15 Creative DIY Wine Rack Ideas for Your Wine Collection

Last updated on March 16, 2024

These DIY wine rack ideas will make a showcase of your wine collection. The best part is they are simple too!

Do you have a wine collection at home (even a small one)? Are you doing your best to show it off to your guests (do you own a wine cellar)? There are many ways to do it (wine themed decor is a thing), but since we’re all about DIY, you can easily make a wine rack yourself. And if you’re uncertain about how you can do it exactly, you will appreciate these DIY wine rack ideas with tutorials. Talk about making it easy for you!

Let’s get started!

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How to Make a Wine Rack

diy wine rack video

A simple wine rack is just a small stand with mini shelves for the bottles. So here are the steps to make it:

  1. Get your wood ready. 2x4s are ideal for this project.
  2. Measure and cut. You need just simple plans for a basic wine rack. These will determine the shape of the stand.
  3. Attach the wood boards with glue and screws.
  4. Stain and paint it.

This is it – it’s that simple! You have your new wine rack ready to show off. Of course, I won’t leave you hanging with the basic guidelines, so here’s a bunch of brilliant ideas to try!

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Rustic Wine Rack

Why buy a wine rack when you can make something even better yourself? This cool weekend project is ideal for connoisseurs who want to show off their impressive collection of bottles from around the world. There are also plenty of slots for wine glasses.

Wood pallet is the preferred material but any type of wood can be used as well. Just make sure to sand the surfaces and brush with your preferred stain to achieve a beautiful finish. The DIY wine rack doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth. Dents and other flaws can give it character.

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Wine Bottle and Stemware Rack

This wine bottle shelf with a wine glass rack was inspired by the catalog of Crate and Barrel. While the company makes outstanding pieces, these can cost a pretty penny. If you’re handy with tools, then why not just try to copy them? Use this plan for a basic yet sophisticated DIY wine rack for your home.

There are detailed instructions every step of the way so even newbies should be able to follow along. However, intermediate DIY enthusiasts would probably have an easier time since it calls for advanced tools like a jigsaw and a circular saw. If you are willing to invest in these, then they will open up a world of possibilities.

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Wall Wine Holder

It’s amazing how something so simple can look so fun and stylish. This DIY wine rack could be completed in under an hour. If you don’t have much time or money to get a nice gift, then just make this instead. It only requires a few pieces of wood and some basic tools.

The finished product can proudly hang on any wall while holding up to four bottles of wine. Of course, you can always extend the arms and drill more holes to accommodate additional containers. It’s a clever geometric design that goes well with both modern and traditional interiors.

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A-Frame Tabletop Rack

A-frame Wine Rack
Tutorial: diynetwork.com

So far, we have seen a few projects that are meant to be hung on a wall. If you want a DIY wine rack that can rest on a counter instead, then this is project for you. It can hold up to six bottles at a time. Just use a wider panel or create more of these racks if you have an extensive collection.

The two sides can be made from plywood or any other suitable wooden panel. Hinges will hold them together at the top. Measure the diameter of your bottles to make sure that the holes will be big enough for them to go through. However, if you are excited to show your wine rack to your loved ones, you can simply make an e card to invite them at home. 

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Modular Bar Wine Grid Hutch

Wine Grid Hutch
Tutorial: ana-white.com

Serious wine lovers will have dozens of bottles and glassware. These will require an equally serious storage unit. Builders can follow this plan or modify each section to fit their own needs. Columns may be added or removed depending on the available floor space.

This modular bar is just as stunning as it is functional. Guests will be impressed with the clean layout and the classic styling. Given the complexity of this plan, it is best suited for experienced DIY enthusiasts. Beginners can ask for help from skilled friends.

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Upcycled Vinyl Records

Wine Rack from upcycled vinyl records
Tutorial: recyclart.org

In this digital age where streaming is the norm, vinyl records often collect dust or get thrown away without a second thought. Someone found a better use for them that should make wine and music lovers happy.

With the use of a heat gun, these round plastics can be bent into almost any shape. Bending the lower half to form a “J” turn them into excellent wine holders. Attach several of these along a piece of wood and hang it on the wall for a rocking storage solution.

