15 Burst Taper Ideas: Comprehensive Guide on Variety of Burst Taper Fade Haircut Styles

Last updated on March 22, 2024

Explore the wide array of burst taper fade haircut styles because they offer an adventurous twist to traditional haircuts and impart a distinctive edge to your overall appearance.

I’ve designed these ideas myself, so some of them might be a bit exaggerated for effect. Enjoy!

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#26: Burst Fade With a Sharp Side Part

26 burst fade with a sharp side part

Elevate the classic burst fade with a precise side part, adding a polished element to this edgy cut. The sharp demarcation line distinguishes the voluminous top from the gracefully tapered sides, achieving a contrast that’s both modern and sophisticated.

It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a statement hairstyle that balances neat lines with a touch of flair.

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#27: The Freestyle Burst Fade Design

27 the freestyle burst fade design

The Freestyle Burst Fade offers a unique touch, allowing for creative expression through personalized patterns shaved around the ear and back of the head. Its versatility stands out, accommodating various hair textures and lengths while making a bold statement.

This style encourages individual flair, with options ranging from subtle etched lines to intricate geometric shapes for a distinctive edge.

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#28: Burst Fade With Extended Sideburns

28 burst fade with extended sideburns

Enhancing the face’s frame, the extended sideburns transition smoothly into the burst taper, offering a unique variation on the classic style. This look adds a retro touch, reminiscent of the rockabilly era, while keeping modern-day edginess. Perfect for those seeking to combine a bold hair statement with a hint of vintage charm.

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#29: Comb Over With Burst Taper Fade

29 comb over with burst taper fade

Accentuate the sophistication of a classic comb-over by incorporating a burst taper fade for a modern edge.

The contrasts between the neatly combed top and the faded sides bring a dynamic visual appeal.

It’s a versatile style that suits various occasions, exuding both professionalism and trendiness.

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#30: Pompadour With Taper Burst Fade

30 pompadour with taper burst fade

Embrace a classic with a twist; the voluminous pompadour gets a modern update via a taper burst fade that contours around the ears.

The juxtaposition of the retro height on top and the precise fade creates a dapper, yet edgy look.

Ideal for those seeking a hairstyle that marries old-school charm with contemporary sharpness.

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#31: Burst Fade With Hard Line Comb Over

31 burst fade with hard line comb over

Accentuate your comb over with a distinctive hard line for a modern twist. The burst fade adds a dynamic edge to the classic style, creating a seamless transition from the temples to the nape. It’s a bold choice that pairs well with a tailored wardrobe for a sharp, sophisticated look.

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#32: High Volume Pomp With Burst Fade

32 high volume pomp with burst fade

Elevate your style with a voluminous pompadour that seamlessly transitions into a burst fade, showcasing a blend of classic and modern aesthetics.

The sides feature a gradient effect that accentuates the drama of the high-rise top.

This hairstyle is a statement piece, perfect for those looking to add height and structure to their look.

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#33: Burst Fade With Dreadlock Top

33 burst fade with dreadlock top

Amplify the contrast between precise fades and voluminous locks with the burst fade coupled with a dreadlock top.

This style marries the clean lines of a taper fade at the ear line while allowing dreadlocks to spill over the crown for a bold statement.

Perfect for those looking to blend traditional barbering with modern, textured hair art.

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#34: Burst Fade With Sculpted Waves

34 burst fade with sculpted waves

This style accentuates the hair’s natural texture, forming waves that seamlessly transition into the taper fade.

Artful sculpting enhances the wave patterns, creating a dynamic contrast with the precisely faded sides.

It’s an eye-catching choice for those wanting to showcase the movement and depth of their hair.

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#35: Burst Fade With Angled Line Design

35 burst fade with angled line design

The angled line design adds a geometric twist to the classic burst fade, creating a bold and structured look that draws attention.

It achieves a balance of edgy sophistication with its precise, clean lines that taper into the natural curvature around the ears.

This style works exceptionally well for individuals seeking a haircut that’s modern and statement-making.

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#36: Burst Fade With Textured Top and Side Design

36 burst fade with textured top and side design

Elevate the classic burst fade by incorporating a creative side design, adding an artistic touch that frames the face. The textured top offers a modern and dynamic contrast, spotlighting the volume and shape of the hair.

This style blends the edginess of graphic elements with the traditional silhouette of a burst fade for a unique, personalized look.

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#37: High Top Burst Fade With Thick Beard

37 high top burst fade with thick beard

The high top hairstyle creates a striking contrast with the precision of the burst fade, accentuating the volume and height of the hair. A well-groomed, thick beard complements this dynamic duo, offering balance and a touch of rugged sophistication.

The overall look is a harmonious blend of edgy urbanity and classic masculinity, perfect for those seeking to make a bold statement.

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#38: Burst Fade With Disconnected Undercut

38 burst fade with disconnected undercut

The bold contrast between the burst fade and the sharp disconnection of the undercut gives this style a modern edge. It’s perfect for those seeking to combine the classic appeal of an undercut with the flow of a fade.

This look stands out with its distinctly carved separation, offering a striking profile and back view.

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#39: Slicked Back Burst Taper

39 slicked back burst taper

The Slicked Back Burst Taper combines the elegance of sleek, combed-back hair with the edgy gradient of a burst fade around the ears. This style creates a polished look that transitions smoothly into a more casual, tapered neckline, providing a modern twist on a classic hairdo.

Ideal for those wanting a sophisticated, yet trendy appearance that stands out in professional and social settings.

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#40: Burst Fade With Twisted Strands

40 burst fade with twisted strands

This style combines the edginess of a burst fade with the textured look of twisted hair strands on top. It creates a striking contrast between the cleanly faded sides and the voluminous, coiled hair above. Ideal for those who want to showcase their curls while keeping a neat, tapered appearance around the ears and neckline.

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