20 Bathroom Makeover Ideas: Easy Steps for a Major Space Upgrade

Last updated on September 25, 2023

Discover innovative solutions for transforming your bathroom into a stylish and functional space with these creative makeover ideas.

Transforming your bathroom into a stylish sanctuary does not require a hefty budget or extensive renovations. Simple, cost-effective changes can make a significant impact, adding both comfort and value to your home.

This article will cover a range of inventive bathroom makeover ideas, from clever storage solutions to chic decor accents. Whether you’re aiming for a spa-inspired retreat or a modern minimalist space, you’ll find detailed guidance here.

Stay tuned for practical tips and creative inspiration to help you achieve your dream bathroom makeover.

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Install a New Bathtub

Install a New Bathtub Bathroom Makeover

Selecting the ideal bathtub involves careful thought about style, size, and material. If you fancy a touch of elegance, a freestanding tub could be a great choice, instantly becoming the centerpiece of the room. For convenience and ease, built-in bathtubs are popular choices and work very well in smaller spaces.

When considering size, take account of your bathroom measurements to ensure a seamless fit.

Materials matter too, with acrylic, porcelain-enameled steel, and cast iron being the most popular. Each offers different pros and cons in terms of comfort, durability, and heat retention.

Finally, think about the installation process. A built-in tub might require extra work for plumbing arrangements, while freestanding tubs are typically easier to install but may need further investments to support the weight. Ensure that your decision ultimately suits your personal style, budget, and requirements.

Key Points:

  • Style – freestanding or built-in.
  • Size – dependent on bathroom measurements.
  • Material – acrylic, porcelain-enameled steel, cast iron.
  • Installation – understanding the involvement and potential costs.
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Upgrade Shower Head

Upgrade Shower Head Bathroom Makeover

Investing in a high-quality showerhead brings a spa-like atmosphere to your bathroom and enhances the overall showering experience. Consider the following when selecting a new showerhead:

  • Water Pressure: Ensure the showerhead can provide satisfactory water pressure for a comfortable shower.
  • Space: Make sure your choice fits well within your shower area. A rainfall showerhead needs plenty of overhead room.
  • Features: For ultimate luxury, consider models with multiple spray settings, massage modes, and even built-in speakers for music.
  • Sustainability: Opt for water-saving showerheads to reduce your water usage and contribute to environmental conservation.
  • Installation: While most showerheads can be DIY installed, some may need professional assistance.

Remember, quality over quantity. A showerhead that caters to your needs will elevate your bathroom decor and functionality.

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Replace Old Tiles

Replace Old Tiles Bathroom Makeover

Consider the selection of tiles as they have a significant impact on the overall appearance of the bathroom. Old, worn-out tiles can make a room look dated and tired. Opting for light-colored tiles can brighten up your room and make it appear larger.

Key Points:

  • Choose tiles that match your style preference.
  • Pay attention to durability, especially for floor tiles.
  • Consider the size of the tiles; larger tiles can help a small bathroom seem bigger.
  • Remember to factor in the color and design of the tiles – lighter tones can brighten up the space.
  • Installation: Hire a professional for a seamless finish.
  • Don’t forget the grout – the color can contrast or complement your tiles, adding an extra design element.
  • Consider the cleaning process. Textured tiles may be more difficult to clean than smooth ones.
  • Think about the placement of the tiles. They can be arranged in a myriad of patterns to create different aesthetics.
  • Remember that tiles aren’t confined to the floors; adding a tile backsplash around the sink or a feature wall can elevate the look of your bathroom.
  • Budget – The cost can vary widely, so set a budget before you begin shopping.
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Add a Vanity Mirror

Add a Vanity Mirror Bathroom Makeover

Incorporating a vanity mirror enhances the aesthetic value and functionality of your bathroom. Select one that complements the style of your space – modern, rustic, vintage, etc.

Key points:

  • Size: Bigger mirrors reflect more light, making the room look spacious. Ensure it matches the scale of the sink.
  • Style: Rectangle, square, round – shapes can dramatically impact the room’s look. Choose one that aligns with your decor.
  • Frame: This can be a significant style statement. Wood, metal, frameless – choose what best suits your style.
  • Lighting: Consider a mirror with in-built lights for better visibility and an upscale look.
  • Storage: Some vanity mirrors come with storage options, perfect for small bathrooms.

