20 Downstairs Bathroom Ideas: Essential Inspirations for Your Home Redesign

Last updated on February 1, 2024

Revive your downstairs bathroom with fresh and stylish ideas because your smallest room may just become your favorite sanctuary.

I am proud to present these 20 unique downstairs bathroom ideas that I personally designed and I hope you find as much inspiration and enjoyment in them as I had creating them.

Transforming your downstairs bathroom into a stylish and functional space can be an exciting project. This article provides a wealth of ideas to help you revamp this often overlooked area of your home.

Whether you are aiming for a minimalist design, a rustic charm, or a luxurious spa-like environment, you’ll find tips and tricks to achieve your desired look.

Expect detailed guidance on choosing the right color schemes, fixtures, and accessories, as well as maximizing the space for storage.

Stick around to discover how you can turn your downstairs bathroom into a stylish sanctuary.

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Install a Floating Vanity

install a floating vanity

Floating vanities offer a modern touch while ensuring maximum floor space, making them ideal for confined areas. They are mounted directly onto the wall, giving the illusion of more room by exposing additional floor area. Functionally, they accommodate easy cleaning underneath and provide an area to store small items like a bathroom scale.

A variety of designs exist, so you can choose what best suits your style, from sleek, contemporary designs to rustic wood finishes. For a clean look, go with a design that incorporates a built-in sink. Or make a statement with a contrasting sink and countertop. Floating vanities give the liberty to adjust the height to your preference, allowing a convenient setup for every family member. Rarely can you find a feature that pairs functionality and style so seamlessly!

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Use a Sliding Doors for Shower

use a sliding doors for shower

These doors are not only contemporary and sleek but they also save space by eliminating the need for a swing-out door.

Additionally, they bring a bit of the outdoor aesthetic right into your bathroom.

For an even more open effect, consider clear glass doors.

If privacy is a concern, frosted or patterned glass can offer the ideal solution.

Easy to clean and maintaining a streamlined look, sliding doors can transform the functionality and appearance of your bathroom.

Remember to consider the most ergonomic placement of the door, ensuring it doesn’t interfere with any other bathroom fixtures.

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Add Heated Floors

add heated floors

Heated floors, a luxury which can be a true game-changer, not only aid in creating a snug and warm environment but also contribute to maintaining a drier and mold-free bathroom ambiance.

Various options like electric radiant heat or hydronic systems can be explored for this purpose.

Usually placed underneath your flooring of choice, these systems heat the room evenly, eliminating the need for space-hogging radiators or heating units.

It’s a clever, invisible solution that adds to the overall comfort of the bathroom.

Even though the initial installation has its costs, the long-term benefits and increased home value undoubtedly outweigh it.

Just imagine stepping out from a relaxing shower onto invitingly warm tile instead of a chilly one.

The feeling of coziness this upgrade provides is undeniable.

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Use White Subway Tile On Walls

use white subway tile on walls

Moving forward to our next section, consider adding a crisp, clean look to your bathroom with the use of white subway tiles. Meticulously laid on your bare walls, they work like magic to enhance the brightness, and give an illusion of expanded space.

The rectangular form and simple lines add an appealing geometrical pattern to the room.

These tiles are highly versatile and they harmoniously blend with any décor style, be it traditional, modern, or industrial. Due to their reflective nature, they optimize the use of natural lighting which is beneficial in areas with smaller windows or limited light sources.

Applying a dark grout can further emphasize their pattern, adding depth to your design. While they’re usually positioned horizontally, placing them in a herringbone or vertical pattern can create an interesting visual effect.

Easy maintenance is another plus point. Their durable, smooth surface makes cleaning a breeze and they resist stains and mildew, ensuring your bathroom stays fresh and hygienic.

Ultimately, the use of white subway tiles can be transformative, giving your downstairs bathroom a timeless and sophisticated upgrade.

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Install Vertical Storage

install vertical storage

To maximize the limited space in a downstairs bathroom, consider the walls. They’re no longer just barriers or dividers, but potential storage havens. Creating shelves up high, or even using the entire wall to install cabinetry, can do wonders.

It not only adds extra room for all your toiletries, but also gives you a spot to display decorative items or extras like plush towels or small indoor plants.

A pro tip: Stick to lighter shades for your storage pieces, as these hues create an illusion of a larger room.

Be creative and practical with the design – go for slim yet sturdy shelves, or cabinets with interactive doors to save space. This way, you’re hitting two birds with one stone – storage and style.

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Add a Pedestal Sink

add a pedestal sink

Pedestal sinks, with their sleek lines and classic appeal, are a perfect fit for small bathrooms.

Unlike other bulky bathroom cabinets, their slim design exudes an airy feel, making the bathroom appear more spacious.

To use space efficiently, consider corner models that neatly fit into tight spaces.

Besides saving space, they are easy to clean.

To make the area functional, consider adding a small shelf or a wall-mounted storage unit above the sink for storing essential items like soap and towels.

