15 Top Kids Mohawk Fade Ideas for Trendy Looks

Last updated on May 11, 2024

Explore these top kids’ Mohawk fade ideas because they blend classic haircuts with modern charm, ensuring your child stands out in style.

I’ve designed these ideas myself, so some of them might be a bit exaggerated for effect. Enjoy!

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#1: Feathered Mohawk for Young Girls

1 feathered mohawk for young girls

The feathered mohawk strikes a balance between rebellion and delicacy, perfect for young girls seeking a stylish edge without compromising on cuteness.

Soft layers are intricately cut to create a textured look that’s both dynamic and playful.

It’s a versatile style that can be dressed up with hair accessories or left natural for a fun, everyday look.

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#2: Temp Fade Mohawk With Shaved Designs

2 temp fade mohawk with shaved designs

A temp fade mohawk with shaved designs combines a sleek, gradual fade at the temples with an expressive, etched pattern on the sides. This style allows kids to showcase their personality and creativity through custom designs ranging from geometric shapes to favorite symbols.

Maintenance for this haircut is moderate, requiring regular trims to keep the design crisp and the mohawk defined.

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#3: Edgy Look With Mohawk and Front Bangs

3 edgy look with mohawk and front bangs

This style combines the rebellious nature of a Mohawk with the softness of front bangs to create contrast.

Suitable for kids who want a standout haircut without being too extreme, it offers a modern twist on classic punk.

The front bangs frame the face, adding a touch of sophistication to the boldness of the shaved sides.

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#4: Undercut Mohawk With Vivid Hair Color

4 undercut mohawk with vivid hair color

The undercut mohawk stands out with a shock of vivid color, making for a bold statement.

It combines the classic mohawk silhouette with a modern twist, thanks to striking hues like electric blue or fiery red.

This style is perfect for kids who want to express their individuality and love to stand out in a crowd.

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#5: Long Wavy Mohawk for Soft Appeal

5 long wavy mohawk for soft appeal

This hairstyle softens the traditional mohawk silhouette with long, flowing waves, adding feminine charm to the edgy cut.

Maintaining length on top allows for versatile styling, whether left loose for casual days or pinned up for formal occasions.

The fade on the sides keeps the look modern and clean, emphasizing the volume and texture of the wavy locks.

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#6: Punk Rock Mohawk for Pre-Teens

6 punk rock mohawk for pre teens

Inject a dose of boldness with the punk rock mohawk, tailored perfectly for pre-teens seeking a strong style statement.

This daring cut features traditionally spiked layers that stand tall, complemented by clean-shaven sides to emphasize the rebellious silhouette.

Dynamic in its expression, it allows for personalization with temporary hair colors or patterns shaved into the sides for an extra touch of individuality.

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#7: Taper Fade Mohawk for Easy Styling

7 taper fade mohawk for easy styling

The Taper Fade Mohawk merges seamlessly into shorter lengths at the sides, emphasizing the volume on top while remaining neat and manageable.

This style offers a modern twist to the classic Mohawk, catering to parents looking for a low-maintenance yet trendy haircut for their kids.

Its versatility suits various hair types and is perfect for active children, ensuring their look stays fresh between haircuts.

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#8: Spiked Mohawk With Neon Highlights

8 spiked mohawk with neon highlights

Add a pop of color to your child’s spikes with vibrant neon highlights that stand out against their natural hair color. This punk-inspired style is perfect for kids who want to express their personality in a bold way.

The contrast between the sharp spikes and the bright streaks creates a fun, eye-catching look ideal for making a statement.

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#9: Toddler’s Mohawk With Twisted Pigtails

9 toddlers mohawk with twisted pigtails

Ideal for the little ones, this hairstyle combines the playful nature of pigtails with the edge of a mohawk, creating a statement that’s both cute and daring.

Twisted sections emanating from the center bring a creative twist to the traditional mohawk silhouette.

It’s a fun and charming look that maintains a sense of childhood innocence while embracing a touch of modern style.

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#10: High Fade Mohawk With Artistic Top

10 high fade mohawk with artistic top

A high fade Mohawk with an artistic top combines sharp lines below with creative flair above. Intricate patterns shaved into the sides add a personalized touch.

The distinctive top, which can feature anything from peaks to a flattened crest, showcases your child’s unique personality.

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#11: Buzzed Sides With Puffy Top Mohawk

11 buzzed sides with puffy top mohawk

This playful take on the classic mohawk features closely trimmed sides that emphasize the volume and texture of a fuller, puffy top. It gives an airy lightness to the style, ideal for kids with thicker hair looking to stand out with a bold yet manageable cut.

The contrast between the buzzed sides and the prominent top offers a modern twist, perfect for the young fashion enthusiast.

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#12: Straight Hair Mohawk With Swooped Front

12 straight hair mohawk with swooped front

For kids with naturally straight hair, the swooped front adds a dynamic twist to the classic mohawk look.

The contrast of the sleek sides gradually leads up to a voluminous swoop, creating a polished yet edgy style.

This variant maintains a structured appearance while incorporating a playful element suitable for kids.

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#13: Classy Gentleman Mohawk With Side Part

13 classy gentleman mohawk with side part

The Classy Gentleman Mohawk melds traditional sophistication with a modern edge, perfect for young boys stepping into style.

A precise side part adds structure to the look, emphasizing its clean lines and balanced proportions.

This style offers a neat yet bold statement that maintains an air of formality while embracing a youthful twist.

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#14: Choppy Layers Mohawk for Textured Look

14 choppy layers mohawk for textured look

Choppy layers add dimension and an edgy vibe to a traditional mohawk, creating a dynamic and textured appearance. This style works well for kids with thick hair, providing both movement and a fun, modern look.

It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a bold haircut that stands out on the playground.

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#15: Mohawk With Curly Ends for Volume+

15 mohawk with curly ends for volume

Adding curls to the tips of a mohawk brings a playful twist to an otherwise edgy style, introducing extra volume and movement. This style juxtaposes the traditional spikey mohawk with the softness of curls, making it a more versatile option for different occasions.

It suits those looking for a statement hairstyle that retains a touch of classic charm.

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