20 Creative Bathroom Apothecary Jar Ideas for Decor & Organization

Last updated on November 17, 2023

Creating an eye-catching bathroom space becomes easier with the use of apothecary jars, because they offer a chic approach to storage, organization, and decor.

glass apothecary jars bathroom set

I’m delighted to share my article on 20 Creative Bathroom Apothecary Jar Ideas for Decor & Organization, complete with unique designs crafted by yours truly, and I hope it inspires you and brings as much joy as I had while creating them.

If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and organization to your bathroom, apothecary jars are a brilliant solution.

These versatile, vintage-inspired containers can be used to store a variety of items, from bath salts and cotton balls to soaps and decorative elements.

Not only do they contribute to a clutter-free space, but they also serve as an aesthetic enhancement.

This article will guide you through various innovative ways to style your bathroom using apothecary jars, offering detailed instructions and suggestions to create a bathroom that’s not just functional, but also visually appealing.

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Seashells Display

seashells display

Apothecary jars make a wonderful showcase for that seashell collection you’ve been wanting to display. Spruce up a dull bathroom space with a marine themed decor – it’s as effortless as gathering shells from a beach trip or even purchasing them in bulk online.

Fill the jar abundantly for a stunning, layered look. Varied sizes and colors of seashells can add interesting visual texture and depth. Try adding small faux pearls or other nautical elements for an extra touch.

Remember to clean the shells properly before adding them to ensure they are free from sand, dust, and smell. This captivating display would not only invoke memories of soothing beach trips but also serve as a captivating piece of bathroom art.

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Makeup Remover Wipes Holder

makeup remover wipes holder

Maintaining the elegance of your bathroom can also apply to the most practical items. Consider allocating a decorative apothecary jar for your makeup remover wipes. By transferring them from their original packaging to a glass jar, you bring a touch of class to your vanity.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Choose a jar: Opt for a tall, cylindrical apothecary jar with a lid to keep your wipes fresh and moist.
  • Transfer the wipes: Simply remove them from their original packaging and stack in your jar.
  • Seal correctly: Ensure the lid is airtight to avoid the wipes drying out.

Remember, the goal is not just organization, but also to uplift your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. Next time you need a makeup wipe, you’ll appreciate the convenience and look of your new dressing table addition.

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Cotton Balls Container

cotton balls container

Utilizing apothecary jars for cotton balls merges function with style. Glass containers offer an elegant touch while maintaining easy access. Here are a few simple steps to adopt this trendy yet practical storage solution.

1. Choose a medium-sized jar: Its size facilitates effortless withdrawal of cotton balls, preventing you from rummaging.

2. Opt for a jar with a lid: The lid ensures cotton balls remain clean, dust-free, and dry, maintaining hygienic standards.

3. Fill jar loosely: Overfilling may lead to compacting, making it hard to draw the cotton balls. Also, a loosely filled jar showcases the cotton balls’ fluffy aesthetic.

So, why not neatly organize and stylishly display your cotton balls in these beautiful containers? It’s a straightforward, efficient, and chic way of decluttering your bathroom countertop!

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Bath Bombs Display

bath bombs display

Having a range of bath bombs available in your bathroom can feel like having your very own mini spa. By choosing a clear apothecary jar, you’re able to display them in a visually appealing way while keeping them easily accessible for a relaxing soak.

1. Select bath bombs in various colors and aromas to create an aesthetically pleasing display and offer a choice of moods.

2. Group similar colors or scents together for a coordinated look and to make it easier when you’re after a specific fragrance.

3. Ensure the jar is thoroughly dry before adding bath bombs to prevent premature activation.

4. Consider a jar with a wide mouth to allow easy access and minimize damage to the bath bombs while retrieving them.

5. A jar with a secure lid is crucial to keep moisture out and preserve the quality of the bath bombs.

Remember, the vitality of your bath bombs directly impacts your bathing experience, so handle with care!

