Easy DIY Chalkboard Painted Bathroom Wall

Last updated on January 5, 2023

We’ve done the DIY chalkboard wall in the bathroom. It’s easier than you think. Here are the essential tips.

Re-texturing the walls, installing a new toilet, hanging a new mirror, changing the light fixture, painting the walls and cabinet base and adding a few inexpensive accessories was the bulk of the remodel.

The “how-to” paint a chalk­board wall: PRIME your wall first and then paint 2–3 coats of chalk­board paint. Read the direc­tions on the can and fol­low them exactly. TIP: allow the time needed to dry as instructed in between coats. Don’t be like me and cut cor­ners. You’ll end up re-doing it and spend­ing more money! (not stylish)

Then presto…you have a chic, home ver­sion of a pub­lic graf­fi­tied restroom! (except hope­fully yours will be stocked with tp and be clean) It’s so much fun espe­cially when you have friends over. You can add empty pic­ture frames on the wall where peo­ple can cre­ate works of art too…the ideas are end­less! Have fun putting your stamp on it

the after photo of the bathroom redo

Tips to mak­ing your bath­room styl­ish on the cheap:

–the bathroom cur­tain which I love is from Tar­get (change often for a fast, fun look)

–my mini vase was only a buck from the 99 Cent Store

–spice up the old med­i­cine cab­i­net with a lit­tle paint and a cool Anthro­polo­gie owl knob

–add a big punch with a splash of bold color like my soap dis­penser and tis­sue box which were found cheap at Homegoods

-clean­li­ness is always styl­ish, hence my “use once then wash” tow­els dis­played in a 2-tier bas­ket along with some “jams and jel­lies” like yummy lotions and divine smelling spray (just remem­ber to pro­vide a bas­ket to throw the used tow­els in when they are done– some­thing like a dark rus­tic wicker bas­ket lined with linen would be per­fect solution)

– my favorite tip: have clean wash­cloths for your guests instead of one hand towel that gets used over and over…

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