Why You Should Choose a California King Bed for Your Bedroom

Last updated on May 8, 2024

Your bedroom should be the safest and most comfortable space in your home. After all, this is where you sleep and rest after a long day at work. As such, taking the time to furnish and decorate the bedroom according to your needs and preferences is crucial. 

According to market research by Mordor Intelligence, the bedroom furniture market is estimated at $126.19 billion in 2024, and researchers expect further growth to reach $155.38 billion by 2029. This is boosted by a growth in demand for multipurpose furniture and an improved standard of living, encouraging companies to launch more high-end furniture options.

The drop in real estate prices worldwide has also resulted in smaller house sizes. This allows consumers to be more creative and flexible in their furnishing approach.

Among various bedroom furniture trends is the timeless California King bed — a staple among many bedrooms, though probably not as common as the standard King-sized beds. However, depending on your lifestyle and sleeping needs, you may consider getting a California King bed for your bedroom. Below, we’ll be sharing some reasons why:

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Extra Legroom

Extra Legroom

At 84″ x 72″, the California King bed is four inches longer than a standard King size, but four inches narrower. As such, it’s a popular option for taller people who may need extra legroom in bed or additional space at the foot of the bed for pets.

According to CNET’s piece on mattress sizes, there are many factors to consider when choosing a new bed, from the firmness and feel of its material to the size. If you have a smaller-sized bedroom, for example, you should ensure enough space for you to move around and to your California King bed.

At the same time, because California King mattresses are slightly narrower than normal King-sized beds, they could be a good option for smaller bedrooms if you want as much bed space as possible without going too bulky. 

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Variety of Bed Frame Sets

Considering the California King’s unique size, the bed can work with different bed frame styles depending on your bedroom’s look. This includes platform and sleigh beds, as well as four-posters. The California King bed sets from Living Spaces come in different materials and styles and are accompanied by add-ons. For example, the Hillsboro California King set has lots of built-in storage through bed frame drawers, a nightstand, and a dresser. 

Buying a California King bed frame set helps keep the aesthetic and theme of your room together. This helps prevent the hassle of matching a new bed frame to your existing bedroom furniture. A well-laid-out bed frame set can also make your California King bed the centrepiece of your bedroom.

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Better Sleeping Position

Better Sleeping Position

Finally, another benefit of going with a California King bed is it can allow you to sleep more comfortably and ergonomically. This article on sleeping positions from Real Simple highlights how your sleeping position can contribute to the increasing rate of people experiencing lower back pain. According to the World Health Organization, the estimated number of people with lower back pain will increase to about 843 million by 2050.

Above, we mentioned how the California King bed is ideal for taller sleepers who may need additional legroom. It’ll also ensure you don’t have to curl up or get uncomfortable when sleeping, as smaller beds tend to do. Your sleep posture can also be affected by the amount of pillows you have on your bed, which the larger California King size can accommodate.

Ultimately, choosing a California King bed for your bedroom can help ensure more comfort and even transform the look of the space. If you’ve finally decided on purchasing your own California King bed, you can check out our post discussing “How to Choose The Right Type of Bedding for your Bed” to make sure everything fits and won’t feel uncomfortable. After all, having a well-set up bed can contribute to a good night’s sleep and a better morning the next day.

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