20 Bathroom TV Ideas for an Enhanced Bathing Experience

Last updated on October 21, 2023

Explore unique, stylish ways to incorporate a television into your bathroom design for an indulgent spa-like experience.

I take great pride in presenting this article and its bespoke designs on 20 Bathroom TV Ideas, and I sincerely hope they inspire you as much as they enthralled me during their creation.

Incorporating a TV into your bathroom design can transform your daily routine into a luxurious, spa-like experience. Whether it’s catching up on morning news while getting ready or indulging in a favorite show during a relaxing bath, a bathroom TV is a game-changer.

This article will guide you through various creative and practical bathroom TV ideas, covering everything from smart placement strategies to waterproofing solutions. It’s all about enhancing your bathroom space with technology, without compromising on style or safety.

Stay tuned to discover how to seamlessly integrate a TV into your bathroom for an ultimate comfort upgrade.

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Waterproof Wall-mounted TV

waterproof wall mounted tv

Ideal for installing near the bathtub or shower due to its waterproof nature.

Comes in varied display sizes to suit the dimension of individual bathrooms.

Equipped with high-quality waterproof speakers, enhancing your audio experience.

Can connect to home automation systems and can be controlled via voice commands and apps.

Requires professional installation in order to ensure safety and optimum waterproofing.

Comes with a durable, lightweight, and moisture-resistant finish to withstand bathroom conditions.

May include features such as Bluetooth, built-in WiFi, HD Ready, and HDMI input for added convenience.

Allows simultaneous device charging while viewing through the USB ports provided.

Designed with advanced cooling technology to prevent overheating from steam.

An efficient way to enjoy your favorite shows or news without worrying about water damage.

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Mirror TV for a Luxurious Touch

mirror tv for a luxurious touch

Embedding a television inside a mirror provides an exceptional seamless look when it is off, maintaining your bathroom’s high-end aesthetic. There are two primary styles – either the TV is completely invisible when not in use, or you can have a light grey or black square that subtly indicates the presence of tech.

  • The blend of function and style
  • Utilizing existing wall space efficiently
  • Minimalism and modern design
  • Low-voltage for bathroom safety compliance
  • Special anti-splash, anti-fog mirror technology
  • Compatible with Smart TV features for easy navigation
  • Customizable sizes and mirror finishes
  • Easy installation with professional assistance

Installing a Mirror TV not only allows you to keep up with your favorite shows or news but also adds an elegant touch to your bathroom. The hi-tech feature, integrated with a seemingly ordinary mirror, takes your bathroom experience to a whole new level.

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In-shower TV Installation With Glass Protection

in shower tv installation with glass protection

Choosing water-resistant materials and installation processes is crucial. Opt for a waterproof TV or a TV encased in a waterproof shell to prevent damage. Install the TV at an optimal viewing angle to ensure comfort and visibility. Keep in mind, the TV should be at eye level when standing for most comfortable viewing.

Key points:

  • Ensuring that the TV is waterproof or encased in a water-resistant shell.
  • Optimal viewing angle.
  • Eye level installation.

The final consideration is the glass protection. Opt for a water repellant glass screen to prevent droplets from obscuring the view. Furthermore, make sure there’s proper ventilation to avoid condensation on the glass. A heated glass screen can also serve to counteract this issue.

Key points:

  • Water repellant glass screen.
  • Proper ventilation preventing condensation.
  • Heated glass screen option.

Ensure to invest in professional installation, as the procedure requires careful waterproofing and wiring to prevent potential electrocution.

Key point:

  • Professional installation.
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Antique Cabinet TV for Vintage Style

antique cabinet tv for vintage style

Delving into the charm of yesteryears can completely revamp the vibe of your bathroom. Antique cabinet TVs play a crucial role in achieving this vintage aesthetic.

  • Integrates TV within an old-world, sophisticated furniture piece, often wooden
  • Conceals when not in use, adding to the mystery and elegance
  • Blends seamlessly in a traditional bathroom decor scene
  • Provides additional storage for bathroom accessories
  • Offers choice to paint or stain to match other bathroom fixtures

Remember to employ professional help for appropriate cabling and avoid any hazards.

