How to Repurpose Your Old BBQ into a Herb Garden with Style

Last updated on January 5, 2023

I have been promis­ing for a while now to reveal my not so typ­i­cal herb gar­den. Here it is! Repur­pose your old bbq or fire pit into an herb gar­den. Not only is it prac­ti­cal, but it’s also got a kitschy vibe going on that makes a great con­ver­sa­tional piece. Every­one who sees them loves them!

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The How-to

  • be sure there are hole open­ings on the bot­tom for water drainage (they prob­a­bly already exist where you dumped the ashes out)
  • then add a shal­low layer of small rocks at the bottom
  • next, fill the bbq or fire pit with good pot­ting soil (it’s such a small area and makes a huge dif­fer­ence so splurge on some good stuff)
  • before plant­ing your herbs just set them on top of the soil so you can see what they will look like
  • remem­ber to place taller herb plants in the back and shorter, drapey ones in the front
  • you’re ready to dig and plant away
  • optional: add some organic fertilizer
  • water well
Repurposed BBQ
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  • add a self water­ing device such as a wine bot­tle plant nanny
  • hang your small gar­den­ing tools where the bbq uten­sils were hung/stored
  • store your organic fer­til­izer in an old cookie can (see photo)
  • place bbq or fire pit in a half sunny and half shade area
  • drink some refresh­ing San­gria while gardening
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