What Kind of Service Can You Expect from a Landscaping Company?

Last updated on February 21, 2024

Landscaping companies typically offer a wide range of services determined by different factors. These include the type of equipment at their disposal, what they specialize in, and the skills their staff has.

Each company has its specialty, although they all offer the same type of services, so it doesn’t matter which company you want to work with. Ultimately, all companies aim to obtain the perfect aesthetic and curb appeal of your home. This article delves into the various services you can expect from a landscaping company.

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When working with a landscape company, you will first expect a design on your landscape. They evaluate, measure, and develop designs that would best suit your landscape.

Check around the Twin Cities metro area and find one that suits you most. You can give the one you settle on your preferences and reference designs, and you can design together, offering your insights until you find a design that pleases you.

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Installation of Hardscapes

Installation of Hardscapes

Hardscapes are elements in your landscape that are non-plant or are constructed from other materials. These may include pathways and patios to improve your landscape’s aesthetic and can offer other functions like a resting area or a place to hold cookouts. Most companies offer these services, though some might be better at it than others.

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Garden Installation

Garden Installation

Landscaping companies offer gardening services where they plant trees, flowers, shrubs, and other types of greenery you choose while making landscape designs. If this is your sole purpose, some companies specialize specifically in garden installation and planting. You would recommend these as they are more experienced, have perfected the skill, and have a variety of plants and planting materials you can choose from.

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Water Features

Water Features

If you are in the market for some water features like fountains or fish ponds, landscaping companies are the best way to go. They offer a variety of designs as well as advice on which kind of features are appropriate for your specific landscape.

For the people who want to start a competition with their neighbors on whose lawn is prettier. They can also add drainage to your land in areas where water tends to clog up during the rainy seasons.

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Installing Irrigation Systems

Some companies specialize in installing irrigation systems to nature for your lawn and keeping it healthy and green. These irrigation systems may include sprinklers, drip irrigation, or automatic irrigation systems that you can customize to activate at a specific time of day.

These are likable because they take away the hassle of forgetting to turn on the sprinklers, and all your hard work in maintaining it might be ruined, especially if you happen to travel for some time. You wouldn’t want to leave my lawn green and return to a brown patch.

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Updating your landscape space is the best investment you can make in improving your curb appeal and installing lights is a great way to go about it. It is not only for the ambiance and aesthetic but also for the security purposes it comes with. Landscaping companies can install security or decorative lights according to your stated preference for whichever purpose you want them to serve.

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Tree Care and Removal

Apart from planting trees, you can contact these landscaping companies to carry out maintenance practices on existing trees in your compound or uproot trees. Trees need constant maintenance because branches get too old or too heavy to hold themselves up and may become potential hazards.

Sometimes, the need for a tree is no longer present in the compound, and you might need to get rid of it if it is obstructing something. Its roots might be destroying your home from below, or you may need space to expand your home. Some companies are able to relocate the trees, a new concept if you do not like the position they hold in your compound.

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Consultation Services

Most landscaping companies are open to offering consultation services to their clients. A good example is when you have a project or want to do some renovations on the landscape by yourself. Some information may be lacking, and you probably cannot find it online.

Do not worry most of these companies offer free consultations, and talk about a marketing strategy. You can contact them and receive expert advice on your questions, from types of planting materials lights to installation and lawn maintenance tips to ensure that you do not mess yourself up when you can just make a call or run down their offices.

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Lawn Care

Landscaping companies may offer lawn care services for maintenance purposes. These include mowing the lawn to keep a desirable length and uniformity, promoting a clean look, and edging the grass to prevent overgrowing on driveways or paths where they are unwanted. Some care for the grass through fertilization to promote growth, especially in areas with patches or aerating the surface to promote healthy growth.

Landscaping companies offer a variety of services, most of which have not been mentioned, from landscape design, water features, light installation, garden installation, tree care and removal, consultation services, irrigating systems, lawn care, and hardscape installation.

It is impossible to mention all of the other minute services that they might offer, an example would be roof maintenance which some companies offer. If you are looking for a service, it is best to call and enquire about that particular service.

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