20 Unique Bathroom Nook Ideas to Transform Your Space

Last updated on April 12, 2024

Discover innovative ways to transform that unused bathroom nook into a stylish and functional space with these creative ideas.

I’m proud to have created these 20 unique bathroom nook designs and I sincerely hope you find them as inspiring and fun to explore as I did crafting them.

Maximizing every inch of your home is a trend that’s here to stay, and the bathroom is no exception.

Nooks in the bathroom can be an underutilized space that, when done right, can add both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Whether you’re looking to create a cozy reading corner, a smart storage solution, or a dedicated makeup station, bathroom nooks can be transformed into something truly special.

This article will provide you with a plethora of innovative ideas to revamp your bathroom nook, ensuring it becomes a highlight of your home.

Stay tuned for detailed tips and tricks that will help you turn that overlooked corner into your favorite spot.

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Floating Shelves

floating shelves

Ideal for tight spaces, floating shelves offer dual benefits: storage and display.

  • No floor space required: These shelves hover on the wall, freeing up much-needed floor area.
  • Versatility: Can accommodate everything from toiletries to decorative trinkets.
  • DIY Project: Easily installable within one day.
  • Customizable: Paint, stain or varnish to match existing decor.
  • Budget-friendly: Available at reasonable costs, or could be handmade for those price-conscious.

To maximize their utility, consider adding a few labelled baskets or mason jars to neatly store smaller items.

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Over-the-toilet Storage

over the toilet storage

Utilizing the space above the toilet can solve storage issues, especially in small bathrooms. By installing sleek and appealing bathroom furniture, you can boost your decor while increasing functionality.

  • Create extra space without expanding bathroom’s footprint.
  • Hide away essentials and reduce clutter.
  • Diversity in design choices – from modern minimalism to shabby chic.
  • Easy access to toiletries and bathroom goods.
  • Opportunity to display decorative items, adding character.

Whether choosing wooden cabinets, glass shelves, or metal frames, use the vertical area efficiently without compromising style. Aim for moisture-resistant materials to ensure longevity. Remember: balance practicality with aesthetics for the best outcome.

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Recessed Wall Cabinet

recessed wall cabinet

Adding a refreshing touch to your bathroom, recessed wall cabinets offer a clever way of maximising space. Here’s why it’s a transformational idea:

1. They blend into the wall, providing a streamlined, clean look.

2. Designed to fit between studs, ensuring sturdy installation.

3. Available in various designs, colours, and materials to match your bathroom’s aesthetics.

4. Provides hidden storage, reducing clutter and promoting organisation.

5. More depth than standard wall cabinets, ideal for storing larger items.

6. Easy accessibility to your toiletries without encroaching on your bathroom’s usable space.

7. Acts as a focal point when installed at eye level, adding an interesting visual touch.

With these considerations, a recessed wall cabinet can serve as a functional yet stylish solution in your bathroom nook renovation.

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Small Wicker Basket Collection

small wicker basket collection

Wicker baskets, in a variety of shapes and sizes, can easily amp up the aesthetics while offering functional storage. These chic containers help in organizing everything from rolled towels to cosmetics, enhancing the bathroom space and keeping things tidy.

Consider the following:

  • Choosing smaller baskets for cosmetics and toiletries.
  • Utilizing larger baskets for towels and bathrobes.
  • Arranging baskets in eye-catching ways for visual interest.
  • Selecting baskets that match the bathroom’s color scheme.
  • Placing them under the sink, on shelves, or countertop.
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Corner Shelving

corner shelving

Maximizing the use of otherwise idle corner spaces works wonders in adding storage in a crammed bathroom. Here’s how to make the most of it:

  • Choose triangular shelves, they fit perfectly.
  • Designate levels for different items, toiletries or towels for instance.
  • Opt for adjustable-looking shelves for flexibility in item heights.
  • Incorporate materials enduring to moisture, such as treated wood or metal.
  • Accessorize with ornamental pieces on top levels for aesthetic appeal.
  • Consider unit installation height for easy accessibility.
  • Explore possibilities of a corner cabinet, if space permits.
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Towel Rack With Hooks

towel rack with hooks

Maximize your bathroom’s functionality by utilizing a towel rack with hooks.

