also use stackable bins to create layers of storage or install a tension rod to hang cleaning supplies on one side of the cabinet while still having room for other items on shelves or in baskets on the other side. With an under-sink organizer, you’ll never have to dig through cluttered cabinets again!

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Wall-mounted Baskets

Bathroom Tray Wire Basket

These versatile baskets can be used for storing towels, toiletries, or even plants. They come in a variety of materials such as wire, wicker or metal and can be hung on the wall using hooks or brackets.

You can choose from different sizes and shapes depending on your needs and preferences. Wall-mounted baskets not only provide practical storage solutions but also add texture and interest to your bathroom walls while keeping everything organized at the same time!

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Tiered Shelves

bathroom Wood Storage

These shelves come in various sizes, shapes, and materials such as wood or metal. They can be placed on the countertop or mounted on the wall for easy access to your toiletries.

One popular option is a three-tiered shelf that fits over the toilet tank. This type of shelf provides ample space for storing towels, washcloths, and other essentials while keeping them within reach.

Another idea is using tiered baskets made of wire mesh or wicker material that can be hung from hooks on the wall. These baskets provide an attractive display for rolled-up towels or decorative items like plants.

If you have limited floor space in your bathroom but still need extra storage options, consider installing corner tiered shelves which make use of otherwise unused corners in your room.

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Built-in Cabinet

It can be customized to fit the exact dimensions of your bathroom and can be designed with shelves, drawers, or both. A built-in cabinet also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any bathroom decor.

You can choose from various materials such as wood or glass for the doors and shelves depending on your preference. You may opt for open shelving or closed cabinets with doors that match the rest of your vanity unit for a cohesive look throughout the room.

Built-in cabinets are perfect if you have limited wall space but still need extra storage in your bathroom!

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Mason Jar Storage

Bathroom Tray with Mason Jars

They can be used to store cotton balls, Q-tips, makeup brushes, and other small items that tend to clutter up countertops. To create your own mason jar storage system, simply attach the lids of the jars to a piece of wood or metal using hose clamps or screws.

Then fill each jar with your desired items and screw them onto their respective lids. You can also paint or decorate the jars for an added touch of style! Mason jar storage is not only functional but also adds a rustic charm to any bathroom decor scheme.

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Hanging Rope Shelves

Hanging Rope Shelves Bathroom

These shelves are made by suspending wooden planks from ropes that are attached to the ceiling or wall. They can be customized in size and shape depending on your needs, making them perfect for storing towels, toiletries or decorative items.

To make these shelves yourself, start by cutting wooden planks into the desired length and width. Then drill holes at each corner of the plank where you want it suspended from the rope.

Next cut two lengths of thick rope (or twine) long enough so that when tied together they will hang at your desired height.

Thread one end of each piece through a hole in opposite corners of the plank until both ends meet above it; tie them together with an overhand knot leaving enough slack between knots so that there is room for items on top without touching bottom shelf below.

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Wall-mounted Spice Rack

They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials such as wood or metal. A wall-mounted spice rack can be installed on an empty wall space or inside a cabinet door for easy access while cooking.

Some models even have adjustable shelves that allow you to customize the height of each shelf according to the size of your spice jars. Wall-mounted spice racks not only save counter space but also add visual interest to your kitchen decor with their unique designs and colors.

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Pegboard Organizer

It allows you to customize your organization system by adding hooks, baskets, and shelves wherever you need them. You can hang your hair dryer, curling iron or straightener on the board with hooks or store toiletries in baskets that are hung from it.

Pegboards come in various sizes so they can fit any wall space available in your bathroom. Plus, they add an industrial touch to the decor of any room!

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Wicker Baskets

Woven Baskets for Storage Bathroom

They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors that can complement any decor style. You can use them to store towels, toilet paper rolls, magazines or even as a laundry hamper.

Wicker baskets are lightweight and easy to move around which makes them perfect for small bathrooms where space is limited. To keep the clutter at bay you can stack wicker baskets on top of each other or place them under the sink vanity for an organized look that will make your bathroom feel cozy and inviting.

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Glass Shelves

Glass Shelves Bathroom

They can be installed directly onto the wall or supported by brackets, giving them a floating appearance. Glass shelves come in various shapes and sizes, making it easy to find one that fits your space perfectly.

Not only do they provide ample storage for toiletries and towels, but they also reflect light which can make the room feel brighter and more spacious. Glass is easy to clean so maintaining its pristine look requires minimal effort on your part!

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Vintage Crate Storage

Vintage Crate Storage Bathroom

You can find vintage crates at flea markets, antique stores, or even online. These crates can be used in a variety of ways such as stacking them on top of each other for vertical storage or attaching them to the wall for horizontal shelving.

They are perfect for storing towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials. To make the most out of this idea, consider painting or staining the crates in colors that match your decor theme so they blend seamlessly into your space while still adding an interesting touch!

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Magnetic Strip Organizers

These strips can be easily mounted on the wall, and they come in various sizes to accommodate different items such as makeup brushes, tweezers, nail clippers, and even toothbrushes. The best part about magnetic strip organizers is that they don’t take up any counter space or clutter up drawers.

Plus, their sleek design adds a modern touch to any bathroom decor. Simply attach metal objects onto the strip for easy access whenever you need them!

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