Moving from Edmonton to Calgary

Last updated on May 19, 2024

Calgary, located in the Canadian province of Alberta, is a thriving city that attracts people from all over the world. Edmonton, on the other hand, is the capital of Alberta, a bustling metropolis packed with amenities. The two cities are only 185 miles apart, so how different are they, and is it worth moving from Edmonton to Calgary?

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Opportunities for Work

Opportunities for Work

Calgary offers more white-collar positions than Edmonton, particularly in the oil and petroleum industries. Many of Canada’s large corporations have headquarters in Calgary, providing workers with a greater choice of employers. The economy of Calgary includes activity in various sectors such as energy, financial services, film and television, transportation, technology, manufacturing, health and wellness and tourism.

Calgary residents earn the highest wages in the Alberta province providing a higher standard of living. If your chosen career involves office-based work rather than manual skilled labour, then a move to Calgary could offer more opportunities.

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The Weather

Both of these cities experience cold winters, but the temperature in Calgary is noticeably warmer due to the unique Prairie-Steppe climate. As a result, Calgary enjoys lots of sunny days all year round making winters more bearable, and allowing people to spend time outdoors regardless of the season. With the spectacular Rocky Mountains an easy drive away, hiking and cycling can be enjoyed on beautiful clear, cold days.

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Supporting the Arts

Supporting the Arts

Calgary boasts a vibrant arts scene with a wide variety of theatres, music venues, art galleries and museums. For those who love culture, there is always a different exhibition, show, or concert to see each week. Parents can also keep their children entertained and educated during the weekends and school holidays.

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A Wild Night Life

While Edmonton is not short of restaurants, pubs and bars, Calgary has the upper hand when it comes to nightclubs. There’s a broad variety to pick from, with new clubs opening all the time to cater for changing cosmopolitan tastes and the influx of tourists. Country music dance halls, chic cocktail places and traditional clubs with resident DJs are all on offer with something for all tastes and preferences.

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The Country Music Scene

Calgary is known for its love of country music, and many high-profile bands and singers host sell-out concerts in the city. Ranchman’s is a famous honky tonk bar that features nightly live bands, dancing, and even a mechanical bull. The Calgary Stampede is a yearly country festival that runs for ten days and celebrates western music, rodeo, wagon racing, and food. Fans of country music will always be amongst friends in Calgary.

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The Takeaway

Setting up home in a different city is an exciting adventure. There are plenty of new things to discover, filling your days with fresh experiences. On the practical side, it’s essential to do your research before committing to a career move or long-term rental agreement.

Check out this useful advice to make sure that a move to Calgary is the right decision for you. Keep in mind, however, that you can always move back again if things don’t work out as planned.

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