What Color Should the Lights Inside Your Home Be?

Last updated on May 19, 2024

Most of us don’t think about what color our lights are at home, and some may even assume that all bulbs are the same color (apart from the multi-colored ones you see at Christmas).

However, bulbs come in all kinds of colors to suit the mood you’re trying to create and it’s really important to understand which ones will work in different rooms in your home.

We will give you some guidance into the matter, helping you to make the right decorating decisions.

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Warm White Lights

warm white lights bathroom

If you’re looking for bulbs to put in your bathroom or kitchen, warm white lights might be just the ticket. Despite being classed as white lights, warm white bulbs will give your rooms a slightly more yellowish hue.

Don’t worry, though — your room won’t look discolored; the light will simply be easier on the eyes and not quite as harsh as other white bulbs. 

If you’re worried about not having enough light from a central bulb, consider warm LED strip lights from UltraLEDs. These help you to distribute light evenly and focus it in specific places, such as a kitchen counter or bathroom mirror.

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Soft White Lights

bedroom lights

Sometimes warm white lights are not quite warm enough. When lighting areas like your bedroom, soft white lights could serve your needs better.

These are even more yellow and will have a similar effect to traditional incandescent bulbs. If you’ve never been a fan of LEDs because you find them too harsh, you should definitely try them in soft white.

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Daylight Lights

The brightest and crispest bulb color you could choose, daylight bulbs are designed to replicate natural light. These are still technically white lights, but you might get a slightly blue tinge from them because they are clear.

You’ll enjoy excellent color contrast when using these lights, making them better suited for task lighting or desk lamps.

Whether you’re doing your hair and makeup or working on an intricate craft project, daylight bulbs will allow you to keep on going well into the night.

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Bright White Lights

Not quite as bright as daylight lights but nowhere near as soft as warm white, bright white lights are a happy medium. These lights are the perfect colour for people who aren’t a fan of yellow light but find daylight bulbs to be too strong.

Consider using bright white lights in your home office to help you feel ready for the day and assist with your focus. Moreover, they will also provide great lighting for any video calls you might have.

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Multi-colored lighting

Multi-colored LEDs probably aren’t ideal for everyday lighting, but they can be amazing accents. Whether you want something special for a gaming room or like to have lots of movie nights, having a strip of colorful LEDs can bring some extra fun to special occasions and downtime.

Lighting color is a very personal choice and may also depend on the decor you have at home, so don’t be afraid to try different bulbs and find the one that works best for you.

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