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Hidden TV Behind a Sliding Door

hidden tv behind a sliding door

Positioning the TV behind a sliding door optimizes bathroom space while keeping a neat aesthetic. This innovative solution is ideal for those seeking an element of surprise and minimalism.

Here are key considerations for a successful setup:

  • 1. Door Material: Choose a lightweight, sturdy material for the door.
  • 2. Mechanism: A smooth, easy-to-use sliding system is crucial.
  • 3. TV Mount: The mount should be secure and compatible with your TV size.
  • 4. Cable Management: Plan for a hidden, clutter-free cable arrangement.
  • 5. Moisture Guard: Protect the TV from steam and splashes with fit-for-purpose covers.
  • 6. Access: Make sure it’s easy to reach and operate the TV when door is open.

Remember, functionality doesn’t have to compromise aesthetics for a stylish bathroom.

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TV Embedded in the Bathroom Ceiling

tv embedded in the bathroom ceiling

This style provides a sophisticated solution for those who enjoy relaxation and entertainment simultaneously. When implemented properly, it seamlessly blends with the bathroom decor while ensuring maximum comfort and clear viewing.

Key concepts entail:

  • 1. Professional assistance for safe and secure installation.
  • 2. Tilting feature access for flexible viewing.
  • 3. Optimal screen size selection to prevent straining eyes.
  • 4. Waterproof feature to avoid any damage.
  • 5. Maintaining a clean look with hidden wiring.
  • 6. Remote control with heat resistance & waterproof traits.
  • 7. Regular check-ups for maintenance.
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Small Flat Screen TV Above the Tub

small flat screen tv above the tub

Efficient use of space and comfort are two factors that make this option appealing. Having a small flat screen TV mounted above the tub allows for leisurely viewing during long, relaxing baths.

1. Professional installation is beneficial to ensure safety and correct positioning.

2. Waterproof casing can protect the TV from steam and potential splash damage.

3. Opt for a tilt mount for adjustable viewing angles, enhancing the viewing experience.

4. Be sure to consider power source and cable management in the setup to keep a clean look.

5. Infrared waterproof remotes can be utilized for control from the tub.

6. Assess the brightness levels and color accuracy of the TV to make sure it suits your bathroom’s lighting conditions.

7. A TV with smart features will provide access to streaming services and more.

Pulling these factors together creates a decadent bathing experience akin to spa-like luxury.

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Smart TV With Voice Control

smart tv with voice control

Introducing a Smart TV with voice control to your bathroom merges functionality with convenience. The merits of this option lie in the ability to adjust volume, switch channels and even browse the web without leaving the comfort of your bath.

Key points:

  • Hands-free navigation courtesy of virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa.
  • Enables multi-tasking, manage other connected devices while relaxing.
  • Reduces the risk of damaging your TV with wet hands.
  • Offers a wide range of entertainment from streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.
  • Boosts accessibility for users with mobility issues.
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Adjustable TV Mount for Optimal Viewing

adjustable tv mount for optimal viewing

Installing an adjustable TV mount in your bathroom can provide an immersive viewing experience regardless of where you are in the space.

  • Flexibility: The mount can be moved for best viewing angles from the tub, shower, or even the vanity.
  • Space-saving: It doesn’t consume substantial wall or floor area, leaving more room for other design elements.
  • Convenience: Easy to clean around and can be repositioned to limit glare from lighting fixtures.
  • Durability: Made from corrosion-resistant materials, it withstands the humid bathroom environment.
  • Customizable: It accommodates different TV sizes and can be adjusted vertically or horizontally.

Ensure to hire a professional for the installation to ensure safety and optimal functionality. Moreover, consider choosing a mount that includes a cover to protect the TV when not in use.

