How to Make Wine Bottle Lights The Easy Way

Last updated on September 20, 2023

Here are a couple of easy ways how to make wine bottle lights. This DIY project is easy to make in a short afternoon!

Recently I’ve made a big list of wine themed decor ideas. Among them, wine bottle crafts are a big deal. I’ve mentioned that one of my favorite ideas were decorative wine bottles with lights inside. It’s about time I’ve shown you how I make them.

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How to Make Wine Bottle Lights without Drilling

Most tutorials you will find online will tell you that to add string lights inside a wine bottle you have to make a hole in the glass. It’s true that the only option to get a thick wire through you need to drill. But here’s an alternative.

The trick is to get battery operated lights that fit in the bottle beck. That way you add the lights without having to cut the glass. It’s the easiest solution.

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How to Make Decorative Lighted Wine Bottles

So you know how to add lights inside a wine bottle. Now what? Let’s increase its decorative value. Here’s what you can do:

  • Clean the bottle so it looks all new and shiny.
  • Remove the labels, unless they are nice-looking (for example, vintage) and you want to keep them.
  • Paint the bottle.
  • Glue glass pebbles around the bottle with hot glue. It gives a nice effect as the light goes through them.
  • Use Modge Podge and pretty napkins to decorate it.
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How to Make Wine Bottle Hanging Lights

Wine bottle pendants are quirky and whimsical. They can make a big impact on your decor. So how do you make them?

hanging bottle lights

First things first, you have to understand that wine bottles can’t serve as real light fixtures. Their purpose and value are purely decorative.

You can take the same idea of adding lights inside the bottle and extend it to hang wine bottles as pendants:

  1. Prepare the bottle by cleaning it and removing the labels (unless you want to keep them).
  2. Wrap wire or rope around the bottle neck securely.
  3. Hang the bottle where you want to create the accent.
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More Ways to Add Lights Inside a Bottle

wine bottle candles

Here are some more ideas how to tackle this project. Some of these will require cutting glass.

  • Run string lights through the bottles (in and out).
  • Make candle holders. You will have to cut the bottoms of the bottles.
  • Use a DIY lighting fixture kit. Again, you will have to cut the glass to fit it.
  • Make Tiki torches. It’s as simple as adding a wick and fuel inside the bottle.
  • Make a chandelier by creating a frame from wood and adding an array of lighted bottles.

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