1. Multi-purpose use: It provides appropriate spacing for hanging multiple towels and other bathroom essentials such as bathrobes or loofahs, leaving your countertops clutter-free.

2. Design versatility: Available in multiple designs, materials, and finishes to blend seamlessly with your bathroom decor.

3. Easy installation: Usually, it doesn’t require professional assistance – you just need a few basic tools.

4. Space saving: Being wall-mounted, it does not consume floor space, making it an excellent choice for small bathrooms.

Remember, it’s all about making the most of your bathroom space, ensuring everything has a place, and maintaining an organized, clutter-free environment. Be sure your towel rack with hooks is securely fastened and routinely checked to avoid mishaps. In terms of height placement, ensure it’s accessible and practical for all users of the bathroom.

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Hanging Plants

hanging plants

Nurturing a touch of greenery in the bathroom can elevate the aesthetic appeal while also working as a natural air purifier. Here’s how to incorporate them:

  • Identify the ideal spot: Mostly, bathrooms lack abundant sunlight. Go for a corner with sufficient indirect light.
  • Choosing the right plant: Opt for those which can withstand humidity and low-light conditions. Snake plants, Boston ferns, or spider plants are good options.
  • Use of hanging planters: The use of secure hooks can dangle them from the ceiling, thus saving precious counter space.
  • Multiple plants: Cluster multiple hanging plants at different heights for a more lush effect.
  • Maintenance: Regular watering based on the needs of the plant and occasional wiping of leaves for dust will keep them healthy and vibrant.
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Pedestal Sink Storage

pedestal sink storage

Featuring an elegant contour, a pedestal sink doesn’t lend itself naturally to storage solutions. However, with some creative tactics, you can make optimal use of the space below and around it.

Skirted Sinks: Utilize fabric skirts which attach via adhesive velcro strips. Here, conceal additional storage while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Pedestal Baskets: Slide attractive baskets or bins under the sink for things like towels or toilet paper.

– Free-Standing Shelving: Slide a small, freestanding shelf unit designed to wrap around the sink base. Examine dimensions carefully for a seamless fit.

– Under-the-Sink Rails: Install a rail or two along the interior for hanging small items such as hair dryers, curling irons or cleaning supplies.

– Sink-Top Trays: Maximize the surface space with a stylish tray for holding soaps, lotion or decorative items. Choose a size that complements, not overpowers, the sink.

Remember, it’s crucial to maintain an organized and clutter-free area to keep a stylish, spacious feel. This can be achieved by adopting an “only essentials” approach for the items you decide to store here.

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Roll-out Cabinetry

roll out cabinetry

An underrated but efficient solution providing significant storage without compromising space, concealed neatly in the vanity or other cabinetry areas.

1. Sliding mechanism allows easy access.

2. Offers an organized, clutter-free space.

3. Suitable for storage of small items like toiletries or cleaning supplies.

4. Can be custom-built for specific storage needs.

5. Maximizes the use of vertical space.

6. Can integrate dividers or outlets for easy usage.

7. Ability to hide when not in use, maintaining a sleek bathroom appearance.

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Built-in Shower Shelving

built in shower shelving

Benefiting from otherwise unused space, built-in shower shelving is an efficient storage solution.

1. Maximizes shower space.

2. Convenient access to bath necessities.

3. Enhances organization.

4. Creates an uncluttered environment.

5. Showcases attractive bath products.

6. Increases overall bathroom appeal.

By integrating these vertical storage units directly into your shower wall, you can avoid unnecessary clutter and keep all your bath essentials within arm’s reach. This includes shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and other bathing necessities. Opt for waterproof material like ceramic or stone for long-lasting durability. The built-in aspect ensures a polished, streamlined appearance that complements any bathroom aesthetic. Keep the shelves neat and organized for a spa-like ambiance. The shelves can also serve a double purpose as décor by exhibiting aesthetically-pleasing bath products. The outcome? A more organized, appealing bathroom, and no more slippery bottles on the shower floor.

