The Most Expensive Pez Dispensers Ever: Rarest Finds

Last updated on June 20, 2024

Delve into the surprising world of PEZ dispensers because these seemingly simple childhood novelties can become high-priced collectibles.

Pez dispenser collector's guide

Delving into the world of collectibles can be fascinating and lucrative; take Pez dispensers for example, some of these pocket-sized candy cases are worth a fortune!

This article will take you on a journey through the topmost expensive Pez dispensers in the market. From the ones that were produced in limited numbers to those with interesting historical narratives; it’s not all about candy and fun characters.

We will also dive deeper into why these select few command such high prices. So, whether you’re a dedicated collector or someone intrigued by the value of plastic and candy, stay right here.

Let’s explore together the appealing, and potentially profit-yielding universe of high-priced Pez dispensers.

captain hook soft head
The image is associative and not a real product.

Valued for its rarity and distinctive design, the Captain Hook dispenser with a soft head is a treasured find among Pez collectors.

Key takeaways:

  • Landerbank Hippo A: The rarest and most valuable PEZ dispenser.
  • Captain Hook (Soft Head): Valued for rarity and distinctive design.
  • Donald Duck (Soft Head): Rarity and unique manufacturing process make it prized.
  • Dumbo (Soft Head): Rarity and connection to Disney make it sought-after.
  • Alpine Man with Mustache: Limited release and distinct features increase value.
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Landerbank Hippo A

Dubbed the Holy Grail of PEZ collecting, the Landerbank Hippo A stands at the pinnacle of rarity and value. Crafted as a promotional item for the Austrian bank, Länderbank, this dispenser never reached the public market, contributing to its scarcity. With only a handful known to exist, this hippo, characterized by its detail and bright green coloring, can fetch a staggering price at auction. Collectors prize it not only for its rarity but also for its unique place in PEZ history as a bridge between novelty candy dispensers and promotional marketing tools that captivate both confectionery enthusiasts and advertising collectors alike.

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Captain Hook (Soft Head)

Produced in the 1970s, this item stands out due to its flexible rubber head, unlike the more common hard plastic versions that came later.

Factors that enhance its worth include the condition of the dispenser, the presence of original packaging, and the vibrancy of the colors.

These soft head dispensers were part of a trial series which were never widely released, making them a sought-after item for serious collectors.

It’s important to verify the authenticity of these dispensers as reproductions do exist, and knowing the hallmarks of the original is key to making a smart addition to your Pez collection.

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Donald Duck (Soft Head)

A prized collector’s gem from the 1970s, the Donald Duck with a soft head quickly stands out due to its unique manufacturing process. Initially, this version was part of a test run featuring softer rubber heads before PEZ switched to an all-plastic design.

  • Rarity: Due to limited production, these soft-headed dispensers are fewer in number compared to their plastic counterparts, driving up their collectible value.
  • Condition: With age, rubber can deteriorate. A well-preserved soft head Donald Duck, retaining its vibrant colors and pliability, would fetch a higher price.
  • Original Parts: Dispensers with their original parts, including the rubber head, sleeve, and candy button, intact, are considered more valuable.
  • Provenance: A clear history of ownership or a story behind the dispenser can add to its value and allure for collectors.
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Dumbo (Soft Head)

Among the pantheon of valuable Pez dispensers, the Dumbo version with a soft head claims its own fame. This particular piece, cast from a pliable material unlike the standard hard plastic, was created during Pez’s earlier production days, which adds to its rarity.

As one of Disney’s most beloved characters, a Dumbo Pez in mint condition with no feet can command high prices at auction.

Here are a few reasons Dumbo stands out:

  • The dispenser taps into the nostalgia for Disney memorabilia, a vast and passionate collecting field.
  • Its soft head manufacturing was a short-lived practice, making it a unique find.
  • As a collectible, it maintains its value due to its high demand among devoted Pez collectors and Disney enthusiasts.
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Alpine Man With Mustache

The Alpine Man is notable for its distinguished mustache, which adds a layer of rarity to this already sought-after piece. This Pez dispenser hails from the 1970s and was part of a series celebrating traditional European figures. Its value skyrockets due to several factors:

  • Limited release: Initially distributed only in European countries, which means fewer were produced and circulated.
  • Condition: Collectors often seek out the Alpine Man with an intact mustache, uncracked body, and original packaging, which escalates its worth significantly if met.
  • Variants: There are variations in the mustache style and hat color, with some combinations being more rare than others, leading to higher collector interest for specific types.

