20 Large Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Stylish Concepts for Your Spacious Lavatory

Last updated on March 16, 2024

Unleash a fresh wave of style in your large bathroom because this article brims with incredible remodel ideas that could transform it into a luxurious oasis, igniting a new love for your personal spa at home.

I am incredibly proud to share my own article and unique design illustrations about 20 large bathroom remodel ideas, and I sincerely hope you find them as inspiring and fun as I did creating them.

Transforming a large bathroom into a luxurious oasis is an exciting project, and with the right approach, it can significantly enhance your home’s aesthetic. This article will guide you through various remodel ideas, from installing a freestanding bathtub to adding a double vanity, and even creating a separate shower area. You’ll discover how to maximize your bathroom’s potential, balancing functionality and style. Whether you’re looking for modern touches or a classic look, you’ll find inspiration here. Consider this your comprehensive guide to large bathroom remodeling, offering all the details you need to bring your dream bathroom to life.

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Install a Large Freestanding Tub

install a large freestanding tub

One of the most appealing features is a freestanding tub, its alone-standing position significantly contributing to an overall spacious feeling. Opt for one in an oval, rectangular, or even a vintage clawfoot design to tailor the look to your personal aesthetics. Remember, placement is key. A corner near a window, for instance, allows for a serene soak with a view, while positioning in the centre can add a dramatic touch by making it a focal point.

Bring tranquility to the next level by choosing a tub with built-in hydrotherapy or chromatherapy features. Material-wise, consider acrylic for its lightweight and easy-to-maintain attributes or go luxury with a cast iron or copper bathtub. Finally, pair the tub with a floor-mounted, sleek tub filler for a final elegant touch.

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Incorporate Double Vanities

incorporate double vanities

Executing this idea brings several advantages. Firstly, it eases morning congestion – especially for families or couples preferring a shared bathroom. You both get personal storage and sink, halving the time spent waiting to use either. Secondly, double vanities upgrade bathrooms, making them more chic and luxurious. Balance is key, so ensure similar design and finishing for the vanities. Now, lavish amenities offer inbuilt organization options for storing toiletries, eliminating clutter.

Installing double vanities near a door or window provides natural lighting, making tasks like makeup application or shaving easier. However, if impossible, ensure sufficient artificial lighting. Lastly, having additional outlets with each vanity is essential for electronic essentials like hair dryers or electric toothbrushes. Bills and DIY-friendly options are available, making it a realistic and stylish change regardless of budget size.

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Add a Walk-in Shower With a Rain Shower Head

add a walk in shower with a rain shower head

Going for a rain shower head takes your daily routine to a whole new level. Its design mimics the sensation of falling rain, providing a soothing shower experience. Opt for a model with adjustable pressure levels to tailor the water flow to your liking. Ensuring proper height and angle is essential during the installation process, guaranteeing the rainfall effect.

As for the walk-in showers, they exude a minimalistic, sleek look. Their barrier-free design facilitates easy cleaning and provides ample usability for people of all ages. Opting for a transparent glass partition instead of a curtain allows better light flow and enhances the aesthetic appeal. Moreover, walk-in showers are customisable, allowing for the addition of benches or niches for added convenience. Always remember to install non-slip tiles to prevent accidents.

Tile selection can also uplift the look of your walk-in shower. Go for large-format tiles – they limit grout lines and create a seamless, upscale touch. Always follow a proper sealing routine to maintain the longevity and lustre of the tiles.

Illuminate your shower space well. Incorporate recessed LED lights for a spa-like ambiance. Make sure they are correctly rated for wet locations to ensure safety.

By considering these points, you can elevate the functionality and appearance of your bathroom, harnessing a luxurious spa-like feel.

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Use Heated Floors for Added Comfort

use heated floors for added comfort

Embracing radiant heating systems beneath the flooring brings a touch of unassuming luxury to any bathroom, making those cold winter mornings a bit more bearable. This can transform the overall experience of using the bathroom by providing a gentle warmth underfoot. Tiles, being naturally cold, are an especially great candidate for this kind of heating system. Plus, in a larger bathroom, every bit of warmth can make a considerable difference.

Here are few things to consider:

  • 1. Electric radiant systems or hydronic (water-based)? Both have their merits, with the former being easier to install, and the latter being more cost-effective for heating larger areas.
  • 2. Consider using a programmable thermostat to control temperature levels at different times of the day. This can save energy by keeping the heated floors at a lower temperature when not in use and warming up in anticipation of those peak usage times.
  • 3. This is an excellent opportunity for a touch of eco-friendliness. Heated bathroom floors distribute warmth evenly and efficiently, meaning you could potentially lower the house’s central heating thermostat.