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Decorative Mirror With Storage

decorative mirror with storage

Harnessing the utility and aesthetic charms of this concept, implement these key points:

1. Select a mirror style consistent with your bathroom’s design theme for a cohesive look.

2. Accommodate essentials like cosmetics, accessories, and skincare products in the storage compartment.

3. Opt for models with built-in LED lighting for enhanced visibility and a modern touch.

4. Prioritize an accessible height for easy reach of stored items.

5. Consider privacy factors when picking transparent versus opaque storage doors.

6. Size is crucial. Balance between creating a focal point and not overwhelming the space.

7. Reflective surfaces naturally make a room appear larger, a bonus feature for small bathrooms.

8. Get creative with placement, not just above the sink. They can go beside the shower or above the bath too.

9. Checking humidity resistance ensures the mirror maintains its looks.

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Wall-mounted Towel Storage

wall mounted towel storage

Incorporating wall-mounted towel storage maximizes vertical space and keeps linens within reach. This type of storage, which adds convenience and neatness, ranges from sophisticated racks to rustic ladders.

  • 1. Saves floor space.
  • 2. Easily accessed towels.
  • 3. Adds to aesthetic appeal.
  • 4. Range of styles to match decor.
  • 5. User-friendly solution for family and guests.
  • 6. Sturdy and durable.
  • 7. Easy installation process.
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Ladder Shelf for Towels

ladder shelf for towels

Opting for a ladder shelf gifts your bathroom with a multi-layered approach to towel storage. Add style by choosing a rustic wooden design or keep it sleek with a modern, metal variant.

Here are the key concepts:

  • Space-saving: Provides vertical storage without occupying too much floor space.
  • Functional Design: Layer towels according to size, from hand towels on top to bath towels at the bottom.
  • Easy Accessibility: Spreads out towels for easy retrieval and organization.
  • Decorative Element: Enhances aesthetic appeal by adding a stylish focal point.
  • Versatility: Other bath essentials like toiletries, décor items, and plants can also be displayed.

Remember, the ladder shelf can be free-standing or wall-mounted according to your preference and available space. Always consider safety when choosing the right option.

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Mason Jar Storage

mason jar storage

Mason jars can be a bathroom game changer.

1. Space-Efficient: Small enough to fit in tight corners, these jars reduce clutter.

2. Design-Friendly: They are available in various sizes and colors, complementing any design style.

3. Versatile: Able to hold anything from cotton balls to toothbrushes.

4. Durable: Designed from sturdy glass, they can last for years.

5. Easy to Clean: Being dishwasher safe ensures optimal hygiene.

Use metal bands to secure the jars on wooden panels, or place them on open shelves. Consider grouping them by size or purpose for a streamlined look. Transparent jars offer a clean, minimalistic appeal, while colored jars can be used as accent pieces. Experimenting with the lids can bring variety, from fabric to chalkboard paint, allowing you to personalize each one. Craft stores carry wide variety of affordable Mason jars, making them an accessible storage solution.

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Bathroom Vanity With Small Shelves

bathroom vanity with small shelves

Leveraging the unused vertical space, these crucial structures provide extra room for toiletries as well as adding to the décor. Ideally, items used daily should be stored at arm’s reach for easy access.

