15 Textured Top Ideas: Hairstyles and Techniques

Last updated on April 21, 2024

Dive into the world of textured tops because it’s a trend that eloquently combines simplicity with high fashion, offering countless styling possibilities.

I’ve designed these ideas myself, so some of them might be a bit exaggerated for effect. Enjoy!

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High Top With Layered Textures

A High Top with Layered Textures offers a dynamic depth, with each layer adding a distinct visual element to the hairstyle.

The technique integrates various lengths and cuts, producing a modern twist on the classic high top silhouette.

This style is perfect for those seeking to add volume and edge to their look without sacrificing cleanliness and sharpness.

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Angular Textured Pompadour

angular textured pompadour

Enhance your silhouette with sharp edges and geometric lines that define the angular pompadour.

The juxtaposition of sleek sides and voluminous, textured heights injects a contemporary twist into this classic style.

It exudes confidence and pairs perfectly with a well-tailored suit or casual leather jacket.

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Foliage Style Textured Top

foliage style textured top

Embrace a naturalistic approach with the Foliage Style, where hair mimics the organic patterns of leaves and branches. This look capitalizes on varied lengths and tones to create a dynamic, earthy aesthetic. Ideal for those seeking a connection to nature through their style, it offers a refreshing divergence from traditional haircuts.

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Unruly Waves With Undercut

unruly waves with undercut

An undercut paired with untamed waves offers a stark contrast that accentuates a carefree, edgy aesthetic. This combination strikes an ideal balance between meticulous grooming and natural hair movement.

Ideal for those seeking a hairstyle that merges a bold statement with minimal upkeep.

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Tousled Texture for Middle-Length Hair

tousled texture for middle length hair

Middle-length hair gains movement and interest with a tousled texture, perfect for a casual yet stylish look.

The deliberate disheveled effect adds volume and an edge to an otherwise simple haircut.

This look suits various occasions, easily transitioning from day to night wear.

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Textured Top With Parted Sides

textured top with parted sides

A textured top with parted sides combines contrasting volumes, featuring a sleek, combed partition that accentuates the tousled layers above.

This versatile style works well for both casual and formal occasions, offering a modern twist on the classic side-part hairstyle.

The added texture on top gives the hair a lively appearance, while the neatly parted sides keep the overall look polished.

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Textured Backcombed Elegance

textured backcombed elegance

Elevate the classic volume with strategic backcombing at the roots, giving hair a polished, voluminous silhouette. This style exudes sophistication, seamlessly transitioning from business day to evening gala.

It pairs perfectly with sleek tailoring to enhance the overall aura of refined elegance.

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Shaggy Textured Undercut

shaggy textured undercut

The shaggy textured undercut combines a sleek, closely cropped back and sides with a contrastingly voluminous top layer, creating a modern juxtaposition.

This style adds a carefree and edgy vibe, perfect for a casual yet trend-forward look.

It plays with different lengths, emphasizing movement and dimension in the hair.

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Frosted Tips With Texture

frosted tips with texture

Inject a playful twist to your textured hairstyle by incorporating frosted tips, lending a sun-kissed effect that highlights the dimension of your layers.

The contrast of the tips not only catches the eye but also accentuates the depth and volume of the textured cut.

This style is perfect for those looking to add a hint of edginess to their look without overwhelming their overall aesthetic.

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Grungy Textured Top With a Fade

Embrace an edgy aesthetic with a grungy textured top that seamlessly transitions into a sharp fade on the sides.

The contrast between the tousled, volume-packed strands above and the clean lines of the fade creates a modern, rebellious look.

Ideal for those wanting to make a statement, this style offers the perfect blend of untamed spirit and refined precision.

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Wind-Swept Textured Crop

wind swept textured crop

The Wind-Swept Textured Crop merges the effortless charm of a casual windswept look with a structured cropped haircut.

This style adds dynamic movement to the hair, giving the impression of a breezy, carefree aura.

It suits various face shapes and is particularly ideal for a modern, low-maintenance yet fashionable aesthetic.

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Asymmetrical Textured Fringe

asymmetrical textured fringe

An asymmetrical textured fringe offers a modern twist on classic bangs, creating a dynamic and edgy look. This style adds volume and dimension to the hair, allowing for a playfully uneven silhouette that frames the face uniquely.

Perfect for those looking to make a statement, it strikes a balance between sophistication and bold, contemporary aesthetics.

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Versatile Textured Comb Over

versatile textured comb over

A versatile textured comb-over offers a polished look with a modern twist, perfect for various occasions.

The added texture provides depth and character, moving away from the traditional sleek style.

This contemporary take easily adapts to both formal and casual settings, demonstrating flexibility in styling.

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Ombre Textured Quiff

ombre textured quiff

The ombre textured quiff offers a dramatic color transition that highlights the voluminous top, combining a playful edge with classic styling.

The gradient effect in the hair adds depth to the quiff, making the texture more prominent and visually striking.

It’s a bold choice that suits those looking to make a fashion-forward statement with their hair.

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Side Swept Textured Bangs

side swept textured bangs

Side swept textured bangs add a dynamic angle to your hairstyle, framing the face with a soft yet edgy allure.

This styling choice works well to emphasize the eyes and cheekbones, offering a modern twist to traditional bangs.

It suits various hair types, providing versatility while maintaining a sophisticated, voluminous look.

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