49 Creative Wine Themed Decor Ideas for Every Lover of the Drink

Last updated on January 21, 2024

These wine themed decor ideas will bring your love for fine wine to your home. This guide will help you embrace this theme fully.

If you’ve read a few posts on this blog you’ve noticed that I’m a bit of a nut for good wine. I have several ideas on how to use corks, bottles, and otherwise decorate home in this theme. In this article, I’ve made a complete guide with a list of ideas on how to pay a tribute to your favorite drink.

Use this guide to get inspired for party decor (wine party anyone?), to decorate your kitchen, dining room, and just have a lot of fun by refreshing your home interior. I hope you enjoy them as much as I had collecting them.

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Wine Bottle Art

Wine bottle art is big in repurposed home decor. If you’re into crafts at all, you can use your creativity to decorate by using materials that are otherwise waste.

Here are just a few things that you can make with wine bottles:

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Mini Wine Bottles

As mini bottles they can be repurposed into mosaics, Christmas decorations, table decor, place tags, charms, and more. Using them is also easier than crafting with their bigger counterparts.

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Wine Bottle Lights

Add fairy lights inside a bottle and you have a whimsical lamp. Take it a step further by painting the bottle for a better effect (as pictured above).

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Cutting Wine Bottles

Cutting glass is a more advanced technique but it enables you to create more flexible art. Cut them to create vases of different size, lamps and light fixtures, and more.

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Painted Wine Bottles

Paint the bottles for more decor appeal. It’s an easy technique and the number of things you can do with it is endless. From centerpieces to vases, and more.

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Colored Glass Bottles

As you can get bottles in different colors, you can used them to create wonderful mosaics and even stained glass windows.

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Bar Decor

neon bar sign
Source: amazon.com

One of the first places in your home that you can decorate with wine decor is the home bar area (if you have one). Here are a few ideas on what you can do:

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Wine Neon Sign

This is one of my favorites (pictured above). If you like to bring your party decor the A-game, installing a neon sign will do it. Is it an overkill for everyday decor? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

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Personalized Wine Bar Signs

If all else fails, always go with the personalized decor. It’s the only sure way to make unique decor. And it’s all about you.

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Wine Plaques

Nothing fancy, and it’s all very subtle. Simple plaques and signs will make your bar decor just a little bit more handsome.

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Wine Chalkboard Signs

I love chalkboard and I’ll use every chance to make use of it in my decor. Here are a few things you can do with a chalkboard in your home bar:

  • Make a fun menu of drinks
  • Draw art with chalkboard writing
  • Write funny messages
  • Make a guest board
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Wine Storage

Even if you don’t have a wine cellar at home, use every chance to decorate with bottles themselves. It’s the bread and butter of your home bar, and it’s the most attractive part visually too.

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Decorative Wine Bottles

You don’t have to get on a complicated project to make use of wine bottles in your decor. Simply decorate them. Here are a few things you can do to a decorative wine bottle:

  • Spray paint it
  • Tie it with rope
  • Draw on it
  • Apply stickers — you can design custom stickers for your wine bottles on any theme, whether it’s about family or holiday. These custom stickers will make your wine bottle a unique work of art.

Use these as decorations for decor vignettes, centerpieces, or seasonal decor.

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Wine Themed Kitchen

Kitchen is the number one place where wine themed decor is usually used. It’s not limited to this space (as we can see wine decor successfully used in dining rooms as well), but it’s where you can start first.

We will go over the popular ideas for wine themed kitchen decor in most of this article. But here are some more things you can bring to the kitchen to embrace this theme:

  • Wine themed rugs
  • Wine themed mats
  • Wine themed towels
  • Wine themed curtains
  • Wine themed clocks
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Wine Signs

Wine signs are make a very easy decor accent in the theme you love. You can pick up one or two online or in many decor stores. Here are some of the most popular ideas for wine signs:

  • Funny sayings and phrases
  • Wood signs
  • Metal signs
  • Vintage signs
  • Personalized signs
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Wine Glass Decorating Ideas

Don’t forget your wine glasses – they can easily be the accent you want to see in your home decor and table settings. You can:

These will give you a unique set of glasses that you can use for any occasion.

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Black Wine Bottles

Black bottles have that sophisticated look for your decor. It’s a great way to add an accent that bring luxe appeal. A common option for black glass is chalkboard paint. This way you can write your messages and draw art right on the bottles to create unique accents.

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Wine Metal Wall Art

Metal ornaments, signs, and art are great when you want to bring your favorite decor theme to your home. Metal art has the vintage appeal that adds just a little more character to your space.

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Funny Wine Pictures

Source: displate.com

Make your decor fun. You don’t always have to be so serious about your decor efforts. A stylish plaque or print with a funny or witty message is a sure conversation starter and you’ll want it in your dining (or even living) room.

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Wine Barrel Wall Art

We can’t talk about wine decor without mentioning wine barrels. There’s a whole movement of repurposing barrels into decor and even furniture. You can make plaques, little shelves, and rustic art from this item.

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Wine Bottle Christmas Tree

Yes, it’s a thing. Such a tree takes a special frame and a lot of empty bottles. There’s a lot drinking to be done if you’re going to put up such a Christmas tree for Holidays.

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Wooden Wine Signs

Wood is an excellent material when it comes to creating cozy rustic decor. You can get wooden signs in many unique designs. Etsy is a great resource for this kind of art. But you can also create signs of wood yourself as a fun craft project.