Here’s how to effectively optimize them:

  • Install adjustable shelves to suit your storage needs.
  • Consider translucent or glass material for a visually less intrusive effect.
  • Optimize organization with smaller containers or baskets within shelves.
  • Incorporate ambient or task lighting if needed.
  • Choose a design consistent with the rest of the decor to ensure harmony.
  • Prioritize waterproof and humidity-resistant materials due to the moist environment.
  • Ensure efficient spacing between shelves for easy cleaning and maintenance.
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Radiator Top Storage

radiator top storage

A practical option that serves both aesthetics and function, consider the following elements involved in making the optimal use of Radiator top storage:

  • Insulating Material: Ensure the shelf is made of a material that doesn’t conduct heat, like wood or granite for safety and longevity.
  • Measurement: Measure across the width and length of your radiator to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Ventilation: Allow sufficient overhang on either side, usually a few inches, for heat to escape.
  • Organizers: Implement plastic or metal baskets to divide and organize small items.
  • Styling: Introduce plant pots, photo frames, or light boxes to add a personal touch.
  • Practicality: Use it for storing bathroom essentials like towels – this also helps warm them for when they’re needed.
  • Installation: It should be a relatively straightforward DIY project, or hire a handyman if necessary.
  • Maintenance: Ensure easy accessibility for cleaning and dusting off the radiator.
  • Alternate uses: Consider using it as an impromptu vanity or display shelf.

Remember not to place flammable objects on your radiator shelf, safety always comes first.

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Hook Rack for Bathrobes

hook rack for bathrobes

For an efficient organization of your bathrobes, and to have them quickly handy after a relaxing bath, strategically place hook racks across your bathroom.

1. Select durable, rust-resistant materials, such as stainless steel or brass for longevity and aesthetic appeal.

2. Fix the rack at a convenient height, taking into account the length of your robes to avoid touching the floor.

3. Choose a wall that can support the rack’s weight once loaded with robes.

4. Consider a rack design that aligns with your bathroom’s style, be it sleek and modern or vintage brass.

5. For larger families, consider multiple racks, or a series of hooks labeled with family members’ initials.

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Glass-front Linen Cabinet

glass front linen cabinet

Offering both practicality and elegance, a glass-front linen cabinet can effortlessly blend with your existing bathroom décor.

Key Points:

  • It allows easy visibility of store items.
  • Showcases a tidier, organized look, enhancing room aesthetics.
  • Delicately accommodates various items including towels, toiletries, beauty products.
  • With diverse styles available, it can complement all bathroom themes, from contemporary to traditional.
  • The see-through façade inspires regular decluttering, promoting a minimalist environment.
  • Consider adding soft, energy-efficient internal lighting to highlight the inside.
  • Proper sealing ensures moisture and humidity doesn’t damage your linens.
  • To maintain the spotless look, regular cleaning is needed, especially with children around.
  • Customizable layouts with adjustable shelves allow for personalization based on necessities.
  • Use the top surface to display ornamental items like potted plants, candles, or decorative boxes.
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Under-sink Drawer Organizers

under sink drawer organizers

Making use of the space underneath the sink is particularly ingenious. Even in the tiniest bathrooms, there’s usually a void waiting to be utilized. It’s a clever strategy to fit in drawer organizers that pull out for easy access. These can be tailored to accommodate various items, structured to neatly organize toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other bathroom necessities. Additionally, they can prevent clutter on the countertop, offering a more streamlined, tidy bathroom space.

Three notable advantages include:

  • Efficient space utilization.
  • Tidy and organized look.
  • Convenient and easy access.
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Over-the-door Organizer

over the door organizer

Maximizing vertical spaces is essential in compact bathrooms. An over-the-door organizer is a perfect solution. Easily adjustable and available in a variety of sizes, it offers extra storage without compromising any square footage.

1. Versatile Design: Adorned with multiple pockets, ideal for storing bathroom essentials like hair accessories, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

2. Easy Installation: No tools necessary. Simply hang it on the door using the hooks provided.

3. Space-Saver: Utilizes often overlooked storage space, best for small bathrooms.

4. Cost-Effective: A budget-friendly alternative compared to built-in cabinets.

5. Accessibility: Provides quick and easy access to your most commonly used items.

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