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Decorative Soaps Display

decorative soaps display

Nothing beats a pretty jar filled with decorative soaps to add a hint of elegance to your bathroom decor. This isn’t just about aesthetics but also about incorporating subtle fragrances to soothe your senses.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Choose soaps that match your bathroom’s color theme to reinforce the design.
  • Opt for soaps with calming scents like lavender, jasmine or chamomile to provide a spa-like ambiance.
  • Varied shapes and sizes of soaps add an interesting visual appeal.
  • For added flair, consider soaps with intricate designs or intriguing textures.
  • Ensure to place the jar in a spot that’s within easy reach yet safe from water splashes to maintain the soaps’ integrity.

It’s all about creating a visual treat while keeping functionality in mind. After all, what’s elegance without a touch of practicality?

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Potpourri Holder

potpourri holder

Potpourri in apothecary jars is a wonderful way to keep the bathroom smelling fresh while also adding a chic design element.

When filling your jar, opt for a mix of dried flowers, leaves, or spices which complement the bathroom color scheme.

Additionally, the use of essential oils can provide a refreshing aroma. Lavender, eucalyptus, or citrus would be an excellent choice.

Remember to shake the jar or stir the mix once every few days to keep the scent active.

For a truly eco-friendly option, consider making your potpourri with garden leftovers.

Not only does this look appealing; it also adds a personal touch to your bathroom decor.

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Epsom Salts Dispenser

epsom salts dispenser

For a soothing and therapeutic touch to your bathroom, adding Epsom salts to your apothecary jar lineup can be quite beneficial. Not only do they act as an attractive feature, but Epsom salts are known for their health benefits. Here’s how to stylishly incorporate them:

  • Select a jar: Choose a transparent jar with easy access and minimalist design.
  • Filling: Fill it up with Epsom salts, ensuring some space on top for easy handling.
  • Add a scoop: Add a small wooden or metallic scoop. It’s practical for use and adds to the aesthetic appeal.
  • Labeling: Customize with a label mentioning “Epsom Salts”. Home labels or chalkboard stickers can be a good option.
  • Placement: Place it near the bathtub for easy reach when needed. A shelf or a basket tray can make it stand out.
  • Variation: Mix in some dried lavender or rosemary for an aromatic touch. This also serves to enhance the visual appeal.

And voila, your stylish bathroom just got a taste of rejuvenating spa luxury!

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Hair Accessories Container

hair accessories container

Storing hair accessories in an apothecary jar not only keeps them neat and tidy, but it also turns them into a fun, colorful display. Dare to mix and match designs, placing hair ties, clips, and bobby pins together.

If you have a larger jar, headbands can be neatly coiled at the bottom, creating a solid color base above which slightly smaller accessories can be stored. If the jar is transparent, it’s even better – multi-colored hair accessories act as vibrant “fillers” that liven up your bathroom decor.

Remember to keep the jar in a dry area to ensure metal parts of hair accessories don’t get rusty. Finally, for ease of access, group similar items together – this will save precious minutes during morning rush.

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Mini Travel Toiletries Holder

mini travel toiletries holder

Accommodating overnight guests? Here’s a stylish solution. Gather those miniature bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash often collected from hotels and neatly arrange them in a clear apothecary jar.

This display isn’t just visually pleasing, it’s highly functional too. Guests can easily see what items are available and take what they need. Very useful for last-minute trips too.

For added charm, choose a jar with a vintage feel; the contrast it provides to the modern containers gives an eclectic vibe. This display ensures your restroom remains organized and elegant while providing essential items for visitors or your own use.

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Makeup Brushes Holder

makeup brushes holder

When it comes to your vanity area, a well-organized setup goes a long way. One way to tidy up is by utilizing an apothecary jar as a makeup brushes holder.

