What Sizes Do Shadow Box Frames Come In? [Solved]

Last updated on November 14, 2023

Fancy the idea of hanging a shadow box on a wall or put one on the shelf? What size are there available, and which is the right size for you? Read on!

Shadow boxes make a great way to display your favorite memorabilia and make a beautiful home decor conversation piece. They are available in many different sizes and styles, including standard, large, extra-large, customized. You can also choose from the following frame finishes colors.

The shadow box frame comes with an acrylic glass front that allows you to see through it for easy viewing of your items inside. The back has two adjustable shelves so you can easily store extra photos, mementos, etc.

While there’s no specific standard for shadow boxes (there’s a lot of leeway for measurements), we can categorize them into rough sizes: small, regular, large, extra-large.

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Small Size Shadow Boxes

small shadow box

These frames are commonly used to display a single small item (such as a coin, a medal, etc.) and their size can be as little as 10×10” or less. They are the cheapest to buy.

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Regular Size Shadow Boxes

regular shadow box

These are the most common type of shadow boxes sold today. Standard size shadow boxes measure approximately 36″ x 24″. If you’d rather keep your memories closer to hand, try choosing a smaller version instead.

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Large Size Shadow Boxes

This larger option measures about 48″ x 32″, allowing you to show off even bigger collections. While assembling such a massive frame might seem intimidating, rest assured that it takes only minutes to put together. Just follow the instructions carefully, and you won’t have any trouble completing the job.

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Extra Large Size Shadow Boxes

For those who love showing off their treasures, nothing beats an oversized shadow box. Extra-large shadow boxes measure up to 60 inches wide and 40 inches tall. They can hold almost anything, including furniture, paintings, sculptures, and jewelry. You could also use extra large shadow boxes to display family heirlooms or collectibles.

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How Shadow Boxes Work

A traditional shadow box is just a frame on a thicker board covered by glass on all sides. The front side has a piece of art mounted inside, which casts shadows onto the backside of the artwork when light shines through the glass. This creates a three-dimensional effect, making your collection look more attractive than if they sat flat against a wall.

The beauty of these boxes lies in their versatility; you don’t need any special skills to build one yourself. All you have to do is select a photo or other item to be displayed, then place it into the frame’s opening. Once everything is assembled, add some finishing touches like matting and hanging hardware.

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Why Choose s Shadow Box Over Other Frames?

There are several reasons why people prefer using a shadow box over other types of framed pictures. First off, there is no assembly required – once you’ve chosen what goes inside the frame, you’re done! It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Another benefit is that because the entire frame is made of wood, it will last longer than most picture frames. It usually has a linen board or foam backing board, making it easy to hang collectibles and small items.

And finally, since the glass covers both sides of the frame, you’ll never lose sight of your prized possession again.

If you want something unique but affordable, consider getting a custom-made shadow box instead of buying a preassembled model. Customized models allow you to pick precisely where each element should go, as well as how big each part needs to be. These options make them perfect for displaying anything from wedding albums to baby portraits.

If you already own a few pieces of memorabilia, you may not know what size shadow box would work best for them. To help figure things out, we recommend taking a close look at our guide below. We hope it helps you find the right-sized shadow box for your home decorating project.

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Shadow Box Accessories

You can choose between two main styles when designing your custom shadow box: traditional and contemporary. Traditional designs feature wooden panels covered by glass, while modern ones consist of solid wood. Both styles offer plenty of room for showcasing items, making them ideal choices if you plan to store lots of photos or artwork.

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Traditional Style Shadow Boxes

A traditional shadow box has a panel of wood covering the front and back of the frame. The top edge features decorative molding, which adds visual interest to the design. This style works great with photographs, art prints, and keepsakes like letters and mementos.

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Contemporary Style Shadow Boxes

A contemporary shadow box consists of one piece of wood on all four sides. There’s usually some trim around the edges, giving the appearance of a more refined finish. Contemporary shadow boxes tend to be less expensive than traditional versions, so they often showcase small objects like figurines and souvenirs.

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What do you put in a shadow box frame?

The contents of a shadow box depend entirely upon its intended purpose. For example, if you’re planning to hang pictures inside a shadow box, you’ll need to include enough space for the photo mats. However, if you intend to place other types of memorabilia into a shadow box, there will likely be no limits on the amount of material you add.

How deep is a shadow box frame?

A standard depth of a shadow box frame is 3/4 inch. It should fit snugly against the wall without leaving much room for air circulation.

Do I need a shadow box frame? Why?

Yes! Even though shadow boxes aren’t as popular these days, many people still prefer using this method of displaying precious possessions. Shadow boxes were originally designed to protect valuable documents from damage caused by moisture.

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