Investors and collectors alike keep a sharp lookout for this dispenser at auctions and collector’s meets, eager to add a pristine piece to their collections or to cash in on the heightened resale value.

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Merry Music Maker Parrot With Yellow Head

Recognized for its rarity and eye-catching appearance, the Merry Music Maker Parrot with a yellow head is a notable collector’s item.

Originating from the Merry Music Maker series designed to function as both a toy whistle and candy dispenser, this variant stands out due to its unusual color scheme.

It’s important to consider the following:

  • Production Years: This dispenser was produced for a limited time, contributing to its scarcity and high value among collectors.
  • Condition: Collectibles in mint condition, preferably with the original packaging, significantly increase in value.
  • Whistle Feature: A functional whistle mechanism can enhance this item’s desirability.
  • Color Variation: The yellow-headed parrots are less common than other colors, making them a coveted piece.
  • Authentication: Verify authenticity through expert appraisal, as reproductions can mislead collectors.

Securing one of these unique pieces for your collection could mean a substantial investment, reflecting its exclusivity and coveted status in the PEZ collecting community.

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Mary Poppins With Painted Cheeks

Valued for its rarity and link to the cherished Disney classic, the Mary Poppins Pez dispenser captures the whimsy and charm of the beloved nanny.

Characterized by her painted cheeks, this piece stands apart from the more common versions with plain faces.

A true gem for collectors, these specially detailed dispensers can command impressive prices at auction, reflecting their scarcity and the nostalgia they evoke.

Collectors treasure them not only as part of Pez’s history but also for their connection to film memorabilia, making them doubly significant.

Keep an eye out for the authentic painted versions, as they are often the centerpiece of a Pez collection.

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Sparefroh is a distinctive Pez dispenser that originated as a symbol of savings in Austria, promoting the concept of saving money among children. Its uniqueness and cultural significance contribute to its high value among collectors.

Here are a few key points explaining why it stands out:

  • Released in the 1970s, Sparefroh represents the mascot of the Austrian bank ‘Zentralsparkasse’.
  • Its design features the iconic figure with a cheerful face, a currency symbol on its stem, and a green hat, embodying the spirit of frugality and thrift.
  • The combination of its limited production run and its distribution solely in Austria makes it a rare find outside its country of origin.
  • Collectors prize Sparefroh for its excellent condition and originality, with a complete, unbroken stem and vibrant face paint being especially valued.
  • Its intersection of financial education and playful design creates an appealing narrative that transcends generations, enhancing its collectible status.
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Lions Club

Issued in the early 1970s as a limited edition for the Lions Club International, this Pez dispenser features the iconic lion logo representative of the club.

Here’s what makes this Pez unique:

  • Rarity: Created exclusively for members, not for public sale, adding to its scarcity.
  • Design: The distinctive incorporation of Lions Club’s emblem sets it apart from standard character dispensers.
  • Value Indicator: Its worth spikes among enthusiasts due to its organization-specific nature and historical significance in Pez’s partnership history.
  • Collectability: Among Pez collectors, items with corporate or organizational ties fetch higher interest and command substantial premiums.

With so few in circulation, when one pops up for auction, collectors are keen to add this rare piece to their assemblage, ensuring its status as one of the most sought-after dispensers.

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King Louie With Red or Light Brown Hair

Dive into the world of rare Pez dispensers with King Louie, a cherished piece among collectors. Originating from the beloved classic “The Jungle Book,” this dispenser features the quirky King of the Apes. Variants with red or light brown hair command higher prices due to their scarcity.

These were produced in a limited run, making them more sought after than their common counterparts.

Key points to note about the King Louie dispenser:

  • Value is significantly influenced by the color of the hair; red-haired versions are particularly rare.
  • Condition matters: intact, undamaged pieces with their original packaging fetch the highest prices.
  • Check for the presence of ‘feet’ – earlier models without feet are typically more valuable.
  • Authenticity is crucial: consult experts or use reliable references to verify genuine items.

