Easy DIY Plant Mulch from Wine Corks

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How cool is this? Corks for mulch! I’d like to say it was my idea but it wasn’t. My mother-in-law who has a “neon green thumb” came up with this idea. Her hubby loves to drink wine (in mod­er­a­tion of course!) and she loves to gar­den. Is this the per­fect mar­ry­ing of the two of them or what? Ok, in fair­ness, she likes to drink wine too…haha

Mer­lot mulch recipe

–save and col­lect wine/champagne corks (even ask friends to put their batch aside for you)

–store them in gro­cery bags or buckets

–when you feel you have enough to fill your planter of choice, fill em’ up

–you can use large planter areas or petite ones


–For a great host­ess gift, get a  small planter, can, jar or what­ever cre­ative thing you would like. Then plant an herb or herbs, cover the top of the soil with corks. Add a cute wine phrase on your thank you card, such as “I cook with wine.  Some­times I even add it to the food.”.

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