6 Bathroom Lighting Ideas with No Windows

Last updated on September 21, 2023

Do you have a bathroom with no windows? Setting up the lighting in such a room is quite different than in one with a window. Here are some ideas.

Bathroom lighting is a serious issue. In order to keep a bathroom functional, it needs to have enough light to work in. That means a bathroom with no windows needs a light fixture or two. Of course, with the bathroom being so small, the fixture or two needs to be well-placed. For instance, a bathroom with no windows and reflecting walls doesn’t have to worry about directing light at the mirror, as the walls will reflect light just as well if they’re white. This is especially helpful if the mirror is small, as in a bathroom with a small bathtub or a shower only, no tub.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the light switch for the bathroom is close to the door. This will make it easier for you to turn on the lights when you enter and exit. Next, install a dimmer switch in your bathroom so that you can adjust how bright or dark it is at any time. You may want a brighter light when applying makeup or shaving, but a darker light when using the toilet or taking care of personal hygiene tasks. Finally, use lamps with shades that are made of fabric instead of paper or plastic because they will diffuse and soften the light more than other materials do.

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Light Bulb Types

bathroom led lights

There are three main types of light bulbs today. Incandescent, CFLs, and LEDs are the predominant ones. The CFLs aren’t usually recommended for bathrooms because you constantly switch on and off the lights from a bathroom. LEDs are better to use and last a long time, but incandescent bulbs will work well also.

Because a bathroom with no windows requires brighter lighting, LED bulbs are ideal in this setup.

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Bulb Brightness

bathroom birghtness

Ever since the advent of electric light, scientists and experts have been continuously drilling deeper into the topics that are ailing this crucial form of energy. One major issue that has been oft-mentioned is what people refer to as bulb brightness. Make sure the bulbs are bright enough to illuminate the always-dark bathroom space.

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Color and Light Quality

dark bathroom

Light bulbs can be confusing, including the color temperature that rates the color or tone of emitted light. Higher means brighter or blue features, and lower means a yellow or softer tone. The 2700K is more like natural light, whereas 4000K is closer to white light.

The color rendering index (CRI) corresponds to how true, or accurate, the colors of a room look under the light of the bulb compared to natural lighting. The higher CRI is the better quality. Any lights that are supposed to illuminate any specific spot for color accuracy should have a CRI of at least 90.

Examples of said lights are bathroom task lights or task lights for makeup applications. That’s why it’s so important if there’s no source of daylight like a window.

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Lighting Fixtures

bathroom sconces

Since you don’t have a window, choosing lighting fixtures will be critical in determining whether it is successful. You can find some great ideas on Ovedecors.com.

Semi-flush ceiling-mounted fixtures are often appealing and practical for small spaces as they are not low-hanging lights. Sometimes, due to the design and size, low-hanging lights may cause problems in small spaces. Instead, it is more efficient to use semi-flush ceiling-mounted fixtures with clear or white shades which let light through.

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Embrace Dark Colors

bathroom dark colors

Turn a small bathroom without any windows into a cozy, dark space. Light some candles for a romantic ambiance and pamper yourself in a hot bath.

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Use a Lot of White

white bathroom

The idea of dark and sultry that some people would choose affects the space that sometimes is a bad one. If you don’t like this darker feeling, you can opt for more white in your room.

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