How Much Does a Shadow Box Frame Cost? [Solved]

Last updated on October 9, 2023

Shadow box frame prices can range anywhere between $15 – $25 per piece. However, it is important to note that shadow boxes are available to buy with art pieces, in which case they can cost well into $100s.

Size is one of the main things that influence the cost of a frame. A shadow box is basically a frame made out of wood that has been painted with acrylic paint. They come in all shapes and sizes but generally speaking they measure from 10×10” to up to 60×40” or more. They can hold anything up to 4 inches thick and usually weigh somewhere up to 10 pounds and 20 pounds.

If you’re looking to make one yourself, then expect to pay around $10 dollars for materials alone. You’ll also need some tools like a knife, sandpaper, wood glue, etc.

If you decide that you’d rather purchase pre-made shadow boxes instead of making one yourself, then there’s no doubt in my mind that they would not be cheaper than making one yourself. However, I’m sure that most people who do their own work prefer to save money where possible so as long as you don’t mind spending more time doing something else then why not try making your own shadow box!

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Things That Influence the Cost

shadow box cost

Generally speaking, the quality of materials influences the price of a new shadow box frame. If it’s made of MDF or plastic, it will cost less. But frames made of natural wood and quality paint will cost you more. The presence of display glass also increases the price.

So here’s what makes it more expensive:

  • Natural wood
  • Display glass
  •  LED lighting
  • Size and depth
  • Art items that come with it
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There are two main types of shadow boxes:

Acrylic Paint Shadow Boxes

These are the cheapest option available and normally consist of a wooden frame covered in white gloss varnish. These are great because they look really nice and last forever. There are lots of different designs available too including ones designed specifically for holding photographs.

Wood Shadow Boxes

These are slightly pricier than acrylics but still quite affordable. They tend to be a heavier duty and therefore stronger. Some even include glass inserts inside them.

You may find that certain companies offer both options together such as “Wooden Frames” or “Acrylic Frames”. In these cases, you get the best of both worlds.

Acrylic frames are cheaper than wooden ones.

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Where to Buy a Shadow Box Frame?

I’ve found that the easiest way to go about getting your own shadow box is to visit eBay. Here you can search through thousands of listings and pick out exactly what you want. Alternatively, you could always head over to Amazon and browse through hundreds of products. Once you know what kind of shadow box you want, simply click on the link below and start shopping!

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Doing Your Research Before Buying One

Before purchasing your first shadow box, take into consideration the following things: size and weight.

This is probably the biggest factor when choosing a shadow box. Make sure that you check the dimensions before placing your order. Most manufacturers list the width and height of each shadow box along with its weight. So once you know what size you require, you should be able to easily calculate how much it weighs.

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Design Options

When searching online, you might notice that there are several different design styles available. For example, if you wanted to buy a traditional style shadow box, then you will have plenty of choices. On the other hand, if you were after something modern, then you might struggle to find any suitable items.

The good news though is that many manufactures now sell customized shadow boxes. With this type of product, you can choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and images. It’s important to note however that although these are very popular, they aren’t cheap. You’ll need to pay extra for the privilege of having your chosen image printed onto the front of your new shadow box.

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What materials should I use for my shadow box?

If you’re looking at buying an acrylic paint shadow box, then you should definitely consider using wood. This is mainly due to the fact that acrylic paints fade over time whereas wood doesn’t. Another reason why we recommend using wood is that it looks nicer and feels better against the skin.

How thick should my shadow box be?

As mentioned above, the thickness of your shadow box depends entirely upon which material you decide to use. However, most people opt for around 1/4 inch thick.

Can I put anything else inside my shadow box besides photos?

Yes, absolutely. Many people like to add small trinkets or jewelry inside their shadow boxes. Others prefer to keep everything simple by just adding some pictures. Whatever floats your boat!

Do all shadow boxes come pre-painted?

Yes, there are many choices of colors and finishes of the shadow box frame.

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