15 Unique Wood Art Ideas That Go Beyond Wall Decor

Last updated on June 6, 2024

Want to add some wood art to your life and not only to hang something on a wall? Here are some ideas that go beyond wall decor. Read on!

Decorating with wood art, beyond just hanging it on your walls, is a lot like decorating with other types of art. The key is to find a piece that fits the theme of your space. The most common types of wood art are: wood signs, wood plaques, wood boxes, and wood bowls. However, there are many other more unique types of wood art that can be used to add character to any room.

Of course, you should also consider what you are trying to decorate, and whether or not wood art will work with the existing design. For example, a wood sign that says “Welcome” will probably clash with an office space that has a more modern look.

We all know about how big wall art is, but it is far from the only type of art you can display in your home. For example, a lot of people aren’t aware that you can buy wood art. This includes sculptures, vases, candle holders, plaques, and more. Wooden plaques with inspirational quotes are a popular choice for people looking for something to add some pop to their home.

Here are more ideas for inspiration on choosing wood art.

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Sliced Wood

wood slices

We sliced some pieces of wood and then glued them back together to make art.We cut thin slices from a piece of wood then reassembled the slices into an art form.

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Geometric Art

geometric wood art

Consider slapping some trendy geometric wall decor onto your place by using petite pieces of reclaimed wood that were cut with a knife.Macrogeometric design for occasional use: Put small cuts of reclaimed wood in whimsical shapes on your space. This will nicely compliment any regular, monotonous wall color scheme or furniture design.

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Driftwood Art

driftwood art

You can create amazing art pieces with driftwood to put on your walls.Wood art with driftwood is a topic about making certain artwork by using pieces of wood and then decorating them with things like paint, cloth, rope, or anything else you find that make it look nice.

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Rustic Wall Art

rustic wall art

When looking for a rustic wall art piece you can use anything at random to make it.

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Wood Grain Steering Wheel

woodgrain steering wheel

Wood art can be anything that includes wood grain. It goes beyond just decorating the walls. From wood grain steering wheels to showing how many different things you could make out of wood and what it does for the decor.

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Lucky Shamrock

Wooden green shamrocks

Form shapes out of reclaimed wood that look like lucky shamrocks. Cut off pieces of reclaimed wood and shape them into different, shaped pieces. The hard work makes the people feel rewarded and more accomplished when they see their new creation.

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Reclaimed Barn Wood

barnwood decor

You can create a piece of decorative art by using reclaimed barn wood.

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Chevron Style

chevron wood art

Chevron decorations can be used to decorate wooden articles.

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Colorful Wood Art

Many people find wood art as a creative and unique way to express their personality. They can have ideas such as decor one’s residence or office, give as a present or souvenir, showcase great pieces of art for folks to take pleasure in, and so on. Lots of people enjoy making (and purchasing) wood art because it is a creative and unique way of expressing oneself.

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Natural Birch

Birch wood and black and white paint on this wood art gives a completely natural look.

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Mountains with pallet wood

There are a lot of possible varieties and style for experimenting in wood art, but it is fun to experiment in thinking outside the box with using things such as pallet wood to create beautiful mountains.There are many potential materials people can use for their art, but it is fun to get creative and try different things like using pallet wood to make these beautiful hillsides.

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Circular pieces of wood

All it takes is to cut off circular pieces of wood for an abstract wall art piece.

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Wine corks

The best way to reuse old wine corks is to use them in a wood project. Many people think that good wine often goes to waste when they drink it and have the option of recycling by growing plants in it. However, most people don’t have time or space for these plants, and can often use the empty bottles for decorative projects while still saving the corks from the bottles.

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Reclaimed wood sculpture

Splitting regular wood to make sculptures is not usually sustainable, so why not explore art with reclaimed wood instead?

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Distressed Wood

Wood art with distressed wood as a photo set of the work.

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