Remember, even small changes can make a big impact to enhance your bathroom’s style quotient.

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Display a Decorative Mirror

display a decorative mirror

Mirrors are more than just a reflection tool. They have the power to effortlessly amplify and elevate a space’s style quotient. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Choose a mirror that suits the bathroom vibe: For a classic look, go for a mirror with an intricate, vintage-style frame. For a modern touch, a sleek mirror with a minimalistic frame, or even a frameless mirror, works best!
  • Amplify the light and the space: Hanging the mirror opposite a window or a light source will throw extra light around. This trick works especially well in small bathrooms to help them appear larger.
  • Make it a focal point: Position the mirror strategically so it becomes a centerpiece. It draws eye attention and transforms your downstairs bathroom from ordinary into extraordinary.
  • Add a frame-light: Frame-lights provide spotlight to keep grooming practices under proper illumination while also accenting the mirror design. Using LED lights here saves energy.

Remember to be adventurous and play around with shapes, sizes and styles. The goal is to add a dash of personality and style.

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Use Dimmer Switches for Lights

use dimmer switches for lights

Dimmer switches offer fantastic versatility for any bathroom setup. Primarily, they provide an easy way to change your space’s ambiance depending on your mood or the time of day — bright and crisp for the morning rush or dimmed and relaxing for a night-time soak. They’re energy efficient, which will help control your electricity usage and ultimately your bills. Moreover, by controlling the intensity of your light, dimmer switches can extend the lifespan of your bulbs, leading to savings in both cost and the hassle of frequent replacements.

Installation is generally straightforward and can be a fun, quick, DIY project with the right tools and safety precautions, or a swift job for your electrician.

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Install a Compact Toilet

install a compact toilet

Efficient use of space is key when considering downstairs bathrooms. A compact toilet offers the needed functionality without occupying large amounts of floor space. Look for models with reduced dimensions while never compromising comfort.

Wall-hung models can free even more space and grant the area an uncluttered, sleek look.

Just as essential as the toilet’s size is its placement for optimizing flow within the bathroom. Placing it next to the vanity or shower, but not directly opposite the door, enhances privacy. Make sure there’s enough legroom around it, keeping in mind standard building regulations.

Remember, a strategically chosen and positioned compact toilet can raise the practical and aesthetic quotient of your downstairs bathroom.

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Add a Small Closet for Linens

add a small closet for linens

Designing a linen closet may seem like a simple task, but it’s crucial to maximize the space efficiently. Prioritize shelves over hanging spaces, as they are more functional for storing towels, bedsheets, and toiletries.

Rosy wood or bright colored finishes can add a touch of elegance. Consider including a few drawers for smaller objects like soap or hair accessories.

Remember to have your linens within easy reach: arranging them in the middle section of the closet will make your life easier. Measurements are key – ensure the closet is neither too deep to lose items at the back, nor too shallow to cramp your linens.

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Create a Feature Wall With Mosaic Tiles

create a feature wall with mosaic tiles

Moving from the traditional bathroom design, you can produce an aesthetic edge by creating a mosaic tile feature wall. This unique touch maximizes visual interest without overwhelming a small space.

Select from a variety of materials, including glass, ceramic, or stone. Depending on your style preference, you could opt for vibrant colors, monochromatic shades, or even a mix of both.

Secondly, choosing an appropriate focal point is crucial. The wall behind the vanity or bathtub is often a popular choice.

Lastly, coordination plays an essential part. Ensure the colors and patterns on the feature wall coordinate with the rest of the room’s décor to maintain harmony.

Balancing these elements will cultivate your bespoke mosaic tile masterpiece.

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Use Recessed Shelving for Storage

use recessed shelving for storage

To advantageously exploit available spaces, consider the space within your walls. Recessed shelves are an ingenious solution that not only saves floor space but gives a custom look to your bathroom.

Here are a few pointers to get it right.

Firstly, they’re best positioned between the studs. A standard wall stud spacing is 16 inches apart – a perfect niche for items like rolled towels or toiletries.

Secondly, remember to factor in the depth. Ensure it abides by the standard wall depth of 3.5 inches to prevent disruptions with any plumbing or electrical system housed in your walls.

Lastly, pay heed to your desired aesthetics. Keep them open for a modern look or add a simple door for a traditional touch. Recessed shelving promises a tidy, streamlined bathroom while maintaining functionality.

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Install a Skylight

install a skylight

Taking advantage of natural light, a skylight in your downstairs bathroom will not only help you illuminate the area during daylight hours, but also create a sense of openness and space.

When choosing the size and location, do consider the layout for optimum light spread.

Remember that North-facing skylights provide cool illumination, while South-facing ones give more warmth.

For maintenance ease, opt for a skylight with built-in blinds or shades to moderate the amount of light when necessary.

Lastly, do remember to engage a professional for installation to ensure proper sealing and insulation against potential leaks.

