20 Stylish Black Hexagon Tile Bathroom Ideas for Innovative Designs

Last updated on February 22, 2024

Harness the versatility of black hexagon tiles in your bathroom because they add an instant upscale and modern touch to your space while being remarkably easy to maintain.

I’m proud to share my original article on 20 Stylish Black Hexagon Tile Bathroom Ideas, complete with unique designs I personally crafted. I hope you enjoy and feel inspired by these ideas as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Black hexagon tiles are a contemporary choice, adding a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. This article provides a plethora of ideas to incorporate this chic element, whether it’s for your floors, walls, or even the shower area.

From pairing with contrasting grout colors, to creating unique patterns, or complementing with suitable bathroom fixtures, we’ve got you covered. Stay tuned as we delve into the details, ensuring you have all the guidance you need to transform your bathroom with black hexagon tiles.

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Black Hexagon Tiles As a Shower Wall

black hexagon tiles as a shower wall

Placing black hexagon tiles on the shower wall creates an artful platform that reflects light in a unique way, uplifts the ambiance, and monopolizes the visual interest in the bathroom. Not to mention, the six-sided pattern often breaks the monotony of symmetrical design, adding an unexpected depth and creating a dramatic, sleek backdrop that’s both modern and timeless.

Now, to get the most out of this design, consider these:

  • Play with grout colors: A contrasting white grout can highlight the hexagonal shape better but a black grout will give you a seamless look.
  • Tile placement: Aligning tiles perfectly is tricky. But worry not. Let their natural pattern flow and embrace imperfections which will enhance the beauty rather than detracting from it.
  • Size of the tiles: Larger tiles tend to make a smaller bathroom look bigger- a design hack for compact spaces!
  • Breaks in pattern, like niches or borders, can provide visual relief and insert additional, functional benefits.

Just remember, this approach is all about maintaining balance to avoid overwhelming the spatial aesthetics. With the right placement and blend, black hexagonal tiles can certainly transform your shower wall into a striking focal point.

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Feature Wall of Black Hexagon Tiles

feature wall of black hexagon tiles

Creating a feature wall is a sure-fire way to make a dramatic statement and inject some character into the bathroom. By utilizing black hexagon tiles, you add a dash of sophistication and a unique geometric aspect to your room.

1. Height Matters: Hang tiles from floor to ceiling to create height and elegance.

2. Go Bold with Patterns: Create zigzags, diamonds, or gradients with your tiles to boost visual interest.

3. Grout Color: Opt for lighter grout shades to provide a striking contrast against the dark tiles.

4. Add Lighting: Highlight your feature wall with proper lighting. Consider recessed light for a more dramatic effect.

5. Frame Details: Use tiles to frame the vanity or mirror, which can create an intriguing focal point.

Remember, there are no limits when it comes to designing your feature wall. Don’t be afraid to allow your creativity to spark and use these tiles to create an edgy, contemporary look in your bathroom.

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Black Hexagon Tile Flooring

black hexagon tile flooring

Adventurous homeowners often gravitate towards floors as the perfect canvas for showcasing black hexagon tiles. Replacing traditional square or rectangular tiles with hexagonal ones injects a unique visual interest into the bathroom. This geometrical choice delivers an exciting break from regular tile patterns while adding a sense of depth to the overall design.

When paired with lighter or even brightly colored walls, these black tiles exude unmatched elegance. Light shades help contrast against the dark floor, ensuring the bathroom doesn’t feel too small or dark. Yet, pairing them with dark walls can create an ultra-sophisticated, high-end look.

Remember, it’s crucial to choose a grout color that complements the tiles – white or gray works best with black. A darker grout for these tiles helps mask any stains, maintaining the flooring look pristine for an extended period.

Another point to consider is the finish. Matte tiles yield a modern design aesthetic, while glossier tiles lend a more traditional vibe. Either way, black hexagon tile flooring remains a versatile choice, capable of fitting into diverse bathroom interior styles. It’s not just about a black floor; it’s about making your bathroom fabulously stylish and edgier.