Once you’ve chosen your mirror, hang it at eye-level for functionality and balance. Aim for the center of the mirror to be about 5 to 5.5 feet above the floor, ensuring anyone who uses it can see their reflection without having to crouch or jump. With the correct choice and placement, a vanity mirror can add tremendous value to your bathroom makeover.

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Repaint With Fresh Colors

Repaint With Fresh Colors Bathroom Makeover

Introducing new colors into your bathroom can make the area feel completely rejuvenated and on-trend. First and foremost, go for color shades that induce a sense of calm and relaxation, like subtle blue hues or delicate pastels.

Then, opt for a semi-gloss or high-gloss finish, which resists humidity and is easy to clean. Be sure to use primer first to ensure long-lasting results.

Key points:

  • Selection of color: Choose soothing and relaxing hues.
  • Choice of finish: Opt for semi-gloss or high-gloss finishes due to their durability and easy-clean nature.
  • Application: Prime before painting for longer-lasting results.
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Install Heated Floors

Install Heated Floors Bathroom Makeover

Moving on to heated floors, a luxury feature that brings comfort to those cold mornings. It involves installing electric or hydronic heating systems underneath the flooring.

Here’s a simplified process:

  • Choose the right system: Electric systems are easier to install, while hydronic systems are more efficient for larger spaces.
  • Prepare the floor: Ensure it’s clean and free of objects that could damage the heating system.
  • Install the system: Follow the manufacturer’s guide and consider hiring a professional for a safe and correct installation.
  • Install flooring: Once the heating system is in place, install your chosen floor material on top.

Remember, a properly installed heated floor increases not only comfort but also the value of the home. Seek professional advice to make the best decision.

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Add Floating Shelves

Add Floating Shelves Bathroom Makeover

Floating shelves contribute significantly to bathroom decor, creating a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Not only do they save space, but they also add a modern touch to your bathroom design.

Key points a-c:

a. Space-Saving: Perfect for storing all bath essentials such as towels, toiletries, and candles, without occupying much space. In small bathrooms, they can replace big storage cabinets.

b. Versatility: They come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, enabling homeowners to choose ones that best fits their style and functionality needs.

c. Installation: For sturdy shelves, mount them on wall studs using a stud finder. For drywall, opt for hollow wall anchors. Always use a level for a perfect install.

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Install a New Sink

Install a New Sink Bathroom Makeover

Selecting the right design is paramount when replacing your sink. Contemporary options like a vessel or pedestal sink create a unique aesthetic appeal.

Keep in mind that functionality is as crucial as the style, ensuring sufficient space for toiletries.

Key Points:

  • Choose a style: Vessel, undermount, pedestal, etc.
  • Define your needs: Consider size and function.
  • Hire a professional installer: Ensure proper plumbing hookup.
  • Match with overall bathroom design: Harmonize the style with existing decor.
  • Set a budget: Determine your spending limit.
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Change Faucets

Change Faucets Bathroom Makeover

Upgrading your faucets can bring an immediate facelift to your bathroom, and there’s a surprising variety of designs and finishes available to suit every taste. Go high-end with a sleek, modern design, or try a rustic style for a vintage vibe.

Key Points:

  • Consider design and finish: Whether stainless steel, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze, choose a design that matches your style.
  • Select function: Choose between single-handle or double-handle faucets for ease of use. Consider a touchless faucet for increased hygiene.
  • Evaluate installation: Ease of installation differs with every faucet. Ensure it aligns with your plumbing arrangement.
  • Check for water efficiency: Faucets marked with WaterSense labels meet EPA’s criteria for water efficiency and performance.

Remember, consistency in your bathroom’s design can yield an attractive, unified look. With the right faucet, you can make a statement and enhance functionality at the same time.

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Add Wall Art

Add Wall Art Bathroom Makeover

Whether it’s a high-quality art print or a family photograph, wall art in the bathroom contributes significantly in uplifting the ambiance. Here are few key points to consider:

1. Choose waterproof materials: As bathrooms are generally moist, opt for art pieces that are resistant to humidity, such as acrylic or glass framed prints.