Collectors desire this unique dispenser for its nostalgic value and the charm it adds to any Pez collection. Keep an eye out for opportunities to acquire one of these gems, as they are a testament to the enduring appeal of Pez dispensers.

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Purple-Headed Cow

One Pez dispenser that commands attention from collectors is the Purple-Headed Cow. This endearing piece is part of the Pez “Make-A-Face” series from the 1970s, which allowed children to customize their dispensers with small, stick-on pieces to create facial features.

While not many of these were made, even fewer still exist with all their original parts intact.

The rarity of the Purple-Headed Cow, particularly those in mint condition, is one reason for its high value. Unlike standard dispensers, the “Make-A-Face” series was discontinued due to concerns about the small parts presenting a choking hazard, which has made these items a collector’s dream.

A complete Purple-Headed Cow Pez dispenser, with all facial feature stickers unapplied or correctly applied and in excellent condition, can fetch princely sums in today’s market.

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Pony-Go-Round Variants

Collectors take delight in the whimsical charm of Pony-Go-Round dispensers, originating in the early ’60s.

These playful toys come in several coat colors, including blue, green, and red, and some feature a mane of a different shade.

Rarity peaks with the brown mane variation, increasing its value significantly.

Original intact blister packaging propels their collectability and worth.

The simplicity of the mold, contrasting with the rarity of certain color combinations, makes these variants a coveted item for high-end PEZ connoisseurs.

Keep an eye out for ones with feet, as earlier versions without feet are harder to find and more valuable.

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Psychedelic Flower

Psychedelic Flower Pez dispensers captivate with their vibrant, groovy aesthetic, echoing the ’60s and ’70s flower power movement. Known for their eye-catching design, these dispensers feature a flower’s face at the top with a mesmerizing, swirled stem handle.

Collectors prize these rarities in mint condition, sometimes fetching thousands of dollars at auction.

Key points about Psychedelic Flower dispensers:

  • Distinctive Features: They showcase a stylized flower with a face, often in various color combinations, making each one unique.
  • Rarity: These dispensers were short-lived production runs, increasing their scarcity and value.
  • Collector’s Value: Due to limited availability, a Psychedelic Flower in pristine condition with original packaging significantly adds to its worth.
  • Variations: Collectors hunt for different stem and face color variants, with certain combinations more elusive and desirable.

Understanding the allure of these dispensers isn’t just about their monetary value; it’s about the nostalgia and representation of a transformative era in pop culture.

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In-Demand Pez Dispensers to Sell Today

If you’re a collector looking to capitalize on current trends, keep an eye out for these gems that buyers are actively seeking:

  • Vintage Santas: Ranging from the full-bodied versions of the 1950s to the more modern iterations, these are a festive favorite amongst collectors.
  • Universal Monster Dispensers: Classics like Frankenstein, Wolfman, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon are especially coveted for their iconic status.
  • 1966 Batman With Cape: This caped crusader, complete with cape detail, flies high on the wishlist of superhero enthusiasts.
  • Wedding Prototype: Known for its rarity, this romantic dispenser is a white whale for serious Pez connoisseurs.
  • 1982 World’s Fair Astronaut B: A symbol of the Knoxville World’s Fair, this space-themed dispenser is a desirable piece of history.
  • 1961 Political Dispensers: Featuring the likes of Kennedy and others, this series is a crossover hit with political memorabilia collectors.
  • Snow White Lavender: The fairytale princess with a lavender-colored base stands out in any Pez lineup and is a sought-after version.

These dispensers’ demands are influenced by factors such as pop culture relevance, manufacturing rarity, and historical significance. Spotting one can be a collector’s or seller’s boon.

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Vintage Santas

These festive figurines, hailing from the 1950s and 1960s, capture the spirit of the holiday season and charm collectors worldwide.

Key aspects to consider:

1. Rarity: The presence of a “full body” design, where Santa Claus is depicted with detailed legs rather than just the iconic head, boosts the dispenser’s scarcity and value.

2. Condition: Mint condition pieces, especially those with the original packaging, can fetch higher prices.

3. Variations: Different facial expressions, the color of Santa’s hat or the design of the stem can distinguish a common dispenser from a sought-after rarity.

4. Historical Significance: The oldest versions, which can be identified by their lack of feet and a more rudimentary design, often carry a higher collectible status.