Lastly, in terms of maintenance, these tiles are notably easy to clean, making them a practical option as well.

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Accent Areas With Hexagon Tiles

accent areas with hexagon tiles

In small bathrooms, using these tiles to accentuate certain areas is a clever tactic. For instance, focus on tiling segments around the mirror or beneath a hanging vanity. The hexagonal pattern brings an eye-catching geometric punch to this compact space.

Additionally, using these tiles on a window sill can transform it into an unexpected design feature, where the sunlight can interact with the pattern creating riveting shadow plays. Remember, a little creativity can go a long way in achieving a bold, artisan look without having to tile an entire wall or floor.

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Hexagon Tile Backsplash Above Sink

hexagon tile backsplash above sink

For an elegant statement, creating a backsplash above the sink with these distinctive tiles is an outstanding choice. This provides a focal point and protects the wall from water splashes simultaneously. Particularly in smaller bathrooms or powder rooms, this technique allows the impact of the bold tile while keeping the overall design balanced.

Consider pairing black hexagon tiles with contrasting grout. White or light grey grout can highlight the unique shape of the tiles and adds a visual pop.

For a sophisticated finish, blend the backsplash with a mirror. Frame the mirror with the same tiles or use them as the backdrop. This seamless integration can give an illusion of increased space and continuity.

Incorporating black hexagon tiles above the sink will surely give an unforgettable design. Remember, it’s not just about aesthetics, but also about function. The hexagon tile backsplash will serve as a water-resistant barrier protecting your walls and adding durability to your bathroom.

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Half-tiled Walls With Black Hexagons

half tiled walls with black hexagons

With half-tiling, the upper portion of your wall remains open for paint or wallpaper, providing a perfect contrast. This approach elevates the visual interest without overwhelming your space. The hexagonal shape adds dimension and interest while the bold black color offers the bathroom an air of elegance and sophistication.

Here are few points to ponder for successful application:

  • Material Choice: Ceramic or porcelain, each offers unique aesthetic and functional advantages.
  • Grout Selection: Light grout colors create an appealing contrast, while dark tones are perfect for a sleek, uniform look.
  • Pattern Influence: Offset or straight-laid hexagons can produce varying effects.
  • Seamless Look: Consider matching your wall and floor trim to your upper wall color for a seamless look.
  • Complementary Elements: Pairing with light-toned fixtures and amenities can create a balanced and contrasting style.
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Black and White Hexagon Tile Pattern

black and white hexagon tile pattern

The classic black and white pattern never fails to impress. Mixing black and white hexagon tiles can forge an intricate charm, infusing a sense of timeless elegance. Here’s how to make this design burst with style:

1. Alternating Patterns: Alternate between black and white tiles. This zebra-like pattern adds a dynamic twist to any bathroom.

2. Bordering: Use black tiles to outline white spaces or vice versa. The contrast will delicately define areas of your bathroom.

3. Gradient: Start from a fully black or white wall and gradually mix in the opposite color as you descend or ascend.

4. Focal Points: Use black on areas you want to emphasise and white elsewhere. This design principle adds depth and interest.

Remember, maintaining a balanced color distribution is crucial to achieving harmony in your design. The end result? A chic, monochrome mosaic that never goes out of style!

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Hexagon Tile Around Mirror

hexagon tile around mirror

Creating a frame with hexagon tiles can dynamically accentuate your bathroom mirror. The geometric pattern offers an appealing contrast to the mirror’s round or square shape. Use contrasting grout to enhance the pattern, or keep everything in the same shade for a sleek look.

1. Make sure tiles align precisely around the mirror for a clean, professional appearance.

2. Experiment with different tile sizes for impactful visual effect – larger tiles for a bold statement, smaller ones for a subtle detail.

