20 Girls Bathroom Ideas: Inspiring Designs & Decor Tips

Last updated on October 6, 2023

Discover fascinating insights and creative ideas to elevate your girls’ bathroom into a stylish, functional, and comfortable space that they’ll absolutely adore.

Welcome to our latest blog post where we will be discussing one of the most important spaces in a home – the girls’ bathroom! As a place where we start and end our day, it’s essential that this space is both functional and stylish. Whether you’re looking to revamp your current bathroom or starting from scratch, we’ve got you covered with 20 unique ideas that are sure to inspire.

From bold color schemes to chic storage solutions, get ready to transform your girls’ bathroom into a stylish sanctuary that everyone will love. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Colorful Walls

Colorful Walls Girls Bathroom

Colorful walls can add a fun and playful touch to any girl’s bathroom. Consider painting the walls in bright shades of pink, purple, or turquoise for a bold statement.

If you prefer something more subtle, pastel colors like mint green or baby blue can create a calming atmosphere. You could also try using patterned wallpaper with colorful designs to make the space feel lively and energetic.

Whatever your preference may be, adding color to your bathroom walls is an easy way to transform it into a stylish haven that reflects your personality and taste!

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Decorative Mirrors

Decorative Mirrors Girls Bathroom

They not only serve their functional purpose but also add an aesthetic appeal to the space. Decorative mirrors come in various shapes and sizes, from round to rectangular or even oval-shaped ones.

A large mirror can make a small bathroom appear more spacious while adding depth and dimension. A framed mirror with intricate designs can be used as a statement piece on the wall above the sink or vanity table.

For those who prefer minimalistic decor, frameless mirrors provide an elegant touch without being too overwhelming. Backlit mirrors offer both functionality and style by providing ample lighting for makeup application while creating ambiance in the room.

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Unique Lighting

Unique Lighting Girls Bathroom

Consider installing a statement light fixture above the vanity or adding sconces on either side of the mirror for extra illumination. Pendant lights are another option that can add visual interest while providing ample lighting.

For those who want to get really creative, try incorporating string lights or even neon signs into your bathroom decor for a fun and unexpected touch. Whatever you choose, make sure it complements the overall design aesthetic of your space while still being functional enough to provide adequate lighting when needed.

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Vanity Table

Vanity Table Girls Bathroom

It provides a dedicated space to get ready and store beauty essentials. When choosing a vanity table, consider the size of your bathroom and the amount of storage you need.

A small table with drawers or shelves can be perfect for storing makeup, hair accessories, and skincare products while taking up minimal space in your bathroom. You can also add some personal touches by decorating it with flowers or placing framed photos on top of it to make it feel more like home!

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Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves Girls Bathroom

They provide extra storage space for towels, toiletries, and decorative items without taking up valuable floor space. These shelves can be installed in various sizes and shapes to fit the available wall area perfectly.

For a more feminine touch, consider adding some floral or pastel-colored accents on the shelf decor such as candles or small vases with fresh flowers. Floating shelves also allow you to showcase your favorite beauty products while keeping them organized and easily accessible when needed.

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Feminine Rugs

Feminine Rugs Girls Bathroom

These rugs come in various shapes, sizes, and colors that can complement the overall decor of your bathroom. You can choose from floral patterns or pastel shades for a more feminine look or opt for shaggy textures that feel cozy underfoot.

A rug not only adds warmth but also helps absorb moisture after showering or bathing, making it an essential accessory in any girl’s bathroom. When selecting the perfect rug for your space, consider its size and placement as well as its durability against water damage over time.

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Cozy Seating

Cozy Seating Girls Bathroom

It provides a comfortable spot to relax and unwind after a long day, or while getting ready for an event. A plush armchair or chaise lounge can add elegance and sophistication to the space, while also serving as functional seating.

For smaller bathrooms, consider adding a small stool or bench that can be tucked away when not in use. Adding soft cushions and throws will make the space even more inviting and cozy for those moments of relaxation.

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Inspirational Wall Art

Inspirational Wall Art Girls Bathroom

Whether it’s a quote that speaks to you or an image that inspires you, there are endless options for incorporating inspirational art into your bathroom decor. Consider hanging a canvas print with uplifting words above the toilet or placing framed artwork on floating shelves near the sink.

You can also create your own DIY wall art using stencils and paint or by printing out quotes on decorative paper and framing them yourself. Whatever method you choose, adding inspirational wall art will not only enhance the aesthetic of your bathroom but also provide daily encouragement for both yourself and guests who visit this space in your home.

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Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned Wallpaper Girls Bathroom

From floral prints to geometric shapes, there are endless options available that can complement any design scheme. When choosing patterned wallpaper for the bathroom, it’s important to consider the size of the space and how much natural light it receives.

For smaller bathrooms with limited natural light, lighter patterns or pastel colors can help create an illusion of more space while adding visual interest. On the other hand, larger bathrooms with plenty of natural light can handle bolder patterns and darker colors without feeling overwhelming or cramped.