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Freestanding TV Stand With Wheels

freestanding tv stand with wheels

Utilizing wheels to effortlessly maneuvre the stand into any desired position, a freestanding TV stand brings an unmatched level of mobility and adaptability, ideal for bathrooms of varying sizes and layouts. It offers the flexibility of rearranging the TV location with a simple push. Besides, it also conceals the unsightly cables and plugs resulting in a neat, clutter-free setting.

1. Enhanced Mobility: Easy shifting from one spot to another.

2. Efficient Space Use: Optimal for any sized bathrooms.

3. Versatility: The freedom to change TV location.

4. Concealed Cabling: Hide cables and plugs smartly.

5. Clutter-free: Keeping bathroom atmosphere tidy.

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Backlit LED TV for Ambient Lighting

backlit led tv for ambient lighting

Backlit LED TVs can significantly lift the ambiance of your bathroom, enhancing the experience of relaxation. These TVs boast of an LED panel behind the screen, casting a soft ambient glow on the surrounding wall. Such lighting subtly enhances the viewing experience, as it reduces eye strain particularly in dimly lit rooms or during evening hours. It also gives a floating effect, making the TV appear as if it’s hovering against the wall.

Key Points:

  • 1. Enhances viewing experience by reducing eye strain.
  • 2. Soft glow provides for an atmospheric feel.
  • 3. Floating effect adds a striking modern touch.
  • 4. Ideal for dimly lit bathrooms or nighttime viewing.
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TV Set Into a Bathroom Partition

tv set into a bathroom partition

A partition can serve as an effective spot, separating the bathing area from the rest of the bathroom, while providing a viewing point from both sides. This dual-viewing feature allows you to watch TV from either section of the bathroom, offering a touch of high-end luxury.

Key Points:

  • Professional installation required to ensure safety and optimum viewing angle
  • Opt for waterproof TV model, crucial to withstand bathroom moisture levels
  • Consider partition thickness for stability
  • Install electrical outlets safely distanced from water sources
  • Use a swivel mounting bracket for adjustable viewing
  • Choose screen size proportional to bathroom dimensions
  • Select high-resolution TV for clear viewing despite water surface reflections
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TV Incorporated Into a Bathroom Vanity

tv incorporated into a bathroom vanity

Ensuring it matches with the overall aesthetic, seamlessly blending a television into your bathroom vanity can create an ultra-modern touch.

Here are the key points:

  • Optimal Size: The TV should fit neatly into the existing space, not too large to overshadow the vanity, nor too small to strain the eyes.
  • Safety Measures: An electrician should be involved in the installation, ensuring that the TV is safely wired, meeting all electrical safety regulations for water-related areas.
  • Viewing Angles: The viewers’ comfort should be considered, with the TV placed at a suitable viewing height and angle.
  • Frame Design: Opt for a frame design that complements the existing vanity and bathroom décor.
  • Screen Protection: Given the vanity’s proximity to the sink, an extra layer of protection against water or steam damage is necessary.
  • Connectivity: If streaming is preferred, ensure a stable Internet connection.
  • Hideaway Option: Consider a lift system to hide the TV when not in use, maintaining the clean lines of your vanity design.
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Projection TV for a Theater Experience

projection tv for a theater experience

Creating a cinematic experience in the comfort of your bathroom is achievable. Think about the film you were watching in the living room while soaking in the tub, just the thought of it is relaxing. But before you get too excited, there are a few details to consider.

1. Choose a short throw projector – ideal for smaller spaces.

2. Atmosphere is key, make sure the walls are dark enough to provide a good contrast for the projector image.

3. Consider your screen’s dimensions – it should be visible from the tub, shower, or even the toilet.

4. Moisture resistance – the projector should be able to withstand bathroom conditions.

5. Ventilation options – must be provided to prevent overheating of the projectors.

6. Obtain a suitable audio system – that can match the visual quality and withstand the bathroom’s steamy environment.

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Under-cabinet TV to Save Space

under cabinet tv to save space

With the aim of maximizing your bathroom space, integrating a TV under a cabinet provides an innovative solution.

– Select a flat screen TV to fit under your chosen cabinet.

– Ensure the width of the TV aligns with that of the cabinet for visual harmony.

