15 Burst Fade Slick Back Ideas: Your How-to Guide on Styling a Unique Haircut

Last updated on May 14, 2024

Explore the transformative power of a burst fade slick back haircut because it combines the audacity of a fade with the classic smoothness of a slick back.

I’ve designed these ideas myself, so some of them might be a bit exaggerated for effect. Enjoy!

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Rebel Artist: Burst Fade With a Slick Back

rebel artist burst fade with a slick back

Embrace the edginess with a burst fade that seamlessly transitions into a smooth slick back, tailor-made for the modern maverick.

This audacious hairstyle combines tight fades around the ear line that burst out to meet a refined, slicked-back top.

It crafts the perfect balance between polished suave and creative flair, setting a bold statement in any artistic sphere.

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Gentleman’s Remarks: Classic Burst Fade

gentlemans remarks classic burst fade

Embodying timeless elegance, the classic burst fade offers a sharp transition from a neatly tapered temple to a well-groomed slick back, perfect for formal occasions.

This variant maintains a professional look while introducing a modern twist to traditional suaveness.

The seamless blend from skin to slick serves as a cornerstone for the sophisticated man seeking a polished yet edgy hairstyle.

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The Wave Rider: Wavy Burst Fade Slick Back

the wave rider wavy burst fade slick back

Enhance natural waves by integrating them into the slicked-back style, accentuated with a burst fade that adds edge.

The contrast between the textured waves on top and the precise fade creates a dynamic, oceanic motion effect.

Perfect for adding a touch of audacity to a classic look, it’s a style that’s both bold and effortlessly cool.

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The Ice Breaker: Long Hair Burst Fade Slick Back

the ice breaker long hair burst fade slick back

Embrace the bold fusion of lengthy locks elegantly swept back to merge with a tapered burst fade, achieving a contrasting yet seamless transition.

This style caters to those aiming for a statement look that combines volume and refined edginess, keeping the hair manageable and modern.

Perfect for both professional settings and casual outings, it offers versatility and a touch of sophistication to your natural hair flow.

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The Corporate Climber: Business Burst Fade

the corporate climber business burst fade

Perfect for the boardroom, the Business Burst Fade offers a polished look with its subtle fade blending seamlessly into a neat slick back. This hairstyle maintains a professional edge while adding a modern twist that stands out in a corporate setting. It strikes the right balance between trend-awareness and executive sophistication, ensuring a confident impression during every business engagement.

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The Dapper Illusionist: High Burst Fade

the dapper illusionist high burst fade

Exude elegance with a dramatic contrast between the tightly faded sides and the voluminous slicked-back top. This bold style contours the head, enhancing the sleekness of the slick back while the high burst fade adds a modern twist.

Perfect for those aiming to make a suave statement, it’s sophistication with an edge.

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The Street Swagger: Low Burst Fade

the street swagger low burst fade

A low burst fade transitions subtly around the ear level, creating a soft yet defined perimeter. This style offers a relaxed, streetwise edge to the slick back, ideal for those who wish to blend urban cool with polished ease.

It’s a versatile choice that works seamlessly, whether you’re sporting a suit or a casual tee.

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The Silhouette Master: Burst Fade Mohawk

the silhouette master burst fade mohawk

Embrace the edge with a sharp burst fade that transitions seamlessly into a striking mohawk. This daring combo amplifies the mohawk’s rebellious spirit while the fade adds a polished, modern twist.

Ideal for those looking to make a statement, it contours the head and accentuates the mohawk’s silhouette for added visual impact.

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The Rebel Classic: Burst Fade Mullet Slick Back

the rebel classic burst fade mullet slick back

A bold twist on traditional styles, this look combines the edginess of a mullet with the clean finish of a slick back.

The burst fade accentuates the transition, offering a modern touch to the rebellious spirit of the ’80s.

It’s a statement hairstyle that speaks to individuality and a fearless approach to fashion.

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The Texture Tuner: Burst Fade With Straight Hair

the texture tuner burst fade with straight hair

Pairing a burst fade with straight hair elevates the sleekness of the style, creating a striking contrast between the precise fades and the smooth back. This combination allows for a polished look that is both edgy and manageable, making it a go-to for those seeking a sharp, contemporary edge.

The straight strands seamlessly blend into the fade, offering a texture that’s both uniform and visually appealing.

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The Versatile Voyager: Burst Fade On Curly Hair

the versatile voyager burst fade on curly hair

Accentuating natural curls, the burst fade provides a stark contrast with its precise gradient, enhancing the hair’s volume and texture.

This style balances boldness and sophistication, perfect for those looking to showcase their curly locks with a modern twist.

Its versatility shines in both casual and formal settings, making it an adaptable choice for curly-haired individuals.

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The Grunge Hero: Burst Fade With Long Hair

the grunge hero burst fade with long hair

Pairing the edgy burst fade with longer tresses creates a distinctive contrast that’s emblematic of grunge aesthetics.

This style allows for a tousled, carefree look on top while maintaining a clean, tapered appearance around the ears and neckline.

It’s a perfect blend of disheveled charm and modern sharpness for those wanting to channel their inner rockstar.

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The Wanderer’s Whisper: Burst Fade Buzz Cut

the wanderers whisper burst fade buzz cut

The Wanderer’s Whisper combines the edginess of a burst fade with the low-maintenance appeal of a buzz cut. This style offers a clean, sharp silhouette that’s perfect for those who embrace a minimalist yet modern aesthetic.

It adapts effortlessly to various lifestyles, from the nomadic adventurer to the urban commuter.

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The Retro Racer: Burst Fade Comb Over

the retro racer burst fade comb over

Channel the charm of a bygone era with the sleekness of the comb-over paired with a modern burst fade silhouette on the sides.

This hybrid haircut offers a dash of vintage appeal while maintaining a contemporary edge with its blended gradients.

Perfect for the individual looking to combine a touch of classic style with the boldness of today’s trends.

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The Urban Diver: Burst Fade With Middle Part

the urban diver burst fade with middle part

Incorporate a sharp middle part to frame the face and balance the edginess of the burst fade. This style merges the structure of a classic cut with the modernity of faded sides. Ideal for making a fashion-forward statement while maintaining an air of professionalism.

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