2. Matching the aesthetic: Coordinate the color or theme of the artwork with the bathroom’s palate for a cohesive appeal.

3. Optimal Placement: Position wall art at eye level or above the towel rack for maximum visibility.

4. Size: Oversized paintings can give a spacious feel whereas smaller, grouped pieces can create a curated gallery feel.

5. Personalization: Use bathroom wall art to reflect personalities and interests, be it a vibrant abstract painting or a calm beach landscape.

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Install a New Toilet

Install a New Toilet Bathroom Makeover

When selecting a new toilet, consider design, efficiency, comfort, and size. Always opt for a model that is water-efficient to conserve resources and lower utility costs.

Key Points:

  • 1. Design: Modern toilets come in numerous designs – one-piece, two-piece, wall-hung. Choose one that complements your bathroom decor.
  • 2. Efficiency: Toilets with high-efficiency ratings use less water per flush, saving you money and helping the environment.
  • 3. Comfort: Consider features like seat height and elongated bowls for increased comfort.
  • 4. Size: Ensure the measurements of your new toilet fit in the existing floor space, especially in smaller bathrooms.
  • 5. Installation: Remember to include the cost and arrangements for professional installation, unless you plan to do it yourself.
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Use Decorative Light Fixtures

Use Decorative Light Fixtures Bathroom Makeover

Choosing the right light fixture can drastically improve the aesthetic of your bathroom. It’s not just about brightening the room, but adding style and function. Opt for fixtures that match the overall theme of your space.

Key Points:

  • Selecting the Right Lights: Opt for LED lights for energy efficiency and longevity. Layer lighting for versatility, include a mix of task, accent, and ambient lights.
  • Fixture Styles: Consider different styles like pendant, chandelier, or sconces. Choose according to your design theme.
  • Position: Pay attention to where the light hits. Aim for an even distribution to avoid shadows. The mirror and vanity area require the best lighting.
  • Dimmer Switch: A dimmer switch can set the mood and conserve energy.
  • Safety: Ensure all fixtures are safe for bathroom use (IP Rating). Opt for waterproof versions where necessary.

In short, a well-chosen and correctly positioned light fixture enhances both the usability and style of your bathroom.

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Add a Medicine Cabinet

Add a Medicine Cabinet Bathroom Makeover

When selecting the perfect medicine cabinet, keep the following key points in mind:

  • Size: Choose a cabinet that is proportional to your sink and fits the wall space.
  • Material: Consider a material resilient to moisture. Stainless steel is a reliable choice.
  • Style: Make sure the style complements the existing fixtures and decor.
  • Shelves: Opt for adjustable shelves for flexibility in storage.

Additionally, remember to install your cabinet at chest height for easy access and consider using a professional for secure installation.

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Install a Rain Shower

Install a Rain Shower Bathroom Makeover

Rain showers hold aesthetic and functional appeal. Unlike traditional shower heads, they simulate a rainfall experience, providing a soothing, spa-like sensation. They can be fixed to the ceiling or wall depending on your preference and bathroom aesthetics.

Key points:

  • Rain showers cover a larger area for a full body water coverage.
  • They use more water – essential to ensure your water heater and plumbing system can handle it.
  • Installation may require professional help due to plumbing rerouting.
  • They are available in various designs – consider the style of your bathroom before choosing.
  • They tend to be more expensive – consider it as an investment in daily comfort.
  • Regular cleaning is necessary as they can be susceptible to mineral buildup.
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Add a Towel Warmer

Add a Towel Warmer Bathroom Makeover

Investing in a good quality towel warmer ensures comfort by creating a luxury spa-like experience right at home. Here are a few pointers to consider when adding a towel warmer to your bathroom:

1. Type: Select from wall-mounted units for a fixed solution or freestanding ones if you need flexibility.

2. Size: Consider the number of towels used daily to decide on the size and capacity.

3. Heating Method: Choose between electric or hydronic based on your needs and budget.

4. Energy Efficiency: Opt for models with timers or thermostats to save energy.

5. Style: Choose a design that complements your bathroom’s decor.

Remember that a towel warmer is not just about warm towels – it also adds to the overall appeal of the bathroom and, in some cases, can provide additional heating. Installation requires some planning so be sure to consult with a professional.

