How to Throw an Iron Chef Party

Last updated on July 24, 2019

I recently threw a shindig to kick off the new sea­son of The Next Iron Chef. Although it’s too late to repli­cate this for a pre­mier party, you can take every­thing I did and use it to throw your own sea­son finale party. The finale will be aired Decem­ber 18th.

Make your guest list and send out an Evite. 

evite invitation example

a clothes pin stamped, eat.

What went down:

  • Every­one chose a chef from this sea­sons NIC and made an appe­tizer from one of their recipes.
  • After hav­ing fun tast­ing all of the gourmet good­ies, we voted to see who was “our” Next Iron Chef.
  • I made wine charms with all the con­tes­tant chefs pho­tos on them. Also attached to the glasses were mini keys that unlocked a box with a secret ingre­di­ent for them to take home. You had to take your key and keep try­ing to open locks until you found the one yours opened. This was a lot of fun and great party favor for the occasion.
  • After eat­ing and min­gling we watched the sea­son pre­mier together.
mini locks you can find at the dollar store

photos of the iron chefs on tags for the wine glasses
diy wine charms with photos of the different chefs

I hope you will be inspired to host an Iron Chef party for your fam­ily and friends!

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