Remember, while it’s an investment, heated floors can become a high-end comfort you would not want to live without, especially in a generously sized bathroom.

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Install a Sauna or a Steam Room

install a sauna or a steam room

Adding this feature into your large bathroom introduces a spa-like oasis right at home. Its high temperatures are not only relaxing but have health benefits, including improved circulation and eased muscle pain. A sauna uses dry heat, typically from hot rocks or a closed stove. Steam rooms, on the other hand, create a wet heat through steam pumped into an enclosed room.

Both require proper ventilation, so consult a professional for best installation practices. The right placement is crucial to avoid moisture issues. Preferable spaces are corners or adjacent to the shower area.

Choose materials that can stand up to high heat and humidity. For saunas, cedarwood is most commonly used because it resists moisture and has a pleasant aroma. Meanwhile, ceramic or porcelain are great options for steam rooms.

Consider comfortable seating as well. A built-in bench of wood in a sauna or tiled in a steam room provides a place to relax and enjoy the heat.

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Include a Separate Room for the Toilet

include a separate room for the toilet

Creating a dedicated space for the toilet undoubtedly enhances privacy and functionality. Opting for this design, far from being a luxury, brings practical benefits. It allows simultaneous use of the bathroom facilities, maximizing efficiency particularly in busy households.

When designing this area, consider ventilation for air circulation, and maybe add a small sink for hygiene purposes. To make the room appear larger and more inviting, employing glass panels instead of solid walls could be a choice worth contemplating. For aesthetics, continuity of flooring and wall finishes can help the toilet blend seamlessly into the rest of the bathroom.

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Add a Large, Frameless Mirror

add a large frameless mirror

A frameless mirror brings a sense of sophistication and style to any bathroom setting. It creates a seamless, broad reflection that is as functional as it is stunning.

1. Illusion of Space: No-frame design helps amplify the perception of space making your bathroom look bigger and brighter.

2. Customizability: Not being bound by a frame, the mirror shape and size can be customized as per your space and preference – be it round, square, or rectangular.

3. Easy Cleaning: Absence of a frame makes dusting and cleaning much easier as small corners and crevices are eliminated.

4. Versatile: Frameless mirrors blend well with different décor styles, whether you opt for a minimalistic, traditional, or contemporary look.

Consider professional installation as these mirrors can be heavy and require specific tools and hardware. Install it at eye level for maximum utility and aesthetic appeal. A light fixture installed above will provide a flattering illumination.

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Use a Combination of Natural and Artificial Lighting

use a combination of natural and artificial lighting

Natural light can truly invigorate a bathroom, presenting a warm and welcoming ambience. Considering a skylight or larger windows can significantly enhance this effect. Privacy glass options allow for more light without sacrificing privacy.

For evenings, or bathrooms lacking windows, artificial lighting replaces sunlight. Layered lighting solutions offer remarkable flexibility. A central ceiling fixture provides general light. Adding task lighting, such as sconces or even a small lamp on the vanity, helps in makeup application or shaving. For the ultimate indulgence, consider mood lighting. Dimmable lights, or those with color options, can transform your bathroom into a serene spa or a vibrant vanity at the twist of a knob.

To ensure consistent lighting without shadows, be mindful of where each light fixture is placed. Vanity lights should flank the mirror, not top it, to avoid unsightly and unflattering shadows.

LED lights are a green, cost-efficient choice that offer a wide variety of style options. Plus, they produce less heat – a key factor in a room where humidity is frequently high. Remember, while all these options offer a variety of choices to suit personal style, your ultimate aim is to create a space that is bright, comfortable and safe.

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Install a Waterproof TV for Entertainment

install a waterproof tv for entertainment

To satisfy your entertainment cravings, installing a waterproof television is an excellent idea. It ensures you enjoy your favorite shows during a relaxing bubble bath.

Choose a location that provides optimal viewing when soaking in the tub or lounging on a chaise. For safety reasons, make sure the TV complies with safety regulations for use in wet areas. Keep it at a distance from water sources but within a comfortable viewing range.

Ensure to use a professional for installation to avoid electrical hazards. With your favorite series or movie on display, your luxury bathroom will deliver a top-tier spa experience at home.

Please remember, it’s all about creating an enjoyable and immersive relaxation space.

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Build Custom Cabinets for Increased Storage

build custom cabinets for increased storage

In creating a harmonious and functional bathroom space, effective storage is key. Custom cabinets answer to this need quite fittingly. With the ability to tailor the design based on your specific requirements, they provide the perfect solution for organizing all your essentials, from towels to toiletries.

