15 Ultimate Burst Fade Mullet Curly Hair Ideas for a Unique Look

Last updated on March 22, 2024

Discover unique and stylish Burst Fade Mullet Curly Hair ideas because each innovative style in this listicle can elevate your look, pushing fashion boundaries in the hair world.

I’ve designed these ideas myself, so some of them might be a bit exaggerated for effect. Enjoy!

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Afro Burst Fade Mullet

afro burst fade mullet

Embrace texture and volume with this modern take on classic style, which integrates the fullness of an afro with the edginess of a mullet.

The burst fade transitions smoothly from tight curls on top to a tapered nape, showcasing a perfect blend of boldness and finesse.

This style makes a statement by preserving natural curl patterns while adding contemporary flair to the silhouette.

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Dreadlock Burst Fade Mullet

dreadlock burst fade mullet

Embrace a bold blend of cultural flair and modern style by incorporating dreadlocks into the curly mullet, creating distinct texture and volume.

The burst fade seamlessly transitions from the pronounced edges around the ears to the vivid dreadlocked length at the back.

This style offers a maintenance-friendly option, as the dreads lock in the style while the fade keeps the look clean and sharp.

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Burst Fade Mullet for Thin Hair

burst fade mullet for thin hair

This variation combines the edginess of a burst fade with a textured mullet to add volume to curly hair that’s on the thinner side.

Strategic layering throughout the mullet creates the illusion of density, making it an ideal choice for those concerned about hair thinness.

The burst fade aspect cleanly tapers the sides, drawing attention upward and balancing the look with a modern flair.

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Retro Inspired Burst Fade Mullet

retro inspired burst fade mullet

Channel the nostalgia of the 80s with the Retro Inspired variation; it merges modern edginess with a classic mullet silhouette.

Amp up the volume at the top with tight curls, while maintaining clean lines and a distinct burst fade on the sides.

Integrate patterns or stepped designs on the fade for an authentic, vintage flair that stands out.

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Burst Fade Mullet With Top Knot

burst fade mullet with top knot

Embrace a bold fusion of styles by combining a burst fade mullet with a top knot, a standout choice for curly hair.

This hybrid ensures your curls are neatly tied up and away from the face, while the fade provides a clean, modern touch to the classic mullet shape.

It’s a creative hairstyle that channels both contemporary edge and a nod to the rebellious spirit of the ’80s.

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Asymmetrical Burst Fade Mullet

asymmetrical burst fade mullet

Embrace an edgier take with one side of your mullet longer than the other, creating a sharp contrast that draws the eye.

The asymmetry works harmoniously with the burst fade to add a modern twist to the classic style.

This variant suits individuals looking to make a bold statement and highlight their unique personality through their hairstyle.

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Burst Fade Mullet With Undercut

burst fade mullet with undercut

Enhance the dynamic look of a burst fade mullet by incorporating an undercut to add more distinction between the voluminous top and the tapered sides.

The undercut provides a sleek, clean-cut edge that complements the softness of curly hair.

This fusion creates a modern twist on the classic mullet, showcasing the curls while offering a sharp contrast in length.

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Burst Fade Mullet for Thick Hair

burst fade mullet for thick hair

Thick curls gain definition and style with the strategic graduation of length in this variation, creating a visually intriguing contrast.

The volume at the top, paired with the tapered sides, offers a modern twist on the classic mullet shape.

This style showcases the natural bounty of curly hair, maintaining a masculine edge with its sharp fade transitions.

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Burst Fade Mullet With Razor Line

burst fade mullet with razor line

Incorporate a sharp razor line for a precise edge that enhances the contrast between the faded sides and voluminous top. The addition of a sleek line boundary brings a modern twist to the classic mullet silhouette.

This detail offers a bold statement, distinguishing the hairstyle as both edgy and refined.

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Burst Fade Mullet for Receding Hairline

burst fade mullet for receding hairline

Opting for this style cleverly draws attention away from the hairline, redirecting the focus to the textured look on top. The burst fade creates a sculpted contour around the ears that blends seamlessly into the mullet, balancing the overall shape.

Adding a curly texture on the longer hair provides a modern twist, giving the illusion of volume and fullness.

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Burst Fade Mullet With Color Highlights

burst fade mullet with color highlights

Add a pop of personality to your curls by weaving in color highlights through the mullet’s longer sections.

This fusion of color with the burst fade creates a dynamic contrast that catches the light and turns heads.

Choose hues that complement your natural hair color for a harmonious blend or go bold with neon or pastel streaks for a more adventurous look.

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Burst Fade Mullet for Matured Men

burst fade mullet for matured men

The matured men’s version softens the transition between curly locks and the close-cut sides, creating a suave yet playful style that blends sophistication with a hint of edginess. It offers an age-appropriate take on the mullet that respects the natural changes in hair texture and density.

This style strikes an elegant balance by preserving length at the back while keeping the sides neatly faded, ensuring a look that is distinguished and current.

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Burst Fade Mullet With Braided Top

burst fade mullet with braided top

Adding braids to the top section of a burst fade mullet brings a fresh, edgy twist to the classic silhouette. This style meshes the intricacy of plaited hair with the boldness of the fade, making a statement that balances modern flair with traditional roots.

Perfect for individuals looking to add texture and unique detail to their curly hair, it keeps the mullet contemporary and visually engaging.

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Burst Fade Mullet With Extended Nape

burst fade mullet with extended nape

Elongating the nape section adds a modern twist to the classic mullet, emphasizing the contrast with the burst fade’s precision.

This style offers a bold statement with its heightened volume and length at the back, providing extra space for curly hair textures to flourish.

The extended nape ensures an eye-catching profile that enhances the mullet’s edgy appeal.

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Burst Fade Mullet for Mini Curls

burst fade mullet for mini curls

The mini curls add a playful twist to the classic burst fade mullet, offering a modern take on the vintage style. This variation showcases the natural texture of curly hair while maintaining the sharp contrast of the fade. It’s a bold choice for those looking to blend a touch of tradition with contemporary flair.

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