Can You Put Curtains in the Bathroom? [Solved]

Last updated on November 17, 2023

Can you put curtains in the bathroom? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are remodeling their bathrooms. The answer to this question is yes. You can put curtains in your bathroom.

The first thing you need to do is measure the window and then buy a curtain rod that will fit inside it. You can also use an existing curtain rod if it fits the window well enough. Next, measure how long you want your curtains to be and cut them accordingly. Then, hang them up on the rod and enjoy!

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The Purpose of Bathroom Window Curtains

bathroom window curtain

Bathroom window curtains are one of the key parts for any bathroom design, covering ideas are important for style and privacy.

The main purpose of window treatments is to:

  • Cover up your view: What might be happening outside in front of your window may be bothersome to you.
  • Add privacy to windows: You want to share some joy and coziness with people inside and not just those you know outside.

You run into some trouble while deciding what kind of bathroom window curtains you want. Bathroom windows have many shapes and sizes and are sometimes inconveniently placed.

Bathroom curtains make your bathroom look sleek and collected without being expensive. It also provides a sense of privacy while being still to let in the natural light completely.

Bathroom curtains are meant to provide privacy and be moisture-proof so that natural light can enter. You should also create an atmosphere where you can relax.

The set up can include different kinds of bathroom window treatments for the best appearance in your bathroom. Let’s explore the materials and fabrics available so that you have a better understanding of what they should look like now.

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Sheer Curtains

It’s a popular choice of bathroom curtains. Sheer curtains let in light while still giving you some privacy.

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Waterproof Curtains

Many window treatment ideas that are very convenient for bathrooms are vinyl curtains. Vinyl curtains are mold and mildew-proof. The benefit of vinyl curtains is that the curtains are inexpensive, easy to install, and easy to clean and maintain. These curtains come in different colors, so you’ll be able to find the perfect color or design for your bathroom!

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Small Bathroom Window Curtains

One way to keep small bathroom windows private is by obtaining curtains that match the colouration of the other windows in the room. Window coverings are also available in a variety of textures, such as crochet, linen, lace and sheer panels.

Another way to keep small bathroom windows private is by installing a roll-down blind on the outside of the window; this ensures that any uninvited guests won’t be able to look into what’s going on inside.

Plantation shutters will make your bathroom look like home while still allowing privacy.

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Small Curtains for Big Windows

There are a few designs that may work when you have a large window area in your bathroom. Many developers cut corners, and will install smaller windows in bathrooms or cover the windows with curtains designed for small windows. There are some designs which can make it seem like no curtains are needed at all with a few simple changes.

The construction industry likes to install smaller windows in bathrooms or cover the loops with vents appropriate to the size of small windows.

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Arched Window Curtains

If your windows are not rectangular, you still have many options for curtain styles.

Curtains can be used to cover windows of different shapes and sizes.

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Multiple Windows

Using curtains to cover the windows in a bathroom is an excellent choice if you have multiple windows that are in a row. A great option if you want to give your bathroom windows a uniform look is to hang the same color curtain on each window whether it be patterned, velvet, taffeta, or any other style or color of curtain.

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Curtains That Work in Bathrooms

Once you decide to hang curtains in the bathroom and you know the type and style, you need to decide on the bathroom curtain design. Here are some ideas.

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Flower Prints

Brightening up the room with a print curtain is a good idea because it is both cheerful and provides color. The flowery, simplicity of this anthropology design may make it a better idea for bathrooms because it isn’t overly distracting.

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White Curtains

If a bathroom doesn’t face any public space, there may be no need to add a window covering that provides privacy. If this is the case, the two most worthwhile concerns may be style of the room and insulation from cold air without would negate efficiency of the floor heater or water heater. In these cases, gauzy white curtains are the best choice.

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Black Curtains

Look for a delicate and small window curtain for the bathroom with a unique color and pattern. Not many black curtains are draped in bathrooms, but this one was see-through with white embroidery that still manages to look light.

Hunting for a delicate and small window curtain may not even register high on many people’s lists for ideas in a bathroom, just because black ones are not as common.

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Faux Wood Blinds

You will have a more simple look if you install faux wood blinds on your bathroom window. This can be done with ease because it is exceptionally easy to install faux wood blinds.

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Matching Window and Shower Curtains

Many people sometimes need to replace their shower curtains and window curtains. Window and shower curtains are a great way to add a touch of your personality to the bathroom by coordinating or matching them in the same pattern and color.

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Pink Curtains

Typically pink is used to make a bathroom look more feminine and delicate. A great place to use pink in a bathroom in on the window curtains. Simply changing the color of the curtains can give the room a new personality.

The color of pink has many mathematical properties: red and white: it will resemble both pink, as exhibit in this photo, as well as pink and white, which is shown in this other picture.

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Tasseled Curtains

A tasseled curtain can be made into a boho look that is fairly simplistic. The series of curtains depicted includes a simple pattern with white and black color schemes which don’t clutter the windows from too many patterns.

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Valances-just for the top of the window-are one great option for small window curtains in bathrooms. Likewise, you can get a valence and side panels which are in similar patterns and colors.

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Draped Curtain Panels

Draped panels with white curtains can help provide symmetrical contrast in some rooms. The extra fabric improves symmetry on the non-window side of the window as well as adding some decorating polish in an informal room such as a farmhouse with an antique look or a quaint cottage in Ireland.

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Striped Curtains

“Striped Curtains are Simple and Beautiful”

striped white curtains from Anthroplogie

are excellent for decorating bathroom window in different decors styles including rustic, modern, minimal and farmhouse.

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Complementary Color

Whether you have long windows or shorter ones, it is easy to get long curtains if you do this combination of colors. These navy-colored window coverings match the blue walls well with the dark navy in this palette.

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Floor-length Curtains with Smaller Windows

A floor-length curtain can serve as a window treatment for smaller windows. For example, a shorter window in the bathroom could be appropriately covered with a floor-length curtain.

Combining different window treatments can provide lots of variation in your house. When you have shorter windows and narrower windows you can use a standard style or blend it with a Roman style like I did with this curtain design shown here.

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Bold Color

Here is a document about jewelry. One of the points made is that there are not a lot of bright colors, but in some cases the brighter colors help to make the bathroom seem cheerful.

Although many of the things we’ve explored so far in regards to bathrooms are neutral colors like ivory white or beige, there are some spaces created with brighter shades of red such as this scalloped curtain.

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To keep your curtains more functional and accessible, you will want to buy tiebacks when attaching them to your window. Tiebacks are thicker than just curtains alone, and so provide more privacy and functionality by helping the curtain fit more flush against the window’s opening.

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Embroidered Window Tiers

This window tier is in the shape of a voile curtain with an embroidered base. The embroidered design may detract from the look of a nicer running stitch which is often noticed on simpler tiers that might be used in a historically accurate setting so this type can still be appropriate though and lends versatility.

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Decorative Half Curtain

Half curtains are used for decoration of small bathroom windows that are located in the north side of the house. This type of curtain is commonly seen in kitchens, but it works well for windows in bathrooms too. Small bathroom windows can be curtain with this type of curtain for a decorative look.

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Black and White Curtains

The color palette that is black and white offers a bold choice for anyone decorating a bathroom. This geometric pattern on white will stand out in any of the rooms

White and Black are great colors for bathrooms, especially in a more modern style of room. The stylistic choice of black on white in geometric patterns will stand out no matter what room it is put into.

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