How to Organize a Pantry with Deep Shelves

Last updated on July 13, 2024

Does your kitchen pantry have deep shelves? Is it a mess? Here’s how to easily organize it and use all that space efficiently.

We have a pantry with deep shelves in our kitchen. And it used to be a mess. You know how it is. You have all that space, and you’re happy about it – you can store so much stuff. But then layers of things add up and you no longer see or even know what’s that jar at the very back of the shelf.

It was when during a spring cleanup I’ve discovered a big jar of expired licorice candy (I love licorice) hidden behind other jars, pots, and pans. I’ve had enough of it. Deep shelves aren’t supposed to be messy – we can do better to use all that space in an organized way.

So here’s the plan.

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Cupboard Organizers

I don’t know why we’ve never used cupboard organizers before. They are brilliant. Especially when you have a lot of space in the shelves.

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Spice Rack

You need spice racks everywhere, and that includes the pantry. The shelf space is a great way to organize all the spice with a nice rack. The racks usually come in layered shelves, which makes accessing even several rows of spice containers easy.

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Pull-out Drawer Organizer

Adding pullout shelf racks to deep pantry is a great solution. It’s the only way to use all the horizontal and vertical space efficiently. It’s like drawers on steroids. Every pantry needs to have them. And they are just as easy to add.

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Lazy Susan

That name always gave me the giggles. Susan must have been really lazy to come up with it. Put in on a deep shelf, its ideal to store all kinds of jars and small containers. You just load it up with stuff, and turn it to access all containers easily. The ideal place for a Lazy Susan is in the corner.

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Cabinet Door Organizer

What if I told you there was a way to add even more storage space to your already spacious shelves? It’s the space that is almost never used – the cabinet doors. Get a rack to add to the inside of the doors. It can hold small containers and bagged products while using the dead space efficiently.

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Tupperware Organizer

We have loads of tupperware because it’s so useful. But organizing it is a nightmare. The lids get lost, the containers turn into a big pile, and it’s nearly impossible to find the right container when you need it. So a tupperware organizer is definitely a great addition to a deep shelf.

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Can Organizer

Cans can be a nuisance because there are so many of them. Finding the one you need becomes cumbersome as your stock increases. Use a can organizer (better yet a few of them) to sort the cans and have them handy whenever you need.

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Pantry Storage Bins

You need all kinds of them and make sure you label them. It’s the ideal solution to keep things sorted and keeping the pantry organized for a long time.

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Plastic Storage Bins

They are the cheapest and you can get as many of them as you need. Plastic bins are very easy to use. Choose clear plastic for most of your needs – seeing what’s inside help all the time. And you can easily label them too.

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Wire Storage Bins

Wire bins definitely look nicer. You can even get the rustic look if you’re going for it. They are ideal to store produce too.

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Stackable Bins

Stackable bins are more useful in high shelves where vertical space is available. But you can usually stack a couple of layers anyway. They can provide a nice alternative.

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Pantry Organization Tips

Once you’re fully equipped, here are the best tips I can offer you to organize your deep shelves:

  • Keep bulky and tall items at the back, bring small items to the front.
  • Group everything so every item has it’s designated place.
  • Use labels liberally.
  • Put all bagged bulk supplies into clear containers and jars. Don’t keep multiple bags of the same stuff.
  • Install LED lighting. Deep shelves usually are poorly lit as the light doesn’t travel well from the outside. So adding a strip of light can do wonders. And it makes the pantry look instantly gorgeous.
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DIY Pantry Shelves

Up for a DIY project? Adding more shelf space can do wonders to your pantry organization. Of course, it does require some woodworking skills, as well as power tools. But this Ana White’s video makes it look easy.

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