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Rearrange for More Space

Rearrange for More Space Bathroom Makeover

Making the best of your existing bathroom layout can maximize space and enhance convenience. Here are some key points to consider:

  • 1. Note the current obstacles in the layout.
  • 2. Draft a potential new layout plan, prioritizing the most used items.
  • 3. Utilize corners effectively by installing corner shelves or sinks.
  • 4. Consider wall-mounted storage units, or open shelving.
  • 5. Free up floor space by swapping out a hinged door for a sliding one.
  • 6. Consider a wall-mounted toilet to free up floor space.

By adhering to these tips, the bathroom can become more functional and spacious, enhancing your overall experience within the space.

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Use Patterned Wallpaper

Use Patterned Wallpaper Bathroom Makeover

Choosing the ideal design is crucial when incorporating patterned wallpaper into your bathroom decor. Consider the size and overall décor theme of your bathroom while contemplating the selection.

1. Scale: Look for smaller patterns in cozier spaces to avoid overwhelming the room. Larger bathrooms can handle bold, dramatic designs.

2. Coordination: You want your wallpaper to complement, not clash with your existing décor. This includes elements in your bathroom like vanities, tiles, and lighting.

3. Moisture Resistance: For areas with high moisture, like near the shower or sink, opt for vinyl wallpapers which resist water and steam.

4. Easy Cleaning: Bathroom walls can become dirty over time. Select a design that’s easy to clean without damaging the print.

Following these key points will ensure a balanced and effective style update using patterned wallpaper.

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Update Bathroom Hardware

Update Bathroom Hardware Bathroom Makeover

Embracing modern hardware can dramatically change your bathroom ambiance. Switching out knobs, handles, and hinges for sleek and chic options can be a game-changer.

Choosing hardware finishes such as brushed nickel, aged bronze, or polished chrome can bring out a luxurious look. Don’t forget about the towel bars and the shower door handles while you’re at it.

Key points:

  • Modernize by selecting up-to-date hardware styles.
  • Try different finish options for a unique look.
  • Update both small hardware items like knobs and larger pieces like towel bars.
  • Matching the shower door handle with other hardware creates a cohesive style.
  • Replacing hardware is a cost-effective way to enhance aesthetic appeal.
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Install Glass Shower Doors

Install Glass Shower Doors Bathroom Makeover

For a modern and sleek appearance, glass shower doors serve as an ideal inclusion in your bathroom design. With their transparent nature, they evoke a sense of openness and light, making your bathroom appear larger and brighter.

Key Points:

  • Varieties: From frameless designs that offer a minimalist look to frosted or patterned options that provide more privacy, there’s a broad range of options to suit your style.
  • Installation: Hiring a professional to install your glass shower door is highly recommended to ensure it fits properly and seals tightly, preventing leaks.
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning is necessary to avoid permanent staining or discoloration from water spots. Use a gentle cleaner and soft cloth to remove deposits.
  • Safety: While glass doors are tempered for added strength, they still require careful handling. Consider shatterproof models for added peace of mind.

Incorporating a glass shower door, with its prospected features in mind, you can indeed redefine your bathing environment, making it a tranquil retreat right at home.

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Add a Plant for Aesthetic Appeal

Add a Plant for Aesthetic Appeal Bathroom Makeover

Adding greenery to your bathroom can create a fresh and lively atmosphere. Plants not only purify the air by absorbing toxins but they also boost mood and creativity.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Choose plants that thrive in humidity: Species like ferns, spider plants, and peace lilies do well in moist conditions.
  • Consider light conditions: If your bathroom has a lot of natural light, opt for plants like succulents or aloe. For darker bathrooms, choose low-light plants like snake plants or pothos.
  • Use stylish pots: Ceramic or brass pots can add extra elegance.
  • Placement: Position plants in corners, windowsills, or hang them from the ceiling to save space. Some can even thrive in your shower.

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