How to Make Your Home Feel More Like You

Last updated on August 24, 2022

If you want to change up things in your home, think about the benefits of adding a personal touch to your home. After all, this is your space.

Consider the ways that you can create a haven for you to feel comfortable in that is as unique as you are. Here are a few ways for you to vibe with your home: 

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Use Pictures That Make You Smile

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If you want to create a space that really feels like home, consider hanging pictures that make you smile. Whether they’re moments and landscapes from trips or they’re memories with family or friends, fill up your home with special pictures of moments you don’t want to forget. 

A cool look is to use canvas prints and if you shop around for a canvas discount, you could fill up your home with all the best memories while also creating décor that looks great. 

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Buy Decor You Love

As you think about decorating your home, what are the first thoughts that pop up. Typically, you’ll think of décor and art that would make you happy but then your mind will wander to what looks trendy or what’s in style. 

This is your space, buy the decor you love, no matter how quirky it may be. Do you want to have all the souvenir magnets from everywhere you’ve been in your fridge? So what? If it’s been done many times before. Do it anyway. After all, this is your space, so who cares whether or not someone else will love it. If it makes you feel good, it’s the best décor for your home. 

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Make Your Own Art

Do you have an artistic flair that you don’t tell anyone about? Great. Create your own art. It doesn’t have to be perfect or what other people will love. If you know what would look perfect in a specific space in your home, go ahead and create that painting or drawing yourself.

You’ll save money while also sharing a piece of you with your house guests. If you simply don’t want to use your talent to paint in your home, you can always ask someone you know who is artistic to create something unique for your home. 

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Create Spaces That Remind You of Special Moments 

If you have lived a full life, let that show in your home. That could look like making rooms with themes, such as your bedroom in line with your love for travel or your living room couch adorned with throw pillows from the place you lived in and loved for years in another country or city. 

Showing a bit of your story in your home decor and setup is actually a beautiful way to share yourself in the way that you decorate and set up your home.

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Have a Collection Space

If you love collecting books, coffee mugs, cute figurines, or anything really, a collection wall or shelf could be a great way to add style and décor to your home. Whether you have this space in your office or you have it in your living room or kitchen, there’s something personal and unique about creating an area dedicated to your collection, regardless of how quirky that collection may be. 

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The Takeaway

Whether you’re upgrading your home like new or you’re moving into a new space, you can make it feel just like you by adding personal touches here and there. Whether you’re working with an interior designer or you’re setting up your space on your own, don’t forget to make it somewhere that makes you feel at home and comfortable. 

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