11 Unique Gift Ideas for Teenage Guys

Last updated on November 28, 2023

Here are the best gift ideas for teenage guys. Use this list if you need to come up with a gift idea for your son, nephew, or just a cool teenage guy you know.

When it comes to buying gifts for teenage guys, you might be thinking, “What do boys want for Christmas?” Well, you’re right to ask this question, since boys are notoriously hard to shop for. But the good news is you’re not alone. In fact, most people who’ve bought gifts for teenage boys wish they knew beforehand how hard it is to shop for teenage boys.

As a parent, you probably have a list of great Christmas gift ideas for your teenage son. You know what type of music he listens to, what his favorite sports teams are, and perhaps even what he likes to play on his favorite video game consoles. Use these ideas to help you.

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Phone Wallet Case

phone case wallet

A high-quality phone case with a built-in wallet is the perfect gift for teenage guys. The price of this phone wallet (it being affordable) and its size make it great for stocking stuffers at Christmas.

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A Hip Hop Chain Necklace

hip-hop chain

Stndrdz carries a hip-hop chain necklace that is a great gift choice for teenage guys who have an interest in this type of style and want to distinguish themselves from others. If he likes hip-hop swag, this will make a great gift.

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Portable Table Tennis Set

table tennis

Sometimes, table tennis tables take up too much space, or they’re just impossible to transport without penalty. A handy kit includes everything needed to build your own corner ping pong station at home or on the go. It has a low price, and it’s perfect for teenage guys who like a little more privacy than the typical outside recreational activity.

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Skill Toys


Skill toys are always a fun gift for teenagers. Having a high quality yoyo can be an awesome activity for kids to get into. You can learn so many different tricks with yoyo’s, and they’re a great way to pass the time.

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Solar Charging Power Bank

solar power bank

A small present would make a great gift for the teenage guy who overlooks charging his battery pack. This power bank can charge anything as soon as it is exposed to the sun, and it is always ready to go. Although expensive, this gift idea that you should get a teen boy is under fifty dollars and available on Amazon. This power bank makes for an excellent gift because it charges all of its devices quicker when out in the sun. It will be handy for someone who enjoys getting a lot outdoors or going on vacations where they need their phone charged at all times.

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Pizza Throw Blanket

If you are looking for a fun winter gift that is also warm, this pizza throw blanket in different sizes and designs is a perfect item to buy. They will love how it brings conversation to their room. It is also good for friends over at the house and camping trips.

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Noise Cancelling Headphones

The people around him will have a better time with no disturbance from his soundwaves. I recommend these because they’re perfect for teenage boys who love to play games or listen to music on their headsets without bothering others.

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Bed-Shaking Alarm Clock

A really loud alarm clock that cuts through heavy sleep and also has a USB port to charge gadgets is the perfect solution for sleepy teens who always oversleep.

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Scratch-Off World Map

scratch off map

A Scratch Off World Map for someone who likes traveling to other countries. The map comes with a brown layer and an orange paint marker. When you scratch off the brown paint, you get to see what color is underneath from wondering where that place is on the map. It would be a good gift idea for young men because it has an interactive design but this map does not come cheap so it may not have much budget left in it when considering starting college tuition or any other expensive ventures like raising children or buying a vehicle.

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Cool Multitool


A multifunction multitool is a tool that any man would want. This way, he can help fix or create whatever he wants whenever he needs and never need to lug around a heavy toolbox. The best part about the multifunction multitool is it’s easy to pack when camping for an overnight trip, because of its lightweight size.

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Survival Kit

If your brother or son likes to go camping then this is a good gift. It contains many different tools and comes in a compact waterproof box.

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