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Add a Touch of Green With Indoor Plants

add a touch of green with indoor plants

Introducing indoor plants transforms your bathroom from an ordinary space to a refreshing indoor oasis. Indoor plants not only provide natural color but they also fill the room with an earthy aroma and promote a relaxing environment.

Consider low-maintenance plants like succulents, snake plants or spider plants. These species thrive in high humidity and low light conditions typically found in bathrooms.

Alternatively, hanging plants like ivy or ferns can add a creative touch without taking up counter space. For a tropical vibe, consider placing a large leafy plant like a Monstera or a palm in a corner.

Don’t forget about small pots that could sit on the sink counter or shelves, plant cacti or aloe vera for a little green touch. Plants are excellent for purifying the air, so they’re practical as well as aesthetic.

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Paint the Walls a Light Color to Open Up Space

paint the walls a light color to open up space

Understanding the profound role that color psychology plays in space perception is the secret to visually opening up a confined bathroom. Light hues are undeniably the way forward, engaging not only for their fresh aesthetic appeal, but also for their capacity to create an illusion of capaciousness.

Neutrals and pastel tones are your new best friends. Think shades of white, soft blues, and gentle grays. These shades reflect light, efficiently amplify the natural brightness and extend the room visually.

The choice of paint finish is vital, too – consider utilizing a semi-gloss finish. This type of paint finish works wonders by reflecting light and thus enhancing the bright, airy ambiance that we’re aiming for.

The simplest trick in the book, a dazzling coat of light paint, can turn your bathroom into a spacious sanctuary. It’s an economical transformation that simply can’t be overlooked.

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Opt for a Walk-in Shower

opt for a walk in shower

The design benefits of a walk-in shower are undeniable. First, its seamless design can visually expand your space, making your bathroom appear larger. With a no-threshold feature, it allows easy access, great for all age groups. Its flexibility of fittings and fixtures can be arranged to suit your specific needs, making it perfect for a customized shower experience. Glass walls in walk-in showers enhance natural light while keeping the area feeling open and airy. It can accommodate a bench or stool for added comfort – another notable benefit to consider. And lastly, being able to do away with a shower curtain or door means less cleaning for you.

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Use Statement Wallpaper

use statement wallpaper

Striking patterns and bold colors can make your bathroom an unforgettable space.

Statement wallpapers are perfect for highlighting a particular wall or corner.

Whichever design you choose, ensure it’s vinyl-coated for humidity resistance.

If you’re worried about going too bold, try a softer, large-scale pattern or design that lends a unique, but subtle touch.

Complement the wallpaper with simple accessories to avoid overloading the senses.

Always think harmony when choosing fixtures and fittings to match your adventurous paper choice.

Remember, wallpaper isn’t just for large bathrooms. It can make a small bathroom look sophisticated and stylish too.

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Install a Towel Warmer

install a towel warmer

Equipping your bathroom with a towel warmer isn’t just a luxury but a strategic inclusion in comfort enhancement and space management. Investing in this feature ensures your bath linens remain dry, warm, and cozy, providing a more pleasant bathing experience.

There’s a variety of models to choose from: from wall-mounted units saving precious floor space, to freestanding versions for flexibility.

Consider the following when selecting a towel warmer:

  • Energy source: Electric units are simpler to install and cheaper, while hydronic models might need professional installation but are more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Location: Proximity to the shower or tub for coziness is key.
  • Size: Ensure the warmer fits towels of all sizes.
  • Material: Towel warmers made from stainless steel resist corrosion, are durable, and help efficiently distribute heat.

Investing in a towel warmer contributes to an overall cozy, spa-like atmosphere. Choose features pragmatically reflecting your usage patterns and hiring a professional for installation ensures safety.

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Opt for a Minimalist Design

opt for a minimalist design

A swish dash of simplicity can enhance your bathroom’s allure in innumerable ways. With a vision to create more space, it is recommended to limit your color palette, focusing more on neutrals – whites, grays, and beiges. Not only do they give an illusion of added space, but they also lend a subtle elegance to the overall setting.

Likewise, a single piece of art or a few decorative items will suffice to provide an understated focus point without overwhelming the room. Clear surfaces, opting for built-in storage, floating units, and making the most of vertical spaces can remarkably amplify the minimalist vibe.

Another interesting point of convergence could be your choice of sanitary-ware. Sticking to clean lines and smooth, rounded shapes can significantly add to the minimalistic charm.

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Add a Bench or Stool for Extra Seating

add a bench or stool for extra seating

Adding a bench or stool presents the perfect solution for additional seating during busy mornings or tranquil evenings. Choose a compact and stylish design that complements your decor while offering practicality – ideal for setting down items during your skincare routine, or acting as a seat for relaxation after long days.

Consider moisture-resistant materials like teak or stainless steel to ensure the seating option’s longevity. Its placement should be strategic, such as in a corner or by the shower, avoiding hindrance to the bathroom flow yet providing accessibility.

A correct choice and careful placement can make your bathroom experience substantially more comfortable and luxurious without sacrificing space.

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