15 Top Burst Fade Mullet Styles: Inspiring Ideas for Your New Look

Last updated on February 22, 2024

Dive into this curated list because it explores the burst fade mullet, a cool hairstyle that’s making a comeback, blending modern edge with vintage flair seamlessly.

I’ve designed these ideas myself, so some of them might be a bit exaggerated for effect. Enjoy!

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Textured Burst Fade Mullet

textured burst fade mullet

This style emphasizes a tousled top that seamlessly transitions into a burst fade at the sides, adding a modern twist to the classic mullet look.

The added texture on top creates a dynamic appearance that’s both edgy and stylish.

Perfect for those looking to combine the raw edge of a mullet with the polished finish of a fade.

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Burst Fade Mullet With Clean Side Part

burst fade mullet with clean side part

The cleanly shaved side part accentuates the burst fade’s transition, adding a touch of modern sophistication to the classic mullet silhouette.

This version stands out with its crisp demarcation, offering a bold yet refined edge to the haircut.

Ideal for those seeking a blend of retro charm and contemporary style, it maintains a professional look with an adventurous twist.

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Burst Fade Mullet With Voluminous Top

burst fade mullet with voluminous top

The voluminous top of this hairstyle adds a modern twist to the classic mullet, offering extra height and texture. It creates a striking contrast with the streamlined burst fade at the sides, perfect for those looking to make a bold statement.

This style works well with thicker hair types that can hold volume, resulting in a dynamic and edgy aesthetic.

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Graphic Design Burst Fade Mullet

graphic design burst fade mullet

Incorporating graphic designs into a burst fade mullet elevates this edgy hairstyle to a show-stopping work of art. Daring patterns are etched into the faded sides, creating a bold statement that pairs seamlessly with the mullet’s business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back philosophy.

Ideal for individuals looking to express their unique style, the graphic elements can be customized to reflect personal interests or aesthetic preferences.

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Burst Fade Mullet With Sharp Line-up

burst fade mullet with sharp line up

Incorporating a precise line-up transforms the classic burst fade mullet into a more contemporary and edgy hairstyle. The sharp, geometric lines around the forehead and temples highlight facial features and add a clean, polished edge.

This particular style contrasts the mullet’s laid-back vibe with a structured, modern touch that makes it suitable for both casual and formal settings.

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Burst Fade Mullet With Undercut

burst fade mullet with undercut

A sharp contrast is achieved by pairing the laid-back mullet with a modern undercut, creating a striking profile.

The clean-shaven sides serve to accentuate the volume and flow of the longer hair on top and at the back.

This hybrid style blends edginess and retro vibes, making it a bold statement piece for any fashion-forward individual.

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Pomp-style Burst Fade Mullet

pomp style burst fade mullet

Marrying retro flair with modern edge, the pomp-style burst fade mullet showcases a voluminous pompadour at the front that gradually tapers into a neat burst fade on the sides. The contrast is heightened as this transitions into the traditional mullet tail at the back, adding a touch of classic rebellion. This style makes a statement with its blend of sophistication and rockstar attitude, perfect for those looking to stand out in a crowd.

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Burst Fade Mullet With Long Disheveled Bangs

burst fade mullet with long disheveled bangs

This style boasts an edgy contrast with its impeccably faded sides and tousled bangs that cascade over the forehead.

The deliberate disarray of the bangs adds a touch of rebellious charm to the traditional mullet silhouette.

Perfect for those seeking a rocker-chic vibe, it lends an air of casual nonchalance.

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Burst Fade Mullet With Waves

burst fade mullet with waves

Enhance the classic mullet by incorporating a burst fade that transitions seamlessly into delicate waves. This style adds texture and movement, making it a modern twist on the traditional look. It’s perfect for those seeking a balance between edgy and sophisticated.

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High-top Burst Fade Mullet

high top burst fade mullet

The high-top incorporates a flat-top or boxy upper region, giving a modern twist to the classic mullet silhouette. By blending the sides into a burst fade, this style emphasizes the delineation between the volumized top and the tapered nape area.

It suits those looking for a bold statement haircut that marries height and structure with the mullet’s signature flow.

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Burst Fade Mullet With Bold Hard Part

burst fade mullet with bold hard part

Embrace a tailored edge by incorporating a bold hard part into the burst fade mullet, creating a striking contrast.

This razor-sharp detail carves a clean visual line from the forehead to the crown, crafting a modern twist on the classic mullet silhouette.

Ideal for making a statement, this style pairs well with structured wardrobes for a polished, contemporary aesthetic.

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Platinum Blonde Burst Fade Mullet

platinum blonde burst fade mullet

Embrace a daring and eye-catching contrast by pairing the edgy burst fade with a bold platinum blonde color.

This dynamic look adds an extra dimension of avant-garde style to the classic mullet silhouette.

The striking blonde shade enhances the visual impact of the fade, making this hairstyle a statement piece for those looking to stand out.

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Burst Fade Mullet With High-shine Finish

burst fade mullet with high shine finish

Sport a sleek look with the high-shine finish, adding a modern twist to the classic mullet. The added luster highlights the contrast between the carefully faded sides and the voluminous hair on top. To achieve this glossy effect, styling products like pomades or hair oils are essential, complementing the texture of the burst fade.

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Burst Fade Mullet With Extended Back

burst fade mullet with extended back

Envision a cascade of longer strands that flow down the nape, adding a bold statement to the classic mullet silhouette.

This variation maintains the traditional burst fade around the ears, creating a seamless transition from the pronounced top to the elongated back.

Ideal for those seeking a retro vibe with a modern twist, this style offers both edge and a nod to the ’80s aesthetic.

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Burst Fade Mullet With Choppy Layers

burst fade mullet with choppy layers

For a dynamic twist on the classic, incorporate choppy layers throughout the mullet to add texture and movement.

The contrasting lengths, paired with a well-blended burst fade, create a modern edge that’s both daring and wearable.

This look is ideal for those seeking a balance between retro flair and contemporary style.

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