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Wine Cork Picture Frame

Pictures frames in wine theme are every wine lovers dream. One of the best ideas here are the cork frames. You can easily make these yourself by repurposing. This is just one of fun DIY projects you can make with wine corks.

An alternative way to feature wine corks is to make a shadow box and collect corks in it.

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Wine Bottle Centerpiece Ideas

Use bottles to create a lovely centerpiece. It’s simple, easy, and quick to do. Here are just a few centerpiece ideas:

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Wine Bottle Centerpieces with Flowers

Painted glass bottle vases are easy to create, and will add a fun pop of color to any room in your house.
Read the article to see how it’s done.

A straightforward idea is to simple put flowers into wine bottles. But you can use this idea creatively and create seasonal decor, for example, bu putting a branch of pine (pictured above).

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Painted Bottles

Spray paint or hand paint the bottles by using an accent color. It will make your table decor pop.

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Gold Wine Bottles

Need a luxe accent to decorate the tabletop? Use gold foil to create gilded bottles.

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Chalkboard Wine Bottles

Using chalk paint on bottles is a unique way to create whimsical decor. Use this paint to decorate bottles and get a classy black bottle look. Write and draw with chalk to create your unique designs.

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Wine Bottle Candle Holders

Want to add candles to your centerpiece in a unique way? Here’s how you can make candle holders from wine bottles.

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Mini Bottle Bouquets

Create a bouquet from mini bottles as a beautiful centerpiece. It’s a different way to make a bouquet without using flowers.

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Lighted Wine Bottles

Put in fairly lights into a bottle to make a centerpiece lamp that will brighten up the table decor.

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Glitter Wine Bottles

Decorating wine bottles with glitter is another excellent way to create a fancy centerpiece.

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Twine Wrapped Wine Bottle

Looking for a rustic accent to add to your centerpiece? Wrap some twine around it!

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Upside Down Wine Glass Centerpieces

Glass Candle Holders
Source: www.etsy.com

It’s as simple as placing wine glasses upside down and using them as candle holders. All you have to do next is make a decor accent under the glass. Be it a small terrarium,  dried flowers, seasonal decor, or beach themed decor.

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Boxed Wine Holder

Wooden Case
Source: www.etsy.com

Make the best of boxed wine by getting an attractive holder for it. Its’ a great way to easily add a decor accent to the countertop by using an item that you need anyway.

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Wine Plaques

Bordeaux plaque
Picture: displate.com

Plaques are excellent to decorate empty walls. And it’s a great to bring the wine theme with them.

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Tuscan Wine Decor

Website: www.etsy.com

Tuscan style is inseparable from wine themed decor if you want to add a vintage touch. Bring Italian classic design to your kitchen or dining room with vintage posters, signs, and art in Tuscan style.

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Wine Wall Art Decorating Dining Room

Do you like a glass of fine wine with your dinner? Bring wine themed decor to your dining room or area. This idea can be implemented as simple as adding wine themed wall art.

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Vineyard Kitchen Decor

As a true wine-lover I can tell you that there’s nothing more attractive than vintage wine labels. A good bottle of wine always has a picture of the vineyard on its label. Take that and enlarge to wall art for inspiring decor.

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Grape and Wine Decor

The inseparable part of wine decor are grapes. You can have them in may places including:

  • Floor mats
  • Kitchen towels
  • Kitchen curtains
  • Wall art
  • Grape centerpieces
  • Kitchen sets
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Decorative Lighted Wine Bottles

This is one of my favorite decor details. Simply because it’s so easy and so beautiful. Hey, fairy lights make everything pretty. So here’s what you do to make them and have them in your decor.

Tip: you don’t have to cut glass to run a wire through the bottle – you can get battery operated lights that are made to be installed in bottles.

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Outdoor Wine Bottle Tree

metal tree
Source: amazon.com

Want to take those bottles outside of your home? Before throwing them away to recycle, consider this idea. You can get a metal frame for a bottle tree, and make this quirky backyard metal art decoration.

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Vintage Wine Signs

If there’s anything that can make a decor accent better is using its vintage version. After I’ve read that Emily Henderson (one of my favorite designers) uses vintage items to bring character to home decor, I can’t get enough of it.  Vintage wine posters are too cool.

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Wine Cork Centerpieces

Among all the things that you can make from wine corks is create a beautiful centerpiece. It makes a fine vase for flower vignettes.

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Wine Themed Tablecloths

Source: amazon.com

Decorate your tablescapes in the most straightforward way – get a beautiful tablecloth in your favorite theme.

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Big Wine Glass Picture

Like artwork about wine? A glass of red wine is a neat and subtle way to add a modern accent in this theme. A big poster or plaque will add a lot of value to room decor even if just for the accent color in red.

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Mini Wine Barrels Centerpieces

Let’s look for more ideas of how to make a centerpiece. It has to be in the wine decor theme, of course. This idea is about using decorative mini barrels. They make beautiful rustic style.

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Wine Rack Decor

I love wine racks (I’ve made a great roundup of DIY ideas and a best-of list of wine racks). So this idea makes a lot of sense. Use a rack of wine bottles to decorate your home. It’s a brilliant idea for those of us who have a little collection that needs to be put on display.

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Rustic Wine Decor

Rustic shelves
Picture: www.etsy.com

Rustic decor usually involves wood and lots of it. Better yet if it’s reclaimed or repurposed (pallets work too). You can get a few rustic shelves, for instance, and rack up your bottles and glasses. Rustic signs work for this idea too.

Pictured above: lovely rustic corner shelves with a glass rack. One of the shelves is decorated with letter art and it holds a wooden sign.

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