3. Consider your lighting. Glossy tiles can reflect light, enhancing the room’s illumination.

4. An ideal DIY project, but always remember to measure twice and cut once. Sealant is a must to prevent moisture damage to the tiles.

5. If not a fan of uniformity, you could break the rules and create a randomized mosaic using other tile shapes and colors around the mirror.

This unconventional use of hexagon tiles can turn an ordinary mirror into a statement piece, adding personality to your bathroom.

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Mix of Black and Grey Hexagon Tiles

mix of black and grey hexagon tiles

Incorporating a blend of black and grey hexagon tiles can introduce a visually pleasing aesthetic while also subtly defining different areas in your bathroom. Here are a few ways to do this effectively:

1. Gradient: Start with black tiles at the bottom or one end of the wall and gradually replace them with grey as you move up or across the wall for a comfortable transition.

2. Random Mixing: Scatter black and grey tiles randomly. This design gives the bathroom a dynamic and modern appearance.

3. Defined Borders: Use grey tiles for the larger area while black tiles demarcate a specific section like the shower area, instantly creating a distinctive zone.

4. Patterns: Arrange black and grey tiles to form patterns. This can give the room a lot of character, whether you opt for a classical checkerboard design or a more avant-garde abstract composition.

Remember that balancing is key in this design approach. Note the light sources and reflectivity levels of the chosen tiles when planning the layout to ensure the bathroom doesn’t end up too dark or excessively reflective.

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Black Hexagon Tiles With White Grout

black hexagon tiles with white grout

Incorporating white grout forms a spectacular contrast, accentuating the geometrical beauty of the hexagonal shape. It emphasizes the tile pattern, creating striking wall and floor designs that are both simple and sophisticated.

When picking white grout, focus on the following points:

  • Consistency: Ensure the consistency isn’t too rough or smooth. It should spread easily yet hold the tiles firmly.
  • Cleanup: Always wipe excess grout promptly to maintain the cleanliness of the design. It will also prevent a hazy film on the tile surface.
  • Grout Width: Choose the right grout width. A narrower grout line promotes a subtle style, while a wider one accentuates the hexagonal pattern.
  • Sealer: Apply a grout sealer to prevent discoloration and protect from possible stains. It will ensure the structure remains aesthetically pleasing and durable.
  • Outfit Matching: Match the rest of the bathroom fixtures with your newfound design. The white grout can pair wonderfully with white basins, tubs, or even some fancy white towels.

By focusing on these points, the tiles will stand out beautifully, providing your bathroom with a unique, elegant look. Remember, the devil is in the detail, and in this case, that detail is white grout.

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Black Hexagon Tiles in Wet Room

black hexagon tiles in wet room

Imagine transforming your bathroom into a sleek, modern wet room. The black hexagon tiles, running seamlessly from floor to ceiling, will elevate the look magnificently. The tile’s unique shape adds visual interest while its dark color provides both a neutral background and a dramatic effect.

Installing underfloor heating could add both a practical and a luxury element. It not only ensures a dry floor quickly after use, but also offers a warm, pleasant surface underfoot.

Consider coupling these tiles with glass dividers. They can create separate areas for the shower and toilet without disrupting the visual flow. This allows for the tile’s eye-catching pattern to remain uninterrupted, thus maximizing impact.

Lastly, consider accentuating these tiles with proper lighting. Opt for recessed ceiling lights for a soft glow, or a statement pendant light if you’re after a more dramatic effect. Good lighting will highlight the depth of the tiles’ color, and emphasize the geometry of their layout.

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Mosaic Design With Black Hexagon Tiles

mosaic design with black hexagon tiles

Creating a mosaic with black hexagon tiles can bring unique flair to your bathroom. It’s about playing with different patterns to create an appealing visual impression.

Experiment with a variety of sizes or mix match with other shape tiles to give depth. Consider arranging the tiles to make waves, concentric circles, or even an abstract illustration.

