Top 10 Best Towel Racks in 2020

Last updated on March 1, 2020

Looking for an awesome way to store towels in the bathroom or any other room? Here are the best towel racks in 2020 that will overdeliver!

If there’s one thing certain about towel racks is that there’s always not enough of them. Be it the bathroom, kitchen, or even a bedroom. More so if you live in a smaller apartment. This gives you an opportunity to not only get more storage space by getting some new towel racks. If you make the right choices you will improve your home decor at the same time.

Here’s a decor secret. You can use wall-mounted hooks just about everywhere and they look good. You can even kick it up a notch with vintage knobs and rustic bases. It’s just one of the towel rack ideas but this post is not about that (or only that). It’s about the variety of towel racks that you can get for all your towel needs. And believe me, I have some great picks.

But first, what do you need to know about choosing a towel rack?

  • Not all environments are ideal for every type of rack. Humid climates need more airy racks where you may not be able to use hooks (bars are the option.)
  • How big are your towels? Some racks are too small for plush towels or pool towels.
  • Can you install the mounting hardware? (Is suction function your only option?)
  • Definitely consider decor value.
  • Are you making a gift? (Yes, the right towel rack is a great gift!)

Considering these points will help you choose a lot (and save you money on the wrong purchases). I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching these so I hope you find the list useful. As usual, I might get compensated by Amazon for qualifying purchases at no expense to you (marked as #ad) – but it does help me run this site a lot.


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Towel Warmer

towel warmer
Amba Radiant Hardwired Towel Warmer Rack

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Pros: stainless steel; energy efficient.

Cons: takes up to 30 minutes to fully heat; inconvenient switch location; poor anchors included.

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Towel Holder

towel hooks
Sandblasted Rustproof Waterproof Towel Organizer

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Pros: rustproof and waterproof; decorative; easy installation; big and practical hooks.

Cons: the rack itself isn’t big enough for big towels (such as the pool.)

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Free Standing Towel Rack

free standing
Chrome Finish Bathroom Towel Stand

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Pros: nice chrome finish; roomy three bars; useful bottom shelf; easy to assemble.

Cons: a bit flimsy and short.

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Hand Towel Holder

towel ring
Modern Towel Ring

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Pros: nice nickel finish; timeless classic design.

Cons: no suction function – might be tricky to install.

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Suction Cup Towel Bar

suction towel bar
BOPai Suction Removeable Adhesive Towel Bar

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Pros: easy to install and remove; holds the weight well.

Cons: need to remove when cleaning.

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Magnetic Towel Bar

magnetic towel bar
YYST Magnetic Towel Bar

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Pros: strong magnets can hold the weigh; removable.

Cons: it needs a magnetic metal surface (stainless steel won’t work) which is rare in bathrooms; lacking decorative look.

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Hand Towel Stand

hand towel stand
Double T Hand Towel Stand

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Pros: nice decorative look; durable; doubles as a jewelry dish.

Cons: a bit short; not rustproof.

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Wall Mounted Towel Rack For Rolled Towels

rack for rolled towels
mDesign Modern Decorative Bathroom Organizer

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Pros: spacious design with 6 tiers; easy to install on an empty wall; can double as a wine rack in the kitchen or pantry.

Cons: it might not fit plush towels.

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Hanging Towel Rack

over the door hanging towel rack
Over the Door Triple Towel Rack with Hooks

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Pros: great airy tiered design; ideal for small bathrooms and bedrooms; the design includes two additional useful hooks.

Cons: it might be too big for some doors in tiny spaces.

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Ladder Towel Rack

hanging towel ladder
Whitewashed Wall Hanging Towel Storage Ladder

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Pros: adorable rustic look; works as a gift; very easy to mount.

Cons: a bit too small.

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