A few ways you can achieve this include:

  • Use clear glass jars: They offer a chic look, allowing the color and texture of your brushes to shine through, whilst keeping things neat.
  • Add filler: Consider using coffee beans, colorful pebbles, or ornamental beads to hold the brushes upright. This not only makes them easier to grab, but it’s eye-catching and adds a decorative touch.
  • Use jars of different heights: If you have myriad brushes, consider large jars for bigger brushes and smaller jars for precision tools.
  • Clean your brushes regularly: Having them on display isn’t just handy, it’s a visual reminder to keep them clean and sanitary for skin health.
  • Rotate your brushes: After washing them, rotate the ones in the front to ensure all your tools get used, maximizing your makeup collection’s potential.

Remember that style effortlessly marries function in this transformation; tidying up doesn’t mean hiding away!

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Q-tips Container

q tips container

Storing Q-tips in an apothecary jar isn’t just practical, it can act as a sophisticated decoration piece for your bathroom too. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Clear Glass: Choose a plain, transparent jar to display the neat whiteness of your Q-tips. Not only does the contrast between the white and the glass add an attractive element to your décor, but it also allows easy counting of Q-tips, so you know when to refill.
  • Proportional Sizing: Opt for a jar that isn’t too large, to avoid your Q-tips looking lost, or too small, so that you aren’t forever refilling it. Try to find a jar that maintains aesthetic appeal while providing convenient storage.
  • Easy Access: Go for a jar with a lid that’s easy to open and close so reaching for a Q-tip doesn’t turn into a struggle, especially with wet hands.
  • Location: Place it within easy reach, preferably near the mirror or sink for easy access when you’re in the middle of your routine.

Follow these tips to make your countertop (and your routine) a little more organized and a lot more stylish.

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Toothpaste and Toothbrush Holder

toothpaste and toothbrush holder

Shaking up the typical idea of a bathroom sink, transform your elegant apothecary jar into a handy toothbrush and toothpaste holder. This innovative use of the jar not only keeps those daily essentials within reach but also maintains an organized, clutter-free counter. The glass vessel can hold multiple brushes upright, ensuring bristles maintain cleanliness and hygiene, away from the sink platform.

Encouraging a visually pleasing aesthetic, select a jar that complements the size and type of your toothbrushes. A taller, cylindrical one may be perfect for the elongated electric toothbrush, while a wider squat jar could perfectly house a family’s set of regular brushes.

Another ingenious adaptation involves dividing the space inside. Separating toothbrushes from each other and the toothpaste, this practice promotes cleanliness while aiding easy access. Utilize smaller, removable glass or plastic compartments for this purpose.

Lastly, don’t forget function and design should go hand-in-hand. Personalize your jar by adding small decorative stones or colored water beads at the bottom. This garnishing not only adds to the style quotient but also aids stability to the brushes.

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Miniature Hand Sanitizers Holder

miniature hand sanitizers holder

Keeping hand sanitizers within easy reach is a practical way to maintain hygiene. Utilizing an apothecary jar elevates this function into an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Place miniature hand sanitizers into a clear glass jar, arranging them vertically for easy access and a neat display. Choose sanitizers with bright colors and interesting labels to add some personality and visual interest.

You may even opt for different scents to offer a variety of choices for your guests. With this arrangement, cleanliness meets style effortlessly.

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Drawing Bath Oils Display

drawing bath oils display

Presenting your collection of bath oils can function as not only a convenient organizer but also a decorative feature in your bathroom.

Select jars that complement your bathroom decor and fill them with your favorite bath oils in an arrangement that highlights their colors and texture.

Transparent jars work best for this as they allow full visibility of the beautifully colored bath oils.

Place this arrangement near your bathtub for easy access, creating an appealing, spa-like feel in your bathroom.

Remember to consider safety, keeping the jars out of reach of children to avoid accidental spills.

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Compressed Facial Mask Tablets Holder

compressed facial mask tablets holder

Continuing our exploration of apothecary jar uses, let’s delve into a unique yet practical idea. You know those tiny, round compressed facial mask tablets? They expand into full-sized masks when you soak them in water or serum.

Now, imagine storing them beautifully in a clear apothecary jar. The neutral color and interesting shape of these tablets offer a visually appealing design element. The jar’s transparency allows for easy viewing and access, perfect for your skincare routine.