Using patterned wallpaper on just one wall as an accent feature is a popular trend that adds depth and dimension without overpowering the entire room. Incorporating patterned wallpaper into your girl’s bathroom design is an easy way to make a big impact in terms of style and aesthetics!

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Scented Candles

Scented Candles Girls Bathroom

They not only provide a pleasant aroma but also create a relaxing atmosphere. Choose scents that complement the overall decor of the bathroom, such as lavender or vanilla for a calming effect, or citrus and mint for an energizing boost.

Place them on floating shelves or near the bathtub for easy access during bath time. Remember to always keep safety in mind when using candles by placing them away from flammable objects and never leaving them unattended while lit.

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Plant Selection

Plant Selection Girls Bathroom

Adding plants not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also improves air quality. When selecting plants, consider their size, light requirements, and humidity needs.

Some great options for a bathroom include ferns, spider plants, peace lilies, and snake plants as they thrive in low to medium light conditions with high humidity levels. Hanging planters or wall-mounted pots are perfect for small spaces while larger potted floor-plants can add height to the room’s decor scheme.

Remember to choose easy-to-care-for varieties that require minimal maintenance so you can enjoy your greenery without too much effort!

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Storage Baskets

Storage Baskets Girls Bathroom

They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors that can match the overall theme of your bathroom. These baskets can be used to store towels, toiletries, or even dirty laundry.

You can place them on shelves or under the sink for easy access and organization. Woven baskets add texture while wire ones give a modern touch to your space.

Not only do they serve as functional storage solutions but also as decorative accents that elevate the look of your bathroom effortlessly!

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Ladder Towel Rack

Ladder Towel Rack Girls Bathroom

It provides ample space for hanging towels, robes, or even clothes while also adding a decorative touch to the room. Ladder towel racks come in various materials such as wood, metal or bamboo and can be easily moved around if needed.

They are perfect for small bathrooms where floor space is limited but you still need extra storage options. Plus, they add an element of rustic charm that complements many different decor styles from bohemian to farmhouse chic!

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Chandelier Girls Bathroom

It can be the centerpiece of the room, drawing attention upward and creating a focal point. When choosing a chandelier for your girl’s bathroom, consider the size of your space and choose one that fits proportionally.

Opt for crystal or glass designs with intricate details that will reflect light beautifully throughout the room. Hang it above your bathtub or in front of a large mirror to create an even more dramatic effect.

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Framed Photos

Framed Photos Girls Bathroom

Choose your favorite family photos or artwork and have them framed in coordinating frames that match your bathroom decor. Hang them on the wall above the toilet or vanity for an eye-catching display.

You can also create a gallery wall with multiple frames of different sizes and shapes for added interest. Just be sure to use moisture-resistant materials when hanging pictures in a bathroom to prevent damage from humidity over time.

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Decorative Towels

Decorative Towels Girls Bathroom

They come in various colors, patterns, and textures that can complement the overall design of the space. You can choose towels with floral prints or geometric shapes for a modern touch, or opt for monogrammed ones for a personalized look.

Display them on towel racks or hooks near the sink or bathtub so they’re easily accessible while also serving as decor pieces when not in use. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles of decorative towels to create an eclectic vibe that reflects your unique taste!

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Makeup Organizer

Makeup Organizer Girls Bathroom

It helps keep all your beauty products in one place and makes it easy to find what you need when getting ready. There are many different types of makeup organizers available, from simple trays to multi-tiered drawers with compartments for every type of product.

Consider the size and layout of your bathroom when choosing an organizer, as well as the amount and variety of products you have. A clear acrylic organizer can be a great choice if you want something that looks sleek and modern while also being functional, or opt for a decorative vanity tray if you prefer something more stylish yet practical at the same time!

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Tiled Backsplash

Tiled Backsplash Girls Bathroom

They not only protect the walls from water damage but also create an eye-catching focal point in the room. You can choose from a variety of tile materials such as ceramic, glass, or porcelain and experiment with different patterns like herringbone or subway tiles.

A tiled backsplash behind the sink area is particularly practical as it makes cleaning up any splatters much easier while adding style at the same time.

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Accent Wall

Accent Wall Girls Bathroom

Choose a bold color or patterned wallpaper for one wall, while keeping the other walls neutral. This will create an eye-catching focal point in the room without overwhelming it with too much color or pattern.

Another option is to use tiles on one wall as an accent, creating texture and interest in the space. Whatever you choose, make sure it complements your overall design scheme and adds visual interest without being too distracting or busy.

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Theme Decor

Theme Decor Girls Bathroom

Whether it’s mermaids, unicorns, or tropical vibes, there are endless possibilities for creating a cohesive theme. Start by selecting a color scheme that complements the theme and incorporate it into the walls, towels, and accessories.

For example, if you choose an ocean-inspired theme with shades of blue and green as your color palette; consider adding seashell-shaped soap dispensers or fish-shaped bath mats for added flair. Remember not to go overboard with the decorations – less is often more when it comes to themed decor in small spaces like bathrooms!

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