Consider including a variety of drawers, shelves, or cubby holes for versatility. Choose materials that are water-resistant and durable to withstand humidity. Aim for a design that complements your bathroom’s aesthetics for a cohesive look. The modern trend leans toward a floating vanity for a more streamlined, minimalistic appeal, providing additional space beneath it.

Remember to efficiently utilize vertical space, tall cabinets that extend to the ceiling offer extra room without taking up much footprint.

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Experiment With Bold Color Schemes

experiment with bold color schemes

Bold hues can evoke various moods in a bathroom. Vibrant, energetic colors like teal or coral can offer a revitalizing feel, perfect for a morning pick-me-up. Alternatively, deep tones like emerald green or plum can provide a sense of tranquility and luxury, ideal for unwinding in the evening.

However, remember to balance these vivid shades with neutral elements to avoid an overpowering look. For instance, choose fixtures, tilework, or cabinets in more restrained hues.

Furthermore, the size and the amount of natural light in your bathroom can greatly influence how a color appears. Vibrant colors can help a large bathroom appear more inviting and intimate, whereas in a smaller or dimly lit bathroom, these might appear too overwhelming.

Toying with paint samples or mood boards can be helpful before committing to a specific color. It allows you to envision how your chosen hue will interact with other elements of your bathroom during various times of the day.

Through informed decisions, your bold bathroom color scheme can become a striking design aspect that truly reflects your individual style.

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Incorporate a Skylight to Bring in Natural Light

incorporate a skylight to bring in natural light

Maximizing the influx of natural light can significantly enhance the ambiance of your bathroom. A skylight is a foolproof method to achieve this, serving as a window to the sky that bathes the room in sunshine.

Here’s a brief rundown of a few reasons why a skylight could be an excellent addition:

  • Energy Efficiency: Skylights decrease the need for artificial light, reducing energy consumption during the day.
  • Mood Enhancer: Natural light has proven mood-boosting benefits. It can make the bathroom a rejuvenating space where you kick-start or wind down your day.
  • Illusion of Space: Natural light can make the space seem larger and more open.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Apart from functionality, skylights can add a unique architectural element to the bathroom.

Remember, the effectiveness of a skylight depends on its placement. Always consult with a professional to determine the best positioning based on the orientation of your house to guarantee optimal sunlight reception. The inclusion of blinds or shades can play a pivotal role in controlling light intensity and maintaining privacy.

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Install a Built-in Makeup Vanity

install a built in makeup vanity

Having a built-in makeup vanity directly in your bathroom can save precious time during busy mornings. Choose a wall with proper lighting or add a lighted mirror to ensure accurate makeup application. Opt for a stylish and comfortable chair that matches the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

Use the vanity to organize and store your makeup and beauty products – drawers for smaller items like lipsticks and brushes, while compartments can hold larger items like hair dryers and curling irons. Install an electrical outlet nearby for convenient access to power for your beauty appliances. Incorporating a makeup vanity not only adds functionality to your bathroom but also a touch of sophistication.

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Add a Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat for Enhanced Comfort

add a luxury bidet toilet seat for enhanced comfort

A high-quality bidet seat provides a lavishness that goes beyond ordinary bathroom experiences. Geared with an array of advanced features, these toilet additions serve multiple functions. Crucially, they present hygiene and comfort advantages, with their self-cleaning nozzles and adjustable water temperature.

Further benefits include a warm air dryer, which eliminates the need for toilet paper – an eco-friendly option! Many also come with a heated seat, a blessing in cold weather. For those seeking opulence in every corner of their lives, some luxury bidets offer a massage function with varying pressure. It’s a personal hygiene revolution that vouches for optimal comfort and cleanliness.

Lighting is also a potentially underappreciated feature. Some bidet seats offer a soft night light, making night time visits less disruptive. While it may seem an unusual addition at first, this sanitary ware invites premium comfort directly into your bathroom, elevating the everyday to extraordinary.

On the whole, integrating this luxe toilet gadget within your bathroom revamp can make a significant difference, transforming regular routines into soothing, self-care sessions.

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Use Wall-mounted Toilets and Sinks to Save Space

use wall mounted toilets and sinks to save space

When working with limited space, every inch counts. Leveraging the vertical spaces with wall-mounted toilets and sinks can be a game-changer. Unlike traditional floor-mounted models, their sleek design opens up the floor, making the bathroom appear larger. Plus, they provide an unexpected, stylish twist.