Additionally, organizing your mask tablets in this manner prevents them from scattering around or getting lost. All in one place, stored stylishly, your bathroom décor will realize a boost, and your skincare regimen will witness a revolution.

Remember, you can personalize the jar with lace or ribbon that matches your bathroom’s color theme, giving it a complete and cohesive look.

In the next section, we will talk about another everyday bathroom item that deserves a fancy spot in an apothecary jar.

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Loofahs and Sponges Holder

loofahs and sponges holder

Utilizing a clear apothecary jar for the purpose transforms a mundane object into a stylish statement piece. Further enhancing the visual appeal are the varied shapes and textures of the loofahs and sponges – a few cylindrical and spongy, others round and dense.

Not only does this storage option keep them dry and hygienic, it also allows for easy access. This promotes regular replacement – a handy reminder for personal hygiene. Plus, the jar can be positioned by the bath, shower, or sink to blend effortlessly with your bathroom design, adding a touch of spa luxury to an everyday routine.

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Sample Perfume Vials Display

sample perfume vials display

Planning to collect those special scents but not sure where to put them? An apothecary jar is a perfect solution! Having these vials aesthetically displayed not only adds a touch of chic decor to your bathroom but also enables easy access whenever you fancy a spritz of luxury.

1. Consider a jar with a wide bottom and a narrower top. This will prevent the vials from tumbling around and ensure they’re always upright and ready for use.

2. Organize by color or brand. This small touch can make an enormous difference in the overall visual appeal.

3. Remember to rotate them periodically to ensure all your favorite scents get used.

4. Keep out of direct sunlight to preserve the quality of your perfumes. Shielding delicate fragrances from harsh light keeps them at their best longer.

5. Make sure the jar has a good seal to keep your vials dust-free. A clear lid lets you view your collection while protecting them from the elements.

Enjoy your perfume collection displayed in a functional and aesthetic way. It’s not just organization, it’s art in a jar!

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Nail Polish Remover Pads Container

nail polish remover pads container

Keeping your nail polish remover pads in an apothecary jar can elevate your bathroom aesthetics and also make them easily accessible. This is an ideal solution because these jars are transparent, letting you quickly see and fetch what you require. An apothecary jar is airtight, which keeps the pads from drying out. Plus, their compact size makes them a perfect fit for smaller bathroom vanities.

This application also ensures your pads don’t become contaminated with dust or bathroom aerosols. You can even choose a jar with a cute design or color to complement your bathroom decor, making it both functional and stylish.

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Travel-size Lotions Holder

travel size lotions holder

Transforming apothecary jars into a stylish storage for travel-size lotions not only de-clutters your space but also adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. The glass containers can hold an array of your favorite stretchy creams and offer a convenient pick-and-go system for those hurry mornings.

The visual appeal of the colorful bottles is not to be underestimated as they add a lively pop of color. Moreover, you can categorize lotions by scent or use, making your skincare routine easier and more enjoyable.

The sizes of your jars should vary based on both your collection and the space available on your countertop or vanity. When selecting your travel-size lotions, consider the aesthetic appeal of their packaging for the best visual impact.

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Mini Candles Display

mini candles display

Apothecary jars are ideal for showcasing charming mini candles, creating a cozy ambiance. Here are a few clever ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Fill a clear jar with sand or small pebbles to secure the candles in place. This will not only keep the candles secure, but it will also add an appealing texture to your display.
  • Mix and match various candle sizes and shapes for a dynamic presentation. Combining tea lights, small pillar candles, and votive candles can garner attention.
  • For an impactful visual, consider color-themed candles. Seasonal colors or hues that match your bathroom decor can elevate the space.
  • Adding a touch of nature by intertwining some dried flowers or twigs around the candles can create a rustic vibe, transforming your bathroom into a serene space.

Remember, safety comes first. Always ensure your display is set at a safe distance from flammable items. Clear lids for the jars can provide an extra layer of precaution.

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