5 Essential Tools for Gardening at Home

Last updated on October 2, 2023

Gardening is a hobby for the ages, being a popular pastime for households for centuries. Indeed, the popularity of the horticulture hobby has grown significantly in the last two years, as people with more time to spend at home have discovered a passion for peonies. But for those new to the hobby, which tools are best to help with regular gardening tasks?

The following are some of the most essential tools for the hobby, to help you tackle your garden with confidence.

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Gardening Gloves

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Proper heavy-duty gardening gloves are an absolute must to purchase before you even think of getting started in your garden. Not only do branches and thorns pose a risk to your hands, but some plants can cause skin reactions – as can some chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Gloves will make working in the garden much less painful overall, and keep your hands scratch-free.

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Hand Trowel, Fork, and Secateurs

Handheld tools are your best friends when it comes to home gardening work. While larger tools and even power tools can come in handy, the vast majority of your work will involve tending to flowerbeds and individual plants, necessitating a more precise touch. A hand trowel and hand fork enable you to dig and till localized patches of soil, so you can plant or re-plant flora, or make weeding a breeze. Secateurs are also an important handheld tool, allowing you to target and prune specific shoots, twigs, or branches in bushes and hedges to control growth.

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With spending so much time on your knees tending to your flowerbeds, you’ll quickly find that the ground isn’t the most comfortable place to be. Your knees take most of the punishment, as the firm clod beneath the grass can cause sharp pains and longer-lasting nerve damage. Investing in a foam or cushioned kneeler can take a lot of the hard work out of kneeling, meaning you can focus for longer on the tasks at hand.

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Hedge Trimmer

While you might not be inclined to undertake the chopping down of large trees or construction of outdoor structures, power tools can actually help with more mundane gardening tasks. Cordless hedge trimmers are lightweight and enable you to trim back bushes from all angles without difficulty, making your job much easier and representing a valuable power tool for your gardening arsenal.

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Spade, Fork, and Hoe

Larger hand tools are indispensable for turning over empty flowerbeds, installing new flowerbeds, or planting and removing larger shrubs. A garden spade can help you shift large volumes of soil and compost, as well as transport large volumes of debris to your bins. The fork means you can turn over beds of soil, and uproot larger plants with relative ease, while the hoe is great for getting your soil plant-ready and removing small weeds.

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