– Installation requires either brackets or a flip-down mount.

– The positioning should allow for comfortable viewing, typically facing the bathtub or shower.

– Keep in mind venting space to avoid overheating.

– Assess your bathroom’s lighting to prevent glare on the screen.

– Ensure safe wiring, preferably by a professional to avoid any electrical hazards.

– To keep things streamlined, opt for a TV with built-in DVD player or streaming capabilities.

Remember, this choice is not only about saving space. It also contributes to the overall design and aesthetics of your bathroom, seamlessly blending technology with function.

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Small Corner-mounted TV

small corner mounted tv

By utilizing the corner of the room, these TVs save valuable space and provide an intimate viewing experience.

They are particularly effective in smaller bathrooms where space is at a premium. Considerations when installing include the height and viewing angle for best user comfort.

Key Points:

  • Space-saving solution.
  • Ideal for smaller bathrooms.
  • Proper installation height.
  • Optimal viewing angle.
  • Intimate viewing experience.
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Dual Screen TVs for His and Her Viewing

dual screen tvs for his and her viewing

Having two screens in the bathroom is a modern luxury like no other. This option eliminates any disputes over what to watch, promising seamless tranquility during your time in the bathroom.

Key considerations for this setup:

  • Identical models for visual symmetry.
  • Synchronized sound system for seamless audio experience.
  • Placement for unobstructed view.
  • Individual controlled remotes for independent channel surfing.
  • Professional installation for a neat finish.

Keep in mind, the goal is to create a harmonious space that caters to the taste and preferences of everyone. Refer to professional electricians for safe and secure installation. Lastly, always ensure your chosen models are bathroom safe and waterproof.

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TV With Integrated Sound System

tv with integrated sound system

Pairing your bathroom TV with an integrated sound system elevates the audio-visual experience.

  • Enhanced Sound Quality: Most TV speakers prove insufficient in a bathroom, often drowned out by running water or ventilation fans. Having a system specially designed to work with the acoustics of the space provides cleaner, clearer sound.
  • Space Efficiency: Integrated systems eliminate external speakers, saving much-needed space in a bathroom setting.
  • Seamless Design: The combination provides a sleek, uncluttered look that complements a range of interior styles.
  • Versatility: It allows switching freely between audio sources – from the morning news to your favorite playlist, you control what accompanies your personal time.

Remember to ensure the system is IP-rated to withstand the humid bathroom environment, and always hire professionals for the installation to avoid any electrical safety risks.

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Bathroom TV With Wifi for Streaming

bathroom tv with wifi for streaming

Expanding your viewing options and taking advantage of the latest technologies, a TV with Wi-Fi connection allows for easy streaming of favourite shows, movies, or music videos right in the bathroom.

Here are some essential points to consider:

  • Seamless connectivity: Wi-Fi TVs provide a wireless internet connection, eliminating the need for excessive cords or external devices.
  • Range of Content: Via streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and YouTube, a vast array of entertainment can be accessed.
  • Smart Features: Many Wi-Fi TVs are Smart TVs, integrated with voice control or app control.
  • Placement: Considering where the Wi-Fi router is located can ensure a strong internet signal for quality streaming.
  • Easy updates: With a connected TV, updating software or adding new streaming apps is simple and user-friendly.
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Energy-efficient TV for Eco-friendly Choice

energy efficient tv for eco friendly choice

Choosing an energy-efficient TV is an excellent way to add a high-tech touch to your bathroom while also being eco-friendly and saving on electricity bills. The LED technology is at the forefront when it comes to energy efficiency, consuming less power than LCD and plasma models.

Key points:

  • Energy Star-rated models for guaranteed efficiency.
  • LED technology for reduced energy consumption.
  • Automatic brightness control to adapt to room lighting.
  • Standby mode to save power when not in use.
  • Size consideration – smaller TVs generally use less energy.
  • Check the energy use in watts on the TV specifications.

Remember that every bit of energy saving contributes to a healthier planet, and these green choices in your bathroom aesthetics also promote sustainability.

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