15 Modern Curly Mullet Ideas: Your Guide to Styling Curly Mullet Hairstyles

Last updated on March 7, 2024

Embrace the resurgence of the curly mullet because this guide will illustrate modern ways to style this retro look, making it an exciting fashion statement again.

I’ve designed these ideas myself, so some of them might be a bit exaggerated for effect. Enjoy!

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Punk Inspired Curly Mullet

punk inspired curly mullet

Embrace an edgy aesthetic with sharply defined sides accentuating voluminous curls on top and at the back. Contrast is key as the structured undercut highlights the rebellious curls cascading down.

Accessorize with bold jewelry or piercings to punctuate this punk-inspired take on the modern mullet.

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Braided Curly Mullet

braided curly mullet

Combining intricate braids with a free-flowing mullet transforms the look into a fusion of structure and playfulness. This style marries the edginess of the mullet with the elegance of braids, offering an unconventional take that stands out.

Ideal for those wanting to make a statement, the braided approach adds a creative twist to the classic curly mullet.

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Dyed Pastel Colors Curly Mullet

dyed pastel colors curly mullet

Inject a playful twist into the classic mullet by adding soft, pastel hues to your curls. This color choice accentuates the texture and volume, making each spiral stand out.

Ideal for those looking to merge retro flair with a whimsical, modern edge.

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Active Lifestyle Curly Mullet

active lifestyle curly mullet

Designed for ease of maintenance, this mullet variation features shorter, moisture-wicking layers at the top that transition into looser curls at the bottom, perfect for athletic endeavors.

The style allows for quick drying post-workout, keeping curls bouncy and fresh.

The active lifestyle mullet’s structured crown ensures it remains practical and stylish during physical activities.

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Silver Hair Curly Mullet

silver hair curly mullet

A silver hair curly mullet juxtaposes the edge of a classic mullet with the modernity of cool-toned silver curls. This bold fusion offers a visually striking statement that pairs well with sharp outfits and contemporary accessories. The metallic hues provide a touch of sophistication, elevating the playful nature of the mullet’s structure.

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Side Shaved Curly Mullet

side shaved curly mullet

A side shaved curly mullet combines the edginess of an undercut with the voluminous curls on top and at the back. This modern twist on the mullet emphasizes contrast and boldness while maintaining a playful curl texture. It’s a statement hairstyle that suits those looking to mix a daring aesthetic with the versatility of curls.

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Mullet With Curly Tips

mullet with curly tips

This style features a distinctive contrast with straighter sides that transition into exuberant curls at the ends.

The playful bounce at the tips adds a fresh twist to the traditional silhouette of the mullet.

It’s ideal for those looking to add a touch of whimsy to their look while keeping the classic mullet shape.

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Classic 80s Curly Mullet Revival

classic 80s curly mullet revival

Drawing inspiration from the era of bold styles, the classic ’80s revival mullet blends voluminous curls on top with a tapered, shorter length at the sides and back.

This nostalgic look pays homage to retro fashion while allowing for modern twists with current curl-care products.

It’s a statement hairstyle that balances the wildness of curls with the structured edge of a mullet cut.

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Wet Styled Curly Mullet

wet styled curly mullet

The wet-styled mullet accentuates curls with a glossy, sleek finish, giving a fresh-off-the-beach look. This version combines the casualness of damp curls with the structure of the mullet’s shorter front and longer back. It’s an edgy, maintenance-friendly style that keeps curly hair defined and moisture-rich throughout the day.

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Mullet With Curly Beach Waves

mullet with curly beach waves

Embrace the effortless vibe of the seaside with soft, windswept curls cascading down from a shorter, textured top.

This relaxed take on the mullet infuses a touch of casual elegance, making it ideal for both a laid-back day and a dynamic night out.

The beach wave mullet offers a harmonious blend of unstructured waves and edgy style, suited for those aiming to make a fashionable yet understated statement.

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Mullet With Tight Ringlet Curls

mullet with tight ringlet curls

Perfectly defined ringlets cascade from the crown, adding an elegant twist to the edgy silhouette of the mullet. This style marries the rebellious nature of the mullet with the sophistication of structured curls. It’s a choice that stands out, embracing both vintage charm and modern flair.

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Ruffled Curly Mullet

ruffled curly mullet

The ruffled curly mullet adds a modern twist to the classic cut by incorporating intentional tousled layers for a voluminous effect. It screams effortless edge with its perfectly unkept curls that provide movement and intrigue.

This style is ideal for those seeking a bold yet low-maintenance look that stands out in a crowd.

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Textured Mullet for Curly Hair

textured mullet for curly hair

A textured mullet on curly hair highlights natural volume and creates a dynamic silhouette. By incorporating varying lengths, this style adds an edgy twist to the classic curl pattern.

It is a versatile cut that allows for playful styling and a bold, yet manageable, everyday look.

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Super Short Curly Mullet

super short curly mullet

Embrace edgy minimalism with a super short take on the curly mullet that maintains length at the top while keeping the sides and back closely cropped.

This style highlights facial features and offers a low-maintenance option for those with naturally curly textures.

The contrast between the short sides and voluminous curls creates a bold statement that’s both modern and throwback chic.

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Long & Wild Curly Mullet

long amp wild curly mullet

The long and wild curly mullet embraces untamed curls cascading down the back, combining volume and length for a bold statement.

This style celebrates natural curl patterns and texture, giving off an effortlessly cool and edgy vibe.

Perfect for those looking to make a dramatic impact, it allows for creative expression through the inherent movement and life of curls.

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