15 Taper Fade White Male Ideas: Stylish Hairstyle Guide for White Men

Last updated on May 21, 2024

Explore an array of stylish and modern taper fade hairstyles for white men because the right cut can make all the difference in your appearance and self-confidence.

I’ve designed these ideas myself, so some of them might be a bit exaggerated for effect. Enjoy!

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Nordic Taper Fade With Side Swept Hair

nordic taper fade with side swept hair

Embrace the allure of Scandinavian style with a subtle taper fade that seamlessly merges into a textured side sweep. This look complements sharp features and offers a versatile appeal that transitions effortlessly from office to outdoors. Ideal for those wanting a low-maintenance yet fashionable haircut that resonates with cool, northern elegance.

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Southern Gentleman Low Bald Fade With Well-Groomed Beard

southern gentleman low bald fade with well groomed beard

Embrace a classic blend of sophistication and rugged charm with a low bald fade that transitions seamlessly into a neatly trimmed beard. This style speaks to a seamless balance between meticulous grooming and natural masculinity, perfect for the man who values a polished appearance without appearing overly styled.

It’s a versatile look that’s equally at home in the boardroom or at a weekend barbecue, reflecting a refined yet approachable demeanor.

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Modern Cowboy Mid-Fade With Pushed Back Hair

modern cowboy mid fade with pushed back hair

The Modern Cowboy look captures a rugged yet polished aesthetic, perfect for those aiming to blend traditional masculinity with contemporary style.

A mid-fade grounds the look firmly in the present, while the pushed back hair offers a nod to timeless, classic cowboy charm.

This style works well with thicker hair types that can be styled back to hold the push-back throughout the day.

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Surfer’s Taper Fade With Loose Curls

surfers taper fade with loose curls

Capture the essence of the beach with a low-maintenance fade that blends seamlessly into natural curls, giving a laid-back yet polished vibe.

The slightly tousled top provides a relaxed, carefree look perfect for those who love a surfer’s easy-going style.

This hairstyle works well with salt sprays for texture and exudes a sense of sun-soaked adventure.

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Hipster’s High Skin Fade With Slick Back

hipsters high skin fade with slick back

The high skin fade begins with a striking contrast near the top, catering to the bold edge hipsters often seek.

The slick back offers easy maintenance and a classic touch to balance the modern undercut.

This particular cut embodies a trendy appeal, perfect for those who embrace contemporary styles with a nod to vintage looks.

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Ivy League Taper Fade With Side Part

ivy league taper fade with side part

The Ivy League cut exudes a polished appearance with its neatly side-parted top complemented by a classic taper fade. This style offers a blend of professionalism and approachability, perfect for both office settings and casual outings.

Its low maintenance and timeless appeal make it a go-to choice for those seeking a refined yet effortless look.

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College Boy Buzz Cut With Low Taper Fade

college boy buzz cut with low taper fade

This hairstyle combines the no-fuss appeal of a buzz cut with the subtlety of a low taper fade, achieving both comfort and class.

It’s an ideal match for the busy student life, offering a low-maintenance look that still catches the eye.

The gentle gradation along the sides gives this classic cut a modern edge without demanding daily styling.

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Grunge Style Mid Skin Fade With Long Top

grunge style mid skin fade with long top

Channel your inner rocker with a mid skin fade that blends seamlessly into a tousled, long top, perfect for that carefree, grunge aesthetic.

This style offers contrast by pairing the sharpness of the fade with the wildness of length on top.

It’s an ideal choice for white males seeking a low-maintenance yet edgy look to reflect a rebellious spirit.

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Californian Fade With Long Wavy Top

californian fade with long wavy top

Embrace the laid-back vibes of the West Coast with this hairstyle that combines a relaxed fade at the sides and back, allowing the focus to drift towards the textured waves on top. Perfect for those with natural curls or waves, it exudes an effortless cool suitable for both the beach and the boardroom.

Maintenance is minimal, with the look requiring just a tousle and a touch of product to keep those waves looking casually defined.

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Executive Cut – Medium Taper Fade With Side Part

executive cut medium taper fade with side part

The Executive Cut offers a polished appearance, blending a medium taper fade for a sharp transition with a classic side part to exude professionalism.

Versatility is its hallmark, easily transitioning from the boardroom to social settings with its clean lines and timeless style.

It’s a low-maintenance choice that maintains a distinguished look throughout the day.

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Brooklyn Fade – High Skin Fade With Fohawk

brooklyn fade high skin fade with fohawk

Embrace urban edginess with the Brooklyn Fade, which features a sharp high skin fade that transitions into a daring Fohawk.

This cut makes a bold statement, offering a perfect blend of street style sophistication and rebellious flair.

It’s an ideal choice for those looking to stand out in the cityscape with a hairstyle that’s as dynamic as the fast-paced city life.

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Mountain Man – Taper Fade With Long Beard

mountain man taper fade with long beard

Embrace a rugged yet polished appearance with a taper fade that complements a full, untamed beard, striking a balance between wild and styled.

This look captures the essence of the outdoors, seamlessly blending a clean-cut hairline into the natural growth of facial hair.

It’s the ideal choice for those wanting to showcase a strong, masculine vibe with a nod to the timeless appeal of the wild.

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Soccer Player Styling – Spiky Top With Mid Fade

soccer player styling spiky top with mid fade

Emulating the dynamic edge of soccer icons, the spiky top with a mid fade balances sportiness with style, featuring short sides that gradually blend into a textured, vertical crest.

This look provides a potent mix of maintenance and flair, offering a clean appearance that’s effortlessly refreshed with a touch of product.

It’s ideal for those aiming to make a statement of athleticism and contemporary fashion on or off the field.

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Athletic Buzz – Low Taper Fade With Line Up

athletic buzz low taper fade with line up

The Athletic Buzz combines the precision of a low taper fade with the sharp definition of a lineup, creating a streamlined and sporty look.

This style suits active lifestyles, offering easy maintenance and a clean, fresh appearance.

It exudes an aura of discipline and neatness, perfect for those who favor functionality in their style choices.

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Young Professional – Low Skin Fade With Quiff

young professional low skin fade with quiff

The ‘Young Professional’ hairstyle offers a polished look optimal for the office environment with its low skin fade that creates a clean, sharp boundary near the temple.

Its crafted quiff provides both volume and a modern edge, making it versatile for after-hours events.

This style is a symbol of ambition and fashion-forward thinking, popular among trendsetting professionals.

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