Remember, with Santa PEZ dispensers, sometimes a subtle nuance can make all the difference in value.

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Universal Monster Dispensers

Channeling the fascination of classic horror, the Universal Monster dispensers are a nod to iconic characters from vintage monster films. These dispensers, released in the 1960s, include Frankenstein’s Monster, the Wolfman, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and the Mummy.

Their rarity and condition can make them worth hundreds of dollars. To a collector, their value increases with their original packaging intact and with no visible damage. Their distinct appeal lies in the nostalgia they evoke for mid-20th-century cinema and the timeless allure of the macabre.

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Batman With Cape

Embarking on a journey to the heart of comic book nostalgia, we encounter a unique treasure for collectors: the 1966 Batman With Cape Pez dispenser. This charming piece of memorabilia hails from an era where Batman’s legacy was celebrated in every form, from television to toys.

Here’s what makes it stand out in the world of Pez:

  • Heritage: Born during the height of the original Batman TV series craze, this dispenser is steeped in pop culture history.
  • Design: Unlike standard Pez dispensers, this one features a detachable rubber cape, a distinctive trait adding to its rarity.
  • Scarcity: Given its age and unique characteristics, it’s less commonly found in mint condition, hiking up its desirability and value.
  • Collectibility: The Batman With Cape dispenser serves not just as a confectionery toy, but as a must-have for both Pez collectors and Batman enthusiasts.

It’s easy to see why the 1966 Batman With Cape dispenser swoops into the hearts of collectors with a distinctive blend of nostalgia and rarity.

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Wedding Prototype

In the world of collectible PEZ dispensers, the Wedding Prototype stands out due to its scarcity and the story it represents. Here are some key points about this unique piece:

  • Created as a limited edition intended for the 2011 PEZ convention, it features a bride and groom, encapsulating a celebration of matrimony.
  • Its rarity is attributed to the small number produced, enhancing its collectability and consequently its market value.
  • Distinct features include realistic detailing on the bridal gown and groom’s tuxedo, setting it apart from other themed dispensers.
  • Collectors treasure it not only for its aesthetic but also as a memento of PEZ community gatherings.
  • Its value may vary depending on condition and packaging, with mint condition being most desirable for collectors.

This dispenser is a true gem in the PEZ universe, serving as a symbol of love and a coveted item for serious enthusiasts.

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World’s Fair Astronaut B

Designed in commemoration of the 1982 World’s Fair, the Astronaut B dispenser stands as a nostalgic piece for collectors and enthusiasts. This Pez relic signifies the era’s fascination with space travel and exploration.

Produced in limited quantities, its rarity contributes to its high value among Pez dispensers, with pristine units fetching premium prices at auction. Identifiable by its full-body astronaut figure and distinctive space helmet, this piece is not only a functional dispenser but also a snapshot of cultural history, celebrating mankind’s aspirations beyond Earth.

Collectors seeking this dispenser should verify authenticity by noting specific markings and packaging unique to the original release.

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Which PEZ dispenser is worth money?

The Psychedelic Eyeball Flower Mod Pez dispenser, featuring a rose flower head with an eyeball in the center, is the most valuable PEZ dispenser, often selling for a few hundred dollars each.

What is the oldest PEZ dispenser?

The oldest PEZ dispenser was officially introduced at the Vienna Trade Fair in 1949.

Who has the biggest PEZ collection?

Brian Trauman from North Caldwell, New Jersey, holds the title for the largest PEZ collection, owning 5,548 candy dispensers.

How much did Steve Glew make?

Steve Glew made $4.5 million over 11 years by smuggling rare Pez dispensers.

What is the most rare PEZ dispenser ever produced?

The most rare PEZ dispenser ever produced is the Political Donkey Regular, created for the 1961 PEZ convention.

How can one start a PEZ dispenser collection on a budget?

One can start a PEZ dispenser collection on a budget by seeking thrift stores, yard sales, and online markets such as eBay for used, inexpensive pieces.

How has the design of PEZ dispensers evolved over the years?

The design of PEZ dispensers has evolved significantly over the years, transitioning from a more mundane, minimalist aesthetic to intricate designs featuring a wide array of beloved pop culture characters.

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