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Copper Pipe & Leather

copper and leather Wine Rack
Tutorial: abubblylife.com

Wood is not the only DIY-friendly material. Metal can be just as easy to use in certain forms, such as with copper pipes and connectors. These may be cut to desired lengths and assembled without much effort. You can build a sturdy frame in no time at all.

A long leather sheet can wrap around the frame to serve as a cradle for the bottles. This may be held in place by line snaps or other fixtures. Color these snaps with a copper pen to achieve a unified look and show off your work to your friends.

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Rustic Rope

Here is another nifty gift idea that you can make with your own hands. Anyone can do this with a bit of time and patience. A thick wooden board will serve as the base. A thick rope must be weaved in and out of the holes to secure the bottles.

Hang it on a wall or place it on a counter. Stick to the 5-bottle configuration or opt for a longer plank to add more holes. It has a rustic feel and charming simplicity that should go well with most interiors.

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Engine Block

made form an old V12 engine
Tutorial: xketype.com

Imagination can truly turn garbage into gold. In this case, a person’s brilliant mind saved a worn out V12 engine from the scrap heap and turned it into a smart DIY wine rack. It turns out that the holes have just the right size for the job.

There is no need to do much since the structure already has the ideal form. In this case, the only thing left to do is to take out unnecessary parts and clean up the engine. Placing it on a wooden base can protect the floor from scratches while adding to the appeal.

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PVC Wine Rack

Who says storage units can’t look like pieces of art? This one definitely seems like a modern masterpiece. In fact, the original sells for a hefty price and is made of metal. To make it more affordable, this imitation uses PVC pipes instead.

It is hard to tell the difference unless you look closely and tap the material. The pipes are worthy substitutes with proven durability. Place the rack on a prominent spot and fill it with your best wines. It is bound to turn heads and start many interesting conversations.

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Wood Crate

The versatility of wooden crates is no secret. DIYers have turned them into all types of furniture and décor. The fact that they have figured out ways to create wood crate DIY wine racks should be no surprise at all. This particular version requires very few changes to the basic structure.

Diagonal panels will cut across the middle and create four different sections. Give it the desired finish and have it lie down on one side for easy access. Multiple crates can be stacked on top of each other to house as many bottles as needed.

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Wine Riddling Rack

If you have a bigger collection than what the previous racks could handle, then it is time to build a storage solution that is up to the challenge. This beautiful piece is a strong candidate with numerous slots and straightforward usage.

It is far from an easy project, however. This riddling rack inspired by Pottery Barn may look simple but it calls for a complicated building process. Make sure that you have all the listed tools to hasten completion. The end result is worth all the effort.

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A lot of rooms have crowded floors. If you feel as though you are running out of square footage, then consider maximizing the vertical space. We have already seen metal pipes used in a desk-bound rack. In this version, the pipes will protrude from the wall.

Each bottle will require two protruding pipes for stability. Go ahead and install as many pairs as you need. The tricky part is ensuring that rows are level so that the bottles don’t favor one side. Spray the pipes with any color that matches the interiors and do not be afraid to get creative with the layout.

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Wood Pallet

Wine Rack from pallet wood
Tutorial: hgtv.com

Rustic kitchens deserve unpretentious yet functional storage units. Here is a traditional DIY wine rack that should fit the bill. It can accommodate several bottles on two layers. There are also notches designed specifically to hold stemmed glasses.

This particular plan calls for the disassembly of a wooden pallet. Once the planks have been cut to size and sanded, they can be pieced together again to create this modest rack. It can stand proudly on any wall, especially if it is stained with a matching color.

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Who says that wine racks can’t be flashy? This one literally lights up your world and makes the bottles glow. The use of LED strips keeps the energy consumption and heat generation minimal while producing an ethereal effect that looks amazing in the dark.

This is another pallet-based build so it is crucial to find a high-quality bottom piece. Get one that hasn’t been used much. Cut, sand, stain, and drill the holes for the strips. It shouldn’t take long before you finish this brilliant project. Pair RGB lighting strips with clear bottles for the best results.

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