Complement this design with consistent light-colored grout to emphasize the mosaic’s geometry. Keep in mind the overall bathroom décor to ensure the mosaic serves as a harmonious focal point rather than a mismatched element.

Quality and waterproof adhesive are imperatives for a mosaic that lasts years.

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High-gloss Black Hexagon Tiles for a Modern Look

high gloss black hexagon tiles for a modern look

To capture that sought-after modern aesthetic, high-gloss black hexagon tiles are your best bet. Their shine adds a luxurious feel while highlighting the unique shape of the tiles.

1. Incredible Shine: The high-gloss finish reflects light beautifully, enhancing the space’s luminosity. It can uplift even the most limited of spaces.

2. Contemporary Edge: Glossy finishes are synonymous with modern design. Coupled with the hexagonal shape, it brings a sense of daring geometry into the space.

3. Simplicity: Despite its bold statement, high-gloss black adds an element of simplicity. It’s the perfect way to upgrade a bathroom without resorting to ornate decorations.

4. Easy Maintenance: A glossy surface is usually easier to clean, an important factor in bathroom preservation.

5. Versatile: This style matches well with either minimalist fixtures or metallic hues, giving a wide range of design options.

In essence, high-gloss black hexagon tiles provide a means to effortlessly imbue modernism within your bathroom.

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Matte Black Hexagon Tiles for Rustic Touch

matte black hexagon tiles for rustic touch

Simple, versatile, and timeless – these qualities make matte black hexagon tiles a top choice for introducing a rustic touch to your bathroom. While being audacious, they balance out with muted designs, lending a polished antiquated aura.

1. Contrast: Matte black hexagon tiles create an intriguing contrast against natural elements like wood and stone, popular in rustic style.

2. Texture: Their non-glossy surface lends an earthy, tactile texture, enhancing the rustic appeal.

3. Versatility: Pair them with brass or aged bronze fixtures to bring out an old-world charm.

4. Warmth: Despite their dark hue, in the right setup, they can add warmth and invite relaxation.

5. Attention to Detail: The unusual shape of the hexagon brings intricate detailing into your rustic bathroom, giving a unique touch.

Remember, it’s about creating a cohesive rustic look – ensure every other design element supports and complements the bold choice of matte black hexagon tiles.

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Black Hexagon Tile Transition Into Another Tile Color

black hexagon tile transition into another tile color

Transitions in bathroom design can offer a striking visual interest, and using black hexagon tiles is no exception. Here’s how they can integrate smoothly with other tile colors:

1. Gradual Mix: Gradually introducing another color of hexagon tiles amidst the black ones can make a beautiful blend. Consider a mix of grey or white to maintain a monochrome theme, or add a punch of color with blues or reds.

2. Division Line: Create a bold division line where the black hexagon tiles end and the other color begins. This can be horizontal or vertical based on your bathroom layout.

3. Geometric Designs: Experiment by creating patterns or designs at the transition point. This could take the shape of a large hexagon, triangle, or any other geometric design.

4. Random Scatter: Randomly scatter the second color of tiles amongst the black hexagons for a less structured transition.

5. Full Wall Transition: Dedicate entire walls to different tile colors for a larger impact. One wall could be adorned with black hexagons, while the opposite wall showcases another color, offering contrast and depth.

Despite the method you choose, the key is to maintain a balance and harmony in the overall design. Too many transitions or contrasting colors may make the space look chaotic. Be sure to plan your design carefully and always visualize before implementing.

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Minimalist Bathroom With Black Hexagon Tiles

minimalist bathroom with black hexagon tiles

Minimalism thrives on simplicity and function – principles seamlessly adopted with the use of black hexagon tiles. With this choice, even with the smallest of spaces, elegance isn’t compromised.