Here are some noteworthy points:

  • The hidden tank and drain pipes give a minimalist, uncluttered look.
  • The height can be customized according to personal preferences, enhancing the comfort.
  • They are easier to clean with visible floor space underneath.
  • Considering obstructive elements, like door swings or traffic path, wisely situate them to optimize their benefit.

Remember, professional installation is crucial for proper functioning, given the in-wall plumbing system.

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Incorporate a Spacious Linen Closet

incorporate a spacious linen closet

Keeping toiletries, towels, and extra linen tidy and within reach is a breeze with a spacious linen closet. Ensure the closet is conveniently located so you won’t need to dash across the room, dripping wet, for a towel.

Opt for deeper shelves to handle bulky items and shallower nooks for smaller items like soaps, making everything easy to spot. An adjustable shelving system is a practical choice; rearrange the heights as needed when storing items of different sizes. Glass-fronted doors add a touch of elegance and allow you to see what’s inside at a glance.

Meanwhile, wicker or fabric baskets can be used to keep smaller items organized and easy to find. Incorporating proper lighting is essential, so grab what you need without fumbling in the darkness. This practical addition not only boosts functionality but can also enhance the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

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Install a Jacuzzi for Relaxation

install a jacuzzi for relaxation

A jacuzzi is a luxury feature that can transform your large bathroom into a home spa, offering an exceptional space for winding down after a long day. To install one, you’ll need to consider three factors.

Firstly, the size and style of the jacuzzi should suit your bathroom’s dimensions and aesthetic. Commonly round, square, or rectangular, jacuzzis come in various sizes, usually accommodating between two to six persons.

Secondly, the location should allow for easy access, privacy, and enjoyment. This might be by a window with a scenic view, or in a more secluded corner for more privacy. A balance between practicality and indulgence is ideal.

Finally, ensure the bathroom’s structure can support the weight of a water-filled jacuzzi and occupants. Additionally, good ventilation is essential to prevent humidity and mould build-up.

In the hands of a capable contractor, your desired jacuzzi will be more than just a soaker tub, providing therapeutic water jets, lighting options or even built-in music systems. This addition to your bathroom can bring about an everyday indulgence that comfortingly blurs the line between interior and wellness. Remember, proper maintenance and care will allow your jacuzzi to serve relaxation for years to come.

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Opt for Large, Stone Tiles for a Clean, Luxurious Look

opt for large stone tiles for a clean luxurious look

Installing large size stone tiles offers a beautiful and timeless appeal to any bathroom. Unlike smaller tiles, they give the impression of a more spacious area due to fewer grout lines. Choose from materials like travertine, granite or slate for a natural and elegant appearance.

Here are few key points to consider:

  • 1. As stone tiles are naturally slip-resistant, they add extra safety.
  • 2. Stone tiles are durable and resistant to moisture.
  • 3. Their large format reduces the ‘busy’ look often associated with smaller tiles.
  • 4. The unique patterns and colors of each stone tile ensure no two bathrooms look the same.
  • 5. They’re easy to clean and treat, ideal for a bathroom’s high-moisture environment.

Remember to seal your stone tiles regularly as it helps retain their aesthetic and protective qualities.

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Include a Seating Area for Dressing and Undressing

include a seating area for dressing and undressing

Incorporating a seating area adds functionality, comfort, and a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. Here’s why and how you should add one:

1. Functionality: Easily put on or remove shoes, socks, or garments while seated.

2. Comfort: After a long bath or shower, a seating area provides a spot to rest before moving on with your day.

3. Luxury: This seemingly simple addition of furniture can elevate the overall look and feel of the bathroom.

4. Ease of Dressing: Having a spot to sit while dressing reduces the risk of slips and falls, especially on a wet surface.

Consider stools or benches that are waterproof and sturdy. Opt for a piece that complements your bathroom’s design. If space permits, a built-in bench or window seat provides additional storage.

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Implement an Open-concept Bathroom Design

implement an open concept bathroom design

Open-concept design breathes new life into your bathroom space, making it appear spacious and airy. Think of transparent glass shower cubicles, floating vanity units, and wall-hung toilets. These elements maintain visibility across the room, emphasizing the openness.

Use cohesive colors and materials throughout for a streamlined, unified look. Avoid cluttering the layout; good storage solutions are a must. Play with partition-like elements such as tall indoor plants or sleek columns if you wish to subtly hint at zones, but avoid any solid divisions that break the flow of sight.

Remember to consider privacy needs carefully when opting for this style. One way to tackle this is by using smart glass for shower cubicles; it turns transparent or opaque at the click of a switch!

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