A few ideas are:

  • Pair with white fixtures: A white tub or sink starkly contrast against the dark geometry, highlighting key areas.
  • Open shelving: Avoiding closet doors reduces visual clutter and complements the simplicity of the tiles.
  • Use daylight: Large windows or skylights not only make the room feel spacious but illuminate the bold black tiles.
  • Choose sleek tapware: Chrome finishes or matte black faucets enhance this modern aesthetic.
  • Clear glass shower: A transparent partition carries on the minimalist sensibility, making the black tiles visible and consistent.

Remember, less is more. Focusing on the essentials, each element contributes to an overall balance. Drew from functional design and strong visual contrast, a minimalist bathroom with black hexagonal tiles is a bold statement of sophistication and style.

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Hexagon Tiles On the Bathroom Vanity

hexagon tiles on the bathroom vanity

Opting for hexagon tiles on your vanity offers a unique way to incorporate this stylish pattern into your bathroom without covering a large surface area. The geometric design brings a modern touch, while the black color adds depth and sophistication.

Consider these points for your vanity transformation:

  • Complement the Pattern: Add a circular mirror or simplistic fixtures to accentuate the hexagonal pattern on the vanity.
  • Choice of Grout: Lighter grout can highlight the hexagonal shape, while dark grout provides a sleek, seamless look.
  • Balance with Color: Pairing the black tiles with a lighter countertop or wall color can help balance the overall design.
  • Finish Options: Glossy tiles reflect more light, making the space appear larger, while matte tiles offer a chic, understated elegance.

Implementing these ideas can help you showcase your personal style and elevate your bathroom aesthetic.

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Black Hexagon Tiles With Gold Accents

black hexagon tiles with gold accents

Introducing gold accents can elevate the sophisticated appeal of your bathroom even further. There are several innovative ways you can create this dazzling effect.

Try golden fixtures such as faucets, shower heads, or cabinet handles against a backdrop of black hexagon tiles for a sharp contrast. Alternatively, use gold grouting to outline the black tiles, presenting a chic and glamorous aesthetic.

For a subtler approach, accessories like gold-framed mirrors or metallic lighting fixtures can add that desired warmth without overwhelming the overall decor.

Lastly, if you fancy something more dramatic, consider a feature wall using hexagon tiles with gold accents interspersed throughout the black tiles for an eye-catching design statement.

Regardless of the technique used, the contrast between the stark black tiles and shiny gold accents creates a luxurious vibe, sure to impress.

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Offset Rows of Black Hexagon Tiles

offset rows of black hexagon tiles

Offset rows create a unique and engaging design. These tiles form an unconventional zigzag pattern, breaking up the monotony often associated with traditional straight lines.

This more whimsical arrangement can imbue your bathroom with a dynamic, modern aesthetic. After the rows have been set, step back and all eyes will be drawn to the mesmerizing pattern.

Plus, this layout offers you the opportunity to demonstrate some creativity with grout colors, contrasting or coordinating for added visual interest.

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Honeycomb Design With Black Hexagon Tiles

honeycomb design with black hexagon tiles

Embracing the honeycomb effect fully capitalizes on the unique shape of hexagonal tiles. The key here is to create a continuous, undisturbed flow that mimics a beehive. Whether on the floor or extending up the sides of your bath, this method breeds a unified and visually pleasing theme.

1. Consistency: The honeycomb design maintains a uniform flow across the entire surface, contributing to the neatness and unity.

2. Versatility: It’s an adaptable design, fitting into minimalistic homes, rustic spaces, or even eclectic decors with equal ease.

3. Spaciousness: The continuous patterning creates an illusion of a larger space, making it an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms.

4. Modern Aesthetics: Black hexagon tiles adapting a honeycomb pattern satisfy the trendiest of home decor desires, rendering an upscale modern look.

5. Practicality: The tiles are inherently slip-resistant, making bathroom floors safe without compromising style.

6. Customization: Working with a black palette allows you golden opportunities to introduce grout color variations or accent pieces to further personalise the space.

Remember, even though the tiles are inherently captivating, their